What’s up with those Hollywood disguises?

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.12.57 PMWhat’s up with those Hollywood disguises? They don’t fool anyone. You know…the sunglasses and the hats – INDOORS? These outfits are a dead giveaway.

I have a theory that anyone who knows how to dress like a CELEBRITY trying NOT to be noticed will succeed in making people think they actually ARE a celebrity.

Especially if someone is taking pix of them!

Sooo to try my theory out I just arrived at L.A. Airport. Goofing around with Annabelle I asked her to video me.

Guess what? 40 seconds into my explanation of my disguise a lady comes up out of nowhere and asks if I’m a celebrity trying NOT to be noticed!!!!


just happened a minute ago.

All that’s needed is a photographer, sunglasses and a hat.

Next week I will try the same test in Washington D.C. , dressed like a blathering politician. Studying Joe Biden wardrobe as we speak.


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