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Access The "Zoe" Life

Ten years ago I began to hear God tell me about the 7 Mountains and a movement that was coming. I fell out of rhythm with the revival theme but I knew this 7m message had the power to change everything when properly understood.

I believe the reason God entrusted me with the 7m message is because of something Kim Clement taught about hearing God’s voice. Kim said “one thing he believed helped activate his gift was his willingness to give what God told him to give.”

When I started sowing into Kim’s ministry it was because I wanted to hear God like Kim. However, when I started hearing God it was a little confusing. You see the spirit you sow into will impart to you an activation of what’s inside YOU! Because I wasn’t Kim, my hearing of God’s voice took me in a unique direction.

I would start asking God for a specific amount to put into the offering when Kim preached. Annabelle was a great sport, often challenging me to give way past my comfort level. Pretty soon we were both hearing the same numbers! We practiced this with other ministries as well. Once we gave we had to guard the harvest. It’s not just a once and done thing. We made  a choice to stay connected to what Kim was doing and teaching. Looking back, it seems to me that my gift developed most radically during this period of time. Before long I was teaching in Kim’s daytime meetings while he preached at night.

I sowed into Kim’s gift and reaped from what I sowed into, but the manifestation was customized to my unique calling and message.


Galatians 6:6 says, “Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teaches.”

Check out the word “communicate” in Galatians 6:6 it’s the key word here. That word is “koininia”- which is a word describing someone who joins in the intimate conversation. “Koininia” speaks of becoming a partaker of the same spirit.“Koininia” also describes a financial partnering with the Spirit. That is what Paul is talking about here.

After reading this years ago, I realized that I was called to “communicate” or connect with the teaching by sowing into the anointing – after I did that my own ministry started to explode with activation!

I wrote about this in my last email, but want to repeat something here and add a new piece.

Galatians 6:7 goes further to say, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” (Galatians 6:6-7)

The word “eternal life” in this sentence is the greek word “zoe” or “life” as God has in Himself.

You can access the “zoe” life by sowing into the Spirit. Conversely, if you always focus on yourself or only sow to the flesh, you will reap more of the same.

What I want to see this year is an army – an army of inspired persuaders! We need a new harvest of teachers, consultants, writers, bloggers, videographers, coaches, leaders and authors with prophetic discernment and supernatural gifts going forth into Babylon filled with the zoe life.

Let this be a season of firsts!

This year I wrote my first book and it became a bestseller. It is unusual to be a first-time author and best seller unless there is a grace on you.  I want this same grace that is on me to be activated in YOUR LIFE!

Over the years, if what I have taught you has blessed you, all of the free free material I teach (through periscopes, Facebook live, emails, videos, and speaking) has been a blessing to you – then right now is the perfect time to sow into the spirit and the anointing on this ministry. Why now? Because of what God is doing in this critical year.

  • The nations need Micro groups. this year we must to provide training and activation on America’s leftists college campuses! We (you and my family) are called to help network the Millennials together for a holy disruption.
  • We need only $100,000 so I can start to BROADCAST WEEKLY FROM WASHINGTON D.C. We are going to have to be an army rising up in the earth, or we will see the sons of anarchy ruin the harvest of nations. We have tons of preachers but few teachers and persuaders on the front lines where FAITH AND CULTURE COLLIDE.

The time is now to sow into the Spirit behind this move! Visit to partner with me today!

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