What Kim Clement Told Me…

Things the Lord is bringing to mind

When Kim visited our church he loved to go to Newport, Rhode Island. Quite often we would be intensely engaged in some activity or conversation and he would suddenly grow sullen and withdrawn. The first time this happened I asked if there was something wrong….


He looked at his watch and said, – “It’s 3PM and the wind is blowing in the garden.” He went on the explain how he established a daily routine of communion with God and if he did not meet with God earlier in the day, the Lord would be looking for him around 3 PM in the same way the Lord walked in the garden with Adam: “…and they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day” (Gen 3:8) To my mind Kim was an early prototype of a company characterized by something called the “prophetic voice.” In Joel’s prophecy about the Last Days outpouring it is the “voice of the Lord” that goes before the army.

In order to accommodate his desire to spend this time with the Lord prior to speaking I started placing a keyboard in his hotel room. Kim liked iconic places and the Biltmore Hotel in Providence RI fit that description. I put him on the top floor where there were only two apartments. Kim had an energy about him that seemed to attract unusual experiences. For some reason, he decided to worship while half dressed and stretched out on the floor. At that moment the Mayor of Providence came into Kim’s room with an entourage from the hotel. They were supposed to go into the other apartment but were given Kims room by mistake. They asked him what he was doing in their room and he replied by asking them what they were doing in his. That was when they realized the manager gave them the key to the wrong room! Kim never got up off the floor, just picked up singing where he left off.

The meetings each night were electric! In those days Kim only played the piano a little and mostly preached and prophesied. He was wearing himself out however as he poured such intensity into the operation of his gift that his cloths were literally soaking wet when he was finished. Before long other churches were contacting me to get access to Kim, which was always a cliff- hanger because for one reason or another chaos followed him and he might not show up.

When Kim next visited Rhode Island he was scheduled to speak at a friends church. I remember how strange it was to watch him standing on the platform and calling out what he heard – even when it made no earthly sense. Kim stood on the platform and yelled out a name “WADELL!” He called the name out two or three times. Suddenly, slowly, a dark skinned gaunt Ethiopian-looking man came up the middle isle from the back of the sanctuary and approached the platform. Nobody knew who he was. He just came in out of nowhere. Kim told him the disease in his blood was cleansed by the power of God. It wasn’t till a year later I met a well-dressed fit fellow who introduced himself to me. It was Wadell. He explained that he came to the church that night without any knowledge of what was going on or why he came. He was dying of AIDS. From the moment of his encounter with Kim calling his name out, he was healed.

When you have a gift like that you tend to get pressured by people a lot for words from God. It’s a real hassle. Once while getting out of the car in a parking lot of a hotel a women came up and asked Kim for a word. He politely but firmly told her his gift did not work that way, then added casually, “the answer to your question is in room 2113.” The woman was asking God if her husband was cheating. She found him in room 2113 with another women. Amazing huh?

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30 thoughts on “What Kim Clement Told Me…

  1. Thank you Lance for sharing your personal storied of Kim. We are crushed with the loss of our prophet and pastor of House of Destiny. Being positioned all over the world does not allow us to grieve together. Your stories are heartwarming and very appreciated so please continue sharing.
    Thank you!

  2. I am looking up what I wrote Jane, family and team. I want to see it again because I wrote about the wind in Kim’s garden!! Praise God for this word today. I love our we are one body moving forward. Blessing to you Lance and Annabelle. Health and Joy be always working in you in Jesus name.

    • I didn’t know Kim Clement until he went home to the lord. Watching his videos, I realized he was indeed a prophet. May the lord be with his family, and love surrounded you all.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Strange how one never realizes how precious a person is, until they’re no longer there. I’ve been so blessed & built by Kim. Thank God for heaven & the hope of meeting again!

  4. Well now that you are remembering I just remembered something did time ever fly by when you were involved in his ministry because I remember the times I was sowing seed months would be flying by? ….time would speed up it seemed like it would be amazing to me

  5. Thankyou Lance! So very special
    God is faithful, we are going to miss
    him here on earth, and the impact
    an legacy he left.. for generation
    after generation. ..even my grandson
    of 5 yrs knows him. To God be all the
    glory! Been with KCC since in the
    90’s. Always loved it when hr came
    to Seattle. Then we would rush down
    to hear him in Portland! So many of us
    were set free, encouraged, built up.
    An became God’s Mighty Warrior’s.
    And will continue to stand with Jane
    an family, an the most special Team.
    thst was given to him as a gift from God.
    My heart is grieving with all..
    Shabbat / Shalom

  6. Many years ago, because people would often tell me “you got that word from Kim Clement” I didn’t know who he was, therefore I was inclined to see him at Richard Rodriguez church in Houston, upon entering and during my time seated I continued to repeatedly hear the people “give me a word, give me a word” I looked around no mouths were voicing, yet I continued to hear it, a woman came in sat next to me, I heard it louder, I looked directly at her, even had a conversation with her all the while hearing the same phrase. I couldn’t help but feel grieved for Kim, then understanding the constant pulling he endured for his gifting.. the remainder of the service I sat there praying for him, as if he were my son. At his passing woke up several times not knowing why I was grieved, then upon finding Kim had passed I was angry asking Why?!!! The Lord said “He was required, now needed in heaven” “Now his anointing will fall on many” selfishly I want him to have it, and to be here with his family, team, friends and all those who consider him family.

    • It grieves me to see so many making a “god “out of Kim Clements. No one is “needed “in heaven and certainly “Kim Clements anointing does not fall on many”….Only God anoints. All in the body of Christ are anointed by the Lord Himself to do His work in the kingdom

      • God has a plan for us all, but we do not all share the same anointing. God doesn’t call us all to be pastors, or teachers, or worship leaders. We each have our own unique, God-given purpose. And I don’t know of anyone who worships Kim *Clement as a god. We simply recognize that his personal anointing was that of a prophet, and God has now called him home and redistributed that mantle.

        Joni Bonnette, another person on YouTube whom I believe to be a true prophet, says she had a vision/dream where she was handed a portion of Kim’s mantle – but not the whole thing. What Grace is saying here would seem to corroborate that vision.

  7. Thank you for sharing your memories of Prophet Kim. I wish I could have been there with you two when you were talking about the things of God. To hear the revelations the Lord imparted to you guys must have been exciting! I miss Kim Clement and pray his daughter’ s success.

  8. Would like to see Christians who knew Kim, put together a program about and honoring Kim on DVD, with their thoughts,comments, his prophecies, ect.

    • I watched and listen to him when i had a chance & even prayed with him and listened to what God says. It was in my time of trouble but those prayers got me through. I looked to him as a brother I had always wanted to embrace him and tell what he already knew how much loved he is by most people. It’s been awhile but i still grieve because i miss him still my condolaces go to his family daughter of the most high God take the word to the people.

  9. I read this with great interest and hopefulness. I have been disappointed to realize with near certainty in the past couple of days that Kim Clement was likely a false prophet. I am still researching and praying, but it seems the likely truth.
    Your last story seems to contradict what Kim himself was explaining—that the gift “doesn’t work that way,” but then he goes on to tell her the room number of the cheating husband. It occurs to me that Satan himself knows things like that.

    • What makes it the likely truth? You don’t think God has the power to answer that woman’s question if he so chooses? Why would Satan bring so many people to the Lord through Kim and his prophecies? What could he possibly stand to gain in bolstering the faith of thousands?

    • Okay Moab, what do you have to gain by blabbering on with incoherent nonsense about a man who obviously had many prophecies correct. What you are saying, ‘calling what is good, evil and what is evil, good’ has been prophesied thousands of years ago and you may want to read that bible book a little more efficiently because this blaspheming of the Holy Spirit talked about by many, including Paul, is exactly what you are doing. Think my words are harsh? Maybe so, but how harsh will His words be if you ever do manage to make it there and hear “away from me…” So I’m not condemning you, just advising you to be cautious when speaking against a man who is obviously a prophet of the Living God.

    • I am new to the teaching of Kim Clement. What a powerful mad of God he was. Jodi, it has been put on my heart to say only three things, without rebuke. One, A house divided cannot stand. Satan and false prophets do not bring people to the Lord. Two, Satan does know many things. He is well versed in scripture. What he is not, satan is not omnipresent. I wouldn’t that satan just happened to be at that hotel at that moment. Three, My prayer for myself is the same as my prayer for you. I pray for truth and understanding. I pray this everyday. May God bless you if you choose for Him to do so.

  10. I know it’s a lot to ask you but could you ask God to heal my COPD. I am a good person and I would love to see my granddaughter only 2 years old grow up. I can’t get around much because I get to short winded. I pray a lot. God Bless you. Debbie

    • Praying for you Debbie. Lord, I pray for my sister, your daughter, that you will heal her body of COPD. Cause her body to respond to the life giving power of your Holy Spirit and cause all symptoms of sickness and disease to leave. I pray you will bless her to fulfill your purpose for her life in good health. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  11. Very amazing, Lance. Thank you so much. It really brings out the human side and the supernatural side of his relationship with the Lord.

    I’ve always loved reading about the crazy prophets in the Bible. Elijah, Elisha and wild guys like Samson. Like the verses that say God has chosen the weak things to amaze the so-called mighty. And He chooses the foolish things to cut down the wisdom of this world.

    People can see his human, eccentric side, but at the same time, they have to see God is using him.

    By the way, you have a few typos. This is the secretary in me. Check “women” to change to “woman”, for example

  12. Hey I cannot believed he died I thought it was rumors and dismissed the idea. Now I feel kind of sick to my stomach, when I read about him He was such a man of GOD. But only GOD controls life and death I know he is missed terribly.I know Jan Crouch loved him that is why I was drawn to him I loved her too and miss her so much and Tammy Bakker. It does not seem fair to have lost these great gospel leaders but Thank GOD he keeps raising up more for us. To learn from.