One night I was with Kim at a meeting in Detroit and watched as he sat at the piano. (this is one post you’ll want to share) Kim was a rare combination of classic pianist and prophetic voice with an uncanny word of knowledge. He was playing furiously (so furiously at times that there was blood on the keys) and on this night he seemed to sound like Chopin improvising a movie score for a battle scene. Little did I know that somewhere in the midst of this concert his body kept playing but his spirit man was ascending up through a demonic realm that was screaming with agitation and protest. They were filled with terror that a redeemed saint was driving through their dimensional wall.

When Kim broke past this realm he entered another dimension – a heavenly realm where he heard other languages that sounded to him like angels speaking in other tongues. We should remember that Paul said “though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels” implying there is an angelic language. When Kim came back into his body he finished up his prophetic concert quickly and turned the meeting over to someone to wrap up.

What happened next was most unusual. He had ascended into a place where, upon his return he could see everyone’s spiritual condition superimposed over their natural man. Hard to explain, but I will try. He looked at people and could see almost a three dimensional projection of some quality about them that amplified what was developing in them spiritually. For instance, on one person he saw large eyes, which spoke to him of great perception. On another the garb of a mystic or monk, implying some deep quality of spiritual depth. On another a wreath of thorns, which suggested to him they were giving into a spirit of false martyrdom because of rejection (remember Jesus bore the thorns so you don’t have to.) He didn’t want to speak so we quietly slipped off into a car. The snow had freshly fallen and the ride was remarkably quiet as the fresh blanket of white rolled under our tires. Suddenly Kim lurched away from the passenger door and yelled “What was that!? Something hit us!” We assured him that nothing had happened, as there were few cars on the road. For the first time both I and another member of our team exchanged worried looks as we wondered what was going on with our friend. We drove on another 10 minutes and were shocked by what we saw as we turned into our hotel.

Police lights whirled amidst broken glass as an ambulance was busy working to tend a wreck that had happened exactly when Kim heard it and thought our car was hit – 10 minutes earlier!

As Kim had been in a very different state than we were accustomed to we gave him extra time to come join us for our traditional late night debrief in the hotel. When he came downstairs he told us what he experienced and marveled that he was able to play the piano while seemingly being on a spiritual journey (remember Paul saying, “whether in the body or out of the body only God knows?”)

I asked him if God showed him anything about himself and he said “yes, I was hardly expecting anything but as I went to splash water on my face I looked and my features were altered. I had a large jawline and had to look twice.” I suggested that this was because he was at that season in particular, demonstrating the voice of the Lord and serving as a prototype of the Last Days prophetic community Joel describes as a company of young “sons and daughters ” who prophecy and elder folks who dream supernatural dreams.

It is interesting to me that this whole transaction took place while Kim was ministering to the Lord in worship. I believe that music and worship wrapped in prophetic intercession is about to go to another level for those who are pure in heart. You shall see Gods realms and see others with Gods eyes in a way you’ve never seen before. It is the hour of the SEER in a new capacity. This will effect your job and career because God intends to take His people into the realm where we penetrate the power structures of nations and slice through the resistance put up in second heaven.

As Kim talked to us about the realm of second heaven, we explored further the area of spiritual resistance and demonic occupation. It seemed as if these spirits were shouting and shrieking that someone was invading their domain. They love to invade earth undetected but hate having traffic driven thru their own courts.

Understand that the higher up you go on the Mountain of the Lord, the closer you get to your assignment on earth. The closer you get to your assignment, the closer you get to invading that second heaven realm of demonic resistance. Your job is to show up at the Gates of Influence in your assigned sphere. It does not matter that you are not well known on earth at these gates. What matters is that you are well known in heaven. When that happens you will be respected in the gates. Remember what the demonized was said to the unauthorized exorcists? You would expect them to know who Jesus was, but they knew Paul also, saying: “Jesus I know and PAUL I KNOW, but who are you?” (Acts 19:15)

Now that he is gone it is inevitable that people will say, “what happened to Kim?” Well, I will tell you three things (for more info listen to my earlier Facebook broadcast).

1. Kim squeezed more out of life and lived more fully and gregariously in 60 years than the average Pentecostal squeezes out of 90 years on earth. I mean that quite literally.

2. Jesus said “I finished the work you have given me.” He did his assignment in 3.5 years of ministry and went to a perfectly timed departure at 33 years of age. While long life is a promise for the average believer, God has specific plans for individuals that fall outside the norm. Martyrs for instance. The secret for all is to remember “live is a vapor” and we must “number our days.”

3. When you depart you engage the next level of your heavenly assignment. The Government of Jesus is never ending: “of the increase of His government there shall be no end.” (Isa 9:7) We are all part of an eternally expanding building project. Many lives have two stages: on earth and afterward. Following Jesus ascension, the Holy Spirit was poured out and Jesus was multiplied. As Elijah went up the double portion landed on Elisha. This explains the mystical bond between martyrs and the expanding church. “Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone, but if it dies it yields much fruit.” (Jn 12:24) When Stephen was martyred it was as if God said to the devil – “THAT ONE IS GONNA COST YOU.” The next thing that happened was Saul got converted, and some would say, he took Stephens place and wrecked 10-fold havoc on the devil. The same thing happened with faith healer John Osteen, his son Joel Osteen was the unexpected harvest.

Likewise, Kim Clement was a Samson type or Elijah type. As it was said of Samson it will be said of Kim “he slew more in his death than in his life.” Which is why I am chronicling these stories. I believe they will become a book and a vehicle to multiply his impartation to the Last Days army of the Lord. Share this post as I’m talking to Kims daughter about getting these remarkable stories out to you and others.


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  1. Wow, absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your stories about Kim! Please keep sharing! We NEED to know MORE about learning from the Generals of the Lord (including YOU) Thank you Lance!

  2. Having caught your post and read this today I thought all day…There really needs to be a book about this man and his amazing legacy..and no one better to write it than you..it will be a best seller and I want to be first in line to buy one…

  3. I feel Gods Holy Presence as I read what you shared about Kim. May we all enter into that realm. Deep! “Lord may we enter your gates with Your Praise on our lips & Your Love in our hearts. Help us to find, listen and obey our calling that you have set us apart for.”
    Listening intently.
    Thank you Lance for helping me to find and hear Gods Devine Plan and Purpose for my Life.

  4. This was an amazing teaching! Please write a book on your experiences with Kim- his House of Destiny members could use the encouragement right now and I think his family and team would truely cherish it.

  5. Mr. Wallnau,
    I loved what you shared so far about our beloved Prophet Kim Clement. It explains so much to me!!! I pray someone would take up the Elisha mantle. I don’t know who that could be? Donne’ or Hannah? Or could it fall upon someone with the same anointing as it was when Elijah left and Elisha had the mantle of Elijah?! I was wondering if the Lord spoke to you regarding this thought? You speak so well and I loved what you shared re-Donald Trump on Jim Bakker’s show. I also watch you on your wall on Facebook. So many people have been affected by Kim’s death, it is astounding!!! So many are praying for a resurrection. My heart grieves and yet I know in my spirit he is fine. But to not hear his voice and not converse with him is heart wrenching!!! I know in my heart this too will pass and it does. But his legacy must be preserved!!! It must be told!!! It must NEVER, EVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!! For he lived, breathed, and slept and ate Jesus, 24/7, 365 a year!!! Thank You, Mr. Wallnau for the encouraging words you speak regarding Mr. Trump, and our country. May the Lord keep you and Bless you and Make His Face shine upon you. Today, Tomorrow, and till the Lord calls you home. I seal this under the Mighty, Matchless name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  6. Awesome piece on Kim Clement. I did not know he had passed from this life. I used to watch him on TBN and was highly inspired. God truly uses His uncompomised and “unbought” servants and handmaidens to voice His divine and emphatic message to this needy world.

  7. Thank you Lance
    for posting and sharing some of your experiences with Kim. We are at a place in this United States were the Faith and resolve of Christians are being tested, will you stand in faith trusting our Savior and his choice of leadership for this nation or your own human understanding.
    Kim gave a word that confirmed Gods choice. Knowing him must have been special. Thanks again for sharing it with us.