The Supernatural Mind

The Supernatural Mind

Remember, regardless of how scary the last days may look, the one unique overarching characteristic of the end times is “I WILL POUR OUT OF MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH!” This is going to be like a global Pentecost.

The second overarching characteristic of the end time church is described in Joel as ” Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams and young men will have visions.”
In a word, this community of believers is going to be PROPHETIC as a CULTURE!

This company of saints is going to be “out of this world” in terms of their head space. The mind of Christ is a supernatural mind. His mind moves in supernatural vision, trances, words of knowledge, words of wisdom and discerning.


I have already seen the first fruits of this. Heaven is opening up as never before and calling us to “come up higher.” Oh how we need this new dimension in our lives. Doing business with the mind of Christ delivers you from stress and sweat in the natural. Even relationships with the mind of Christ will deliver you from mind games in the natural.

How many of your battles do you think involve patterns of thinking and feeling and then behaving under the influence of some intangible darkness? How about 100% Addictions in every form have to be mental for them to become physical. In the mind of Christ you have INSTANT deliverance from the power of addiction in your head.

The MIND OF CHRIST is part of the end time outpouring. This outpouring of the Spirit will make it easier to access the thoughts of heaven, which opens up access to the affection of God being released in your spirit so that the love of God is shed abroad in your heart. You will be filled with LOVE – and since FAITH works by love, as you will get more answers to prayer your JOY will increase.
“Ask and receive that your JOY may be full.”

The mind of the Christ is the mind of the Spirit is the mind of the Word of God. The Spirit will show you things you missed and Bible reading will become a feast.

There’s going to be a lot of “off” teaching and discerning in the days ahead. You can hear it now. ANYONE WHO TEACHES about the end times and current events and produces anxiety and fear is teaching from second heaven, not third heaven experience.

Second heaven is where the warfare is. The revelation can be real but it is tainted by not coming from a third heaven, throne room perspective. The throne room is where the mind of Christ is communicated because it is where He is seated.

At our 7mGen Teen Camp a few months ago my daughter met a young man and said ” I know you! I saw you in a dream.” He said “Yes, I met you in that dream.” The two of them both saw each other in a dream a few nights before the meeting. Folks, that’s wild. My daughter Joy was confused because she saw two young men who looked slightly different but similar. He told her “That’s my twin brother.”

Later she saw an image of a red unlit candle, sitting next to someone’s bed. She “saw” this in the Spirit but the guy she gave this vision to was an unbeliever who was praying the night before while looking at an un-lit red candle by his bed. He lit the candle. Shortly after this conversation he was so blown away by the fact that she saw this object and moment that he gave his life to the Lord and got filled with the Spirit.

What do you think?

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