The Gift Of An Entrepreneur

It is not often that I publicly repent for something… but i feel that I need to.

The gift of an entrepreneur is the ability to create wealth. It’s the ability to create resources, tools and materials that fill a gap and meet a need that other people are willing to invest in.

To a great extent, its this entrepreneurial gift, that has funded and sustained my ministry as a teacher through speaking, training and businesses coaching. That gift has also kept me sharp, relevant and able to produce real-world solutions to real-world problems.

For years, as a marketplace minister I have loved the challenge of having to practice what I preach – but that only works up to a point. Suddenly I am getting calls from other countries like Ethiopia, Africa, Israel and others but don’t always want to tell these countries, “I can’t afford to come. I can’t afford the plane fares and hotels and the numerous other expenses required to share the 7m message and the gospel on a global scale.”

This year the Lord told me “you do not have the resources to do what you are called to do because you need to humble yourself and create an opportunity for those who believe in the ministry to participate with you.”

Repentance isn’t always a moral issue… Sometimes repentance is a sin of omission or an error. In this case my sin is a sin of omission. I have never stopped to deliberately ask you to partner with me in our mission to cover the entire earth in the 7 Mountain message. In this video I did I share more about this revelation and how YOU can participate in the work we are doing.

When you become a Partner with me you will receive something I’ve always wanted to create:

  1. A monthly downloadable resource (webinar with Lance’s accompanying e-book or transcript), an exclusive monthly INSIDER phone call, and…
  2. Invitations to Partner Only receptions and an annual gathering, plus special discounts on products and designated 7m training and events.

Please pray about the level of partnership you feel you are called to. You can partner with me monthly at 5 different levels.

Prayerfully consider partnering with us click here to find out how.

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