The Mountains Are Calling… Can You Hear Them?

It's time to go deep into who you really are! Write the vision for your future! The vision calls you to become someone you have never been. Your new you is connected to your assignment. Your calling literally shapes your character and everything about you. Your calling calls forth your BEST self.

Prophetically you should already have a vision for where the Father is calling you to go. But how can you identify the things that are holding you back from being your best self, from living your ideal life and reaching your full potential? How can you move past them to have powerful and lasting breakthroughs?

Your vision comes as a premonition. When you hear it, it excites you. You are energized.

It's time to go deep into who you really are, to celebrate the progress you have made and to courageously confront the patterns of how you feel, how you think, and how you show up.

It's time to discover:
– Who you have to be that you have never been?
– Who you have to be that you’ve never done?
– Who you will be with that is not with you now?
– What you need to know that you have never learned before?
– What skill you have to acquire that you have never had?

It's time to take back control! Join us in Lake Tahoe this May 5-7th, as we pray, coach and prophesy you into your life's unique strength, calling, and voice so that you can walk through the open door God has set before! Visit to register for your Dream Trip today.

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