Kamala Harris & God’s Chaos Code

Well, I predicted Kamala Harris. Now I am not one of those guys who’s always trying to market or sell my predictions, but I predicted this one, and I was thrown off because I saw Kamala Harris. I believed that she was going to end up with a presidential slot in terms of the primaries. When she lost so miserably, I thought well, maybe I was wrong.

The battle that we thought we were going to have with Hillary Clinton is nothing compared to the fight ahead with Harris since Hillary is a lot less likable. Kamala Harris is chameleon-like. She already has all the false prophets of Baal fawning over her, which is the other problem. The modern media are the false prophets. We also need to talk about what God is saying to the church. There is a message in the tribulations that America has been experiencing, and that message is for the church. In my last book, God’s Chaos Candidate, I predicted that Donald Trump would go down in history as a modern-day Cyrus, the Trump Derangement Syndrome we’d see in the media, and the economic crisis.

My new book, God’s Chaos Code, explains how the Bible is being opened to discuss the American Dilemma. We are in the game of nations right now, and I do not believe God wants us to give up. Unity and a revelation are coming to the body of Christ, and the clock is ticking. We are on the countdown right now. But I believe there is still time for God’s grace and mercy.


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4 thoughts on “Kamala Harris & God’s Chaos Code

  1. By now most people, who paid any attention, can see Harris as the true candidate. The sad thing is all the Americans who will vote for her.

  2. Oh my Gosh! I too move in the “sloppy” realm of the prophetic and I have seen myself and the church as the Hobbit working against the “insurmountable” odds of the enemy. That statement you made is so right on!! He uses the humble, the contrite heart to carry “the ring”. Thank you so much for your courageous message. Two friends I have known for 25 years have just committed to read the Bible with me for the first time – I see “THE RETURN” already having its affect in my small circle of influence. My husband and I are closing our business to drive to DC for the march on the Mall . . . FINALLY the church is arising and crying out!! We are no longer the silent majority!

  3. thank you so much. i m praying more and praying for our nation as all of us need to do. not sure if we can go to dc, due to that we are seniors but part of me wants to go. i know our pastor has told me vote the bible. we have visited this church for awhile, but i keep feeingl like i need more, im watching bakker and thats how i found you, thanks…im trying to figure out what is going on…down deep you may say. you helped me to understand more. the other day the Lord gave me the word “tremble” and ive heard and seen it allot. i dont know if this means anything to you. i have been slack and lukewarm, enough of that..i want the Kingdom of God in ME, with Jesus on the Throne.