Ever notice how you can often give brilliant advice to others but when you need advice it’s not easy to find? Most of the folks I end up attracting are innovative, creative types. They are budding entrepreneurs and inspiring coaches and teachers. They often can come up with a wise solution for someone else that was literally created out of thin air. It’s like a gift of counseling or coaching shows up without the training.

When we are the ones with the problem, it is different. We are so closely connected to our situation that we get stuck seeing it from only one perspective. We get locked into our own limiting perspective.

But let’s think about this. If you have an ability to help others break through roadblocks, you probably are operating in some level of giftedness. If it’s a GIFT it works independent of your limited ability, right?

So here is a fascinating technique I have used and advised others to use, often with amazing results.

Go to a quiet room and put two chairs in the middle. You sit in one chair and set the other one up for your inspired coach to sit in. Ask the Lord to take residence in the empty seat. It may feel strange talking to an empty chair but if you ask the Lord to meet you it will be easier. Explain your problem in clear terms. Describe the outcome you want. Ask “Would you be willing to help?”

Now, switch chairs. Talk back to yourself as if you were coaching someone else. Don’t be surprised if as you start coaching yourself, you find whole new patterns of thoughts coming up. New and original thinking will be manifest. This is because you are accessing the gift you already have but are doing so as someone that is one step removed from the problem.

The very inspired advice you would give someone else will start coming out of your mouth. Remember: one of the words that describes the Holy Spirit is “Counselor.” You might discover that you know more than you thought you knew, once you stop associating with the identity of someone who is “stuck.”

Just try it…and see what happens!

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