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You know, every time the team and I talk about whether or not we’re going to do another Dream Trip event, it seems that’s the time when people start calling in asking about it. Originally, it was designed as a sort of getaway with the tribe so we could all have some in-person, face to face time as a group to get to know each other.

It’s so easy to feel like we do already, what with social media like Periscope and Facebook. Conversations happen all the time, and it’s great – but for me, I actually don’t get to meet people until we do these trips!

So it’s decided. The next Dream Trip is going to be happening in Lake Tahoe, Nevada from May 4th-7th, 2017. Grab your seats here.

What we’re seeing in government and business these days – in any kind of enterprise, ministry, or change that you want to create – is that relationships matter. And despite the extreme overuse of the New Aged term, “The Law of Attraction”, it’s true that you have to attract into your life the right people. There is a spiritual aspect to that phrase in that the Greek word literally says that if two of you can agree, or form a symphony together, then you can have whatever it is you’re agreeing over.

So this is going to be a Dream Trip designed to help you get a criteria in your life to attract the relationships that will help you build the dream that God gave you.

Transformation isn’t a solo act. Jesus spent all night praying to get the right twelve names. And you’re going to need the right people in this next season of your life.

So this is really going to focus heavily upon:

  • how to attract the right relationships
  • how to build the right relationships
  • how to exit from those relationships that aren’t working

Annabelle and I are really big on the family focus right now because we really believe the blessing of Obededom – that classic story in the bible about how the arc went to a house and the house was blessed is the model for the New Testament church. It shouldn’t be that you gotta go somewhere to find revival, your home should have a presence of God in it. If you’re single, you need to especially be thinking about how do you host the presence of God where you live how do you attract the people, the connections, the creativity into your life that will help you be and do what God has anointed you to.

DREAM TRIP 2017 is May 4-7, Lake Tahoe

You want to be there. You want to put it in your calendar. The price on this is so affordable this year because we truly want to make it so that anybody who wants to get there can get there. It's only $1497. I’d suggest that you want to grab the event tickets, grab the flights, grab what you need now. Mark that time off. And we’re going to be looking forward to get to know you on this next Dream Trip.

As One,
Lance & Annabelle

BONUS: Anyone who books their seats before March 15th will be invited to a special, pre-Dream Trip webinar with me, where I’ll go over more in depth some of the things we’ll be talking about in Tahoe! Make sure you get your ticket now, and we’ll send you the invite to the webinar as we get closer.

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