Here are some hot bullets from a PROPHETIC DOWNLOAD I shared tonight at an invitation only gathering of concerned citizens who are economists, business leaders, educators and ministers.

1. ALL THAT PRAYER we’ve prayed over the years for revival in America has NOT been poured out yet. Its been stored up. We NEVER saw the big move of God we hoped for. In fact everything has gotten worse. But the revival is there and its going to come down in a historic outpouring- as the nation rocks and reels.

2. THE REASON WHY God did not release this “Awakening” grace earlier is because we would have wasted it in the “occupation” stage following up Gods work. Who doubts that an outpouring upon our land before now would have only been used to fill up churches and expand ministries?

There would have been no movement to retake territory in the culture. The 7 Mountain idea was not taken seriously until recently. And Christians are only taking it seriously because the radical left has aimed at and occupied those high places of arts, media, government, IRS and courts.

I think we are beginning to understand the bigger game now.

Jesus said that when a house is swept clean and not “occupied” it becomes seven times worse when the old spirits return. The house must be occupied and not just swept clean. It needs to be filled with a new way of thinking. Foundation principles must be restored or bedlam will return and the nation will be worse.

In Matt 12:24 Jesus taught that the demon goes out and when it comes back, it finds the house unoccupied, swept, and put in order…. “then it gets seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. That is the way it will also be with this evil generation.”

Jesus applied this to an individual but actually was speaking of His generation and NATION. Get it?

3. REVIVAL COMES WITH REFORMATION or you return to a worse OCCUPATION during the repossession.

4. America was FOUNDED on certain FIRST PRINCIPLES and those principles must be recovered. The whole land wasn’t Christian when it was founded but it was shaped by certain ideas shaped from the influence of our GREAT AWAKENINGS.

5. GOD IN LOVE WILL DISCIPLINE NATIONS as He is discipling nations. The Bible says that those who are without discipline are bastards. Bastard nations are nations who reject Christ fully and align against Christ- hence AntiChrist in their final form.

6. Jesus said “go MAKE DISCIPLES OF NATIONS, teaching them to observe all things I commanded you.” We evangelized America but we FAILED to disciple America. The discipline we are going to experience in future shakings will fall out rather unto the furtherance of the Gospel. ISIS, as brutal and ugly as it is has become an instrument in this process of shifting the mood and confidence of a nation that has drifted from the God who made it mighty.

7. The stored up fasting and prayers of generations hangs over this nation AT THE SAME TIME judgement clouds hang. God will use the coming shaking to make godliness advance from the grass roots to the White House…if we will repent and turn from our wicked ways and let Heaven use us to HEAL OUR LAND.

Fear not little flock. America may go limping into the Millennium but it is a Sheep Nation not a Goat Nation. YOU are the KEY to this- GODS VICTORIOUS REMNANT!

What say you?

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9 thoughts on “Lances 7m UNDERGROUND UPDATE

  1. God bless you, Lance!
    I agree completely, though how I wish it just wasn’t so… I am praying and speaking to my staff and clients, and family and neighbors, guess I can’t care anymore if they think I’m a little crazy or not, our nation is at stake. I don’t think that is an overstatement anymore.
    Love you perisisope broadcasts, feel almost like one of the family, oh that’s right, I am!
    Peace be upon you, your wife and family.
    We are just getting started…

  2. Lance, I heard Brian Tome (Crossroads in Cincinnati and linked all over US) speak to congregants as to why he doesn’t mention politics. This church has impacted Cincinnati and many numbers of people who were unchurched mostly in a very good way. You could reach numbers this way.
    He began by saying he only does what Jesus does. Immediately, my response wanted to be…..why are you married and have children and other things. I am not a member so I have only chewed on this. He was neutralizing and encouraging not speaking about politics. I believe you and Dave Yarnes can meet with some of these seeker friendly leaders and wake them up. They believe what they are saying.I am trying to find out if the sermon is archived so you can hear what is being said. I would not be heard. TOO BIG!!

  3. Lance, Wondering why you ignore Q. Our President is part of this. Christians need to know the truth about child trafficking, child sacrifice and cannibalism. You and too many others don’t seem to touch this with a “ten foot pole”. Soft Christians need to hear the truth. They think tweeting from our President is naughty…….Really!!!!! Question what he does….THE HAND OF GOD IS ALL OVER OUR PRESIDENT. Join Mario and Rodney and be BOLD with all that is being exposed. Mark Taylor received the word that is accurate!

  4. I was a Democrat but led to vote for Trump. Someone to shake things up. One not a politician, but a business man with nothing to lose praise God. His demeanor, character, confidence annoys the opposition. This past year seems my lips sealed in preparation for what only God knows. I would say to my Pastor jokingly, I may need to go underground. Not sure where this goes, but I know the Lord is in control. God Bless, Shalom.

  5. A connection of my cousin commented on his FB post: Edmund Lausier-From Jesus’s message of 2/20/2014: “All the punishments handed down by My Father will take place before My Second Coming. Cities will disappear, countries will be awash with the tides of My Father’s Anger and earthquakes will be of such magnitude, that they will be felt across multiple countries, at the same time.” My cousin, Jamie Steidl- I have been feeling this in my bones my entire life. I hope you like camping. My response & question to you is that I have learned thru pastors using scriptures that trueblue Christians are not going to be going thru ALL of God’s great wrath upon the Earth…and that there is a rapture either before it happens OR midway-up to 3 yrs into the tribulation. Would you PLEASE ask the woman who regularly gives God’s Words of Knowledge on your FB posts (on my FB app) what her insights are on this? Thank you.