“In the end of the age, because of lawlessness the love of many shall wax cold”
(Mt 24:12)

We live in the hour of increased lawlessness. Why? Because a major shift has come into our country, and perhaps the world. It’s a shift around an idea. The idea that there is a standard outside of man that can judge man is offensive to the sophisticated intellect of the enlightened lawless elite who teach in our Universities, entertain us on television and supposedly serve us in political office. To them the Christian is a Neanderthal.

What was that offensive “standard” where was that “law” that dates to measure man and deliver a verdict on his behavior? That “standard outside of man that judges man” is what the Bible represents. It’s the standard that built the worlds most blessed nation.

That book looms large in our history. You swear on in court, the President puts his hand on at his Inauguration. It is the foundation of western civilization and it has been rejected by enlightened 21st century man. The result? If there is no standard all standards are valid and all ideas equal. Just a small step till “every man does what is right in his own eyes”… The essence of Lawlessness.

The fruit if this new culture is in the rioting we see in our cities. It is in the satanic caliphate ISIS is building on the bodies of children and decapitated journalists. They broadcast that they are coming to us. And who doubts that a nation that will not manage its own borders is an easy target?

It is not unexpected therefore that we feel “coldness” creeping over our hearts as we find ourselves increasingly agitated at the lawless. The Bible describes Lot as a righteous man who was DAILY “vexed” (provoked) in his “righteous soul” by the brazen deeds of Sodom. (Implication being, if you’re so spiritual that you are not vexed – you are probably not righteous.)

Though Jesus describes such a time as ours coming, He does not condone our love becoming cold. Keep love fervent because angels will set up our path to meet the one who is broken by life’s cruel blows and we shall be to them a tonic all the sweeter, because in a day of cold hearts and lawless deeds a genuine lover of souls shall minister life. When it gets darkest Christ and Overcoming Christians will plunder hell, for a multitude of souls will want what we’ve got. They will long to be in the community of those governed by the law of love.

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