Middle Of The Night Revelation

Did this Christmas and New Year creep up on you like it did me? I was so distracted by the Presidential election (you know, survival of Western Civilization and all that sort of stuff) that I lost track of time. I am praying and thinking about 2017. I get the feeling that this year is big. We don’t want to screw this one up. There may have been times you missed it in the past, but this is a time for you to do what you are called and anointed to do – and nothing else.

This month is your time to reflect. God is a gardener who is about to visit your garden. He prunes and cuts back so that more fruit will come forth. What will you prune in your life? What will you plant? What will you uproot? What will you water and cultivate? Remember – YOU are the garden!

Your greatest fruit comes from doing what you are uniquely called and gifted to do. People often ask me, “How do I activate the calling and gift in my life?”  Kim Clement taught me something here that I never forgot.  While speaking on hearing God’s voice,  Kim said that one thing he believed helped activate his gift was his willingness to give what God told him to give. His thinking was: “If God can trust you with earthly currency, He can trust you with the currency of Heaven manifested in the gifts of the Spirit.” I saw something interesting operating in his ministry. His giving was gregarious and unpredictable, but always strategic. He sowed into what he sensed. It came together when I heard him teach from Galatians 6:7 about sowing into and partnering with the Holy Spirit.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

This verse is about sowing to THE SPIRIT, not sowing to a minister, a conference expense or a need. There is a place for that type of giving, but Paul is here speaking of something different.

Once I saw it I started sowing and getting different results. You “sow to the Spirit” in those places where you discern the activity or anointing of God. This type of sowing aligns you with the activity of the anointing. Look closely and notice that this verse is not  talking about “reaping and sowing” as a moral proverb, like if you sow negative behavior you will reap a negative harvest. The Apostle Paul is talking about something different entirely! Most people miss this but Kim opened my eyes. The key verse here is the one nobody quotes – right before this sentence about sowing and reaping…

“Let him that is taught the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.” (Gal 6:6)

Paul is saying, “Hey! When someone is teaching you by the Spirit, your eyes and ears will be opened! It will be as if God is speaking directly to you, opening up a flood of revelation and connection to your life. If you respond to the revelation and sow into that anointing, you will reap an activation of the supernatural life that is in you! The Word you heard will go to work in you to produce a result.

That Word you hear, that anointing you sense, that ongoing conversation you expect to have with God after the meeting is activated by your response. If you chose to communicate or contribute back, you will reap God’s quality of life.


Over the years I discovered that I carry an anointing that activates a revelatory teaching gift in others. People get around me and things just start happening. Business and breakthrough starts calling in while we meet. For some reason, people feel “authorized” to do something and their faith gets kick started.

If what I have taught you over the years has blessed you and if what I teach now for FREE (through all hours devoted to writing and speaking on social media) has blessed you – now is the perfect time to sow into the spirit or anointing on this ministry. Why now? Because of what God is doing in this critical year.

  • I need only $100,000 and I can start to BROADCAST WEEKLY FROM WASHINGTON D.C. We are going to have to be an army rising up in the earth, or we will see the sons of anarchy ruin the harvest of nations. We have tons of preachers but few teachers and persuaders on the front lines where FAITH AND CULTURE COLLIDE.
  • This is the year to plant micro-groups all over the nations. It’s the year to provide training and activation on America’s leftists college campuses! We (you and my family) are called to help network the Millennials together for a holy disruption.

Now is the time to sow into the Spirit behind this move! >>> CLICK HERE! <<<

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