Crossover Into The Season Of Awakening

Well the word is out, we’ve finalized plans for our 2017 Dream Trip! Mark your calendar for May 4-7. Rumors of Awakening have already begun to break thru in pockets all over the country. This particular trip is going to be powerful in a way that is different than previous trips.  I chose the Hyatt in Lake Tahoe in part because I wanted the lake experience, beautiful weather, and stunning scenic backdrop to what God will be doing in your life.

The Lord has been speaking a great deal this year about the tribe of Issachar. This tribe is the 9th son of Jacob and the 5th son of Leah. They were a tribe of warriors, scholars and seers whose expertise was in reading trends, seeing the future and aligning. In fact, they were considered to be such experts in the Torah that even the Levites came to them for insight. Their expertise was in discerning trends and the future. They were particularly sought out in times of national TRANSITION.  When the moment came for David to ascend to his kingship 200 “heads” of the men of Issachar came to David at Hebron. Hebron represents the place where RELATIONSHIPS align for God’s ASSIGNMENT. This is a season of FAMILY alignment as well as STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS forming to take new territory.

The Bible says the Issachar tribe was led by “men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” (1 Chronicles 12:32). According to the Targum, this meant that they knew how to ascertain the periods of the sun and moon, the intercalation of months, the dates of solemn feasts, and could interpret the signs of the times and by prophetic gifting they could put all this together to DISCERN THE FUTURE that God was making manifest. Once they saw what God was doing, they joined it. Not surprisingly the INHERITANCE this tribe received was some of the choicest territory in Israel.

I feel like I tapped into this anointing in September 2015 when I stepped into the future and saw that the Cyrus of Isaiah 45 would be the 45th President. I stood nearly alone talking about the future of America, it’s crisis and the emergence of Donald Trump. Now I am feeling an urgency for the NEXT PHASE. I expect the Lord to unpack this during this Dream Trip.


All twelve tribes of Israel have a designated month on the calendar. One of our veteran Dream Trip attenders just showed me how our trips are almost always scheduled during the month dedicated to Issachar as it TRANSITIONS to the tribe of Zebulun, the BUSINESS tribe. Issachar are the FUTURISTS who see the trend and know what to do to align and Zebulun know how to PROSPER. The two go together. That’s what is happening May 4-7 for you during this trip! Expect your ministry, calling, alignments, provision to CROSS OVER into the new season of Awakening.

As I have been praying about this there are key Prophetic Issachar words for May that I am sensing over this event: “It is the divine timing for you to see the future trend for your life, your family, ministry and business. This is the time of clarity and updated strategy on WHAT TO DO. This is the time of new alignments to crossover and to prosper in the place the Lord is giving you.”

This is one trip you don’t want to miss. It will be in Lake Tahoe May 4-7 and is filling up quickly!- I will be looking for you there!

As One,
Lance & Annabelle

BONUS: Anyone who books their seats before March 15th will be invited to a special, pre-Dream Trip webinar with me, where I’ll go over more in depth some of the things we’ll be talking about in Tahoe! Make sure you get your ticket now, and we’ll send you the invite to the webinar as we get closer. 

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