Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.03.51 PM“UNLEASH THE COMEDIANS!”

It’s a strange utterance, but that’s what I heard God say. What’s even stranger is that I heard it out of my own mouth. I arrived late for a dinner meeting with several earnest leaders and well-known ministers who were discussing, before I arrived, the likelihood of an economic collapse, lost election and increased Muslim invasion of U.S. society.

“What do you think we should do?” one of them asked. I looked at them all, faces long and dour, as they probably should have been, in light of the conversation. From somewhere inside me, I heard the words…”Unleash the comedians!”

The shock on their faces was unforgettable. It was as if I had released some sort of verbal pulse bomb and all our mental circuitry was fried. The words themselves caused confusion. “What do you mean?” one of them said.

That’s when I knew God had spoken something only He could come up with. It was so out of left field it actually made sense.

Comedians are the new media Sages. Where Colonial Pastors once stood in the place of wise counselor and advisor to the community, it is now media icons and comedians with news shows, in particular, who people look to as the honest broker and interpreter of what’s going on.

The Stewarts of today explain the meaning of complex world events in the form of witticisms and sound bites that do the job journalists once did, before they became the lap dogs of their favorite political ideology (or the owner of their paper.)

Comedians are the levelers of the self-important elites and supposed experts who strut their demagoguery on the world stage. Everyone from high to low is fair game to the comedian – so long as it’s funny.

The fastest way to kill the immense psychic power of a terrorist or would be dictator is to LAUGH at them. Indeed, Psalm 2 specifically says that at the very time when nations and rulers, in the last days, reject Christ and seek to establish their own world order – “God laughs.”

At first I struggled with this idea of Christian comedy, but I cannot deny the real influence Jon Steward, Bill Maher and Steve Colbert have on viewers mostly 18-30 yrs old. (Millennials)

Then I thought of Elijah on Mt Carmel as he confronted the priests of Jezebel. He was brutal in his sarcastic dealings with the false prophets calling on Baal…when Baal was not showing up. I’m not trying to build a theology for sarcasm; I am saying that we have failed to rally this all-important division in the Army of God – the TRUTH TELLERS armed with irony and wit and humor and the power to deflate the haughty wisdom of man.

Every art form can be redeemed: film, journalism, theater, music, so why not comedy? It’s a moot point really. It’s obvious.

Let’s form a new enlightened version of: Monty Python’s Flying Circus! —– (maybe we should sit on that one for a while)

Still I say…


And for the sake of all of us – PLEASE – let the Christian comedians have some latitude! I’m talking about more than being funny. Jack Benny reruns are funny…I’m talking about being dangerous. Politically correct church humor fails its loftier assignment of exposing error, unmasking falsehood and humbling the high thing that right now is exalting itself against the knowledge of God.

I believe God loves comedians and is now unleashing them to assail every false idea in the arsenal of Hell.

Watch Stewart reframe ISIS and the lame U.S. response in 3 min 10 seconds…and have you laughing all the way.



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One thought on ““UNLEASH THE COMEDIANS!”

  1. Literally as soon as I read the last line of this blog post I heard that still little voice in me say, “That’s why it was time for Robin Williams to go hom. I’m going to unleash many more like him FOR MY GLORY.”