God’s Cancel Culture

Did you know God has a cancel culture? I know, you probably think I’ve been taken over by a leftist hacker, but hear me out. 

In Colossians, Paul tells us not to let anyone cheat us through philosophy, empty language, or cunning sophistication of schools of thought of men that are not according to Christ. Paul was battling persuasive false teachers here. 

And that’s the thing about deception, it comes packaged in persuasion. Although the words may be persuasive, they are, in fact, deceptive. Anything that tells us anything other than the fact that we, in Christ, have the fullness of the Trinity is deception, no matter how good or persuasive it sounds.

The truth is that the perfection of humanity is accomplished in Christ. Christ wiped out the handwriting on the Ten Commandments, the ordinances and laws, and anything that was against us that examines the human condition. Christ CANCELS all of those imperfections. God has His own cancel culture through Christ. In Him, sin is canceled — and so is any word that tells us it is not.

When Christ came out of the grave, all hell was disrupted. Heaven instantly understood the triumph of Christ’s cross — He died FOR us so He could die AS us. God’s remedy for the human condition is to cancel sin through the cross. He cancels sin through the death of Christ.

So listen when Paul says not to let anyone deceive you with persuasive words out of your inheritance. 

If you died with Christ, why do you still subject yourself to earthly, religious rituals?  They are of no use in stopping the indulgence of the flesh. The only thing that can stop human nature from indulging itself in its sensual, selfish interests, obsessions, and appetites, is to be made alive in the spirit and live in communion with that reality. 

Perfection is in Christ. 

We must let go of the imperfections of our performance and come to Him who is perfect and has already done a perfect performance for the Father. When God sees us, He sees us in Christ. He does not see us in ourselves. When God looks at us He sees the finished work of the Son on our behalf. 

Because Christ paid a high price so that we may be seen as perfect to God, we should be motivated to want to see ourselves in that position — and to throw off any word that makes us think otherwise. 

I pray that God’s energy moves in you so you can untangle any persuasive word that comes your way so that you may, in turn, untangle the thoughts and hearts of others because of Christ’s work in you.

As One!


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14 thoughts on “God’s Cancel Culture

  1. Thank you for this word of “warning” and encouragement Dr. Wallnau.
    Always a refreshing of the Word which we ( I ) need frequently!!
    Deception is so prevalent and requires the Wisdom of God to guide!!
    We are warned so often in scripture to beware that we be not deceived!
    Thank you again, love Colossians 2.

  2. I was blessed by this teaching. You make things so clear. I
    always look forward to you post. I Finished the Leviathan
    series . Love it.Made things so clear as to why things are happening
    like they are. Also finished Favor, the honey of heaven.
    I do believe it’s my favorite. I listen to it five times. Leviathan 3
    times and Endgame. I would ask people that haven’t listen to these
    please get them see if you don’t grow and your life changes and
    you don’t stay in the dark how to take care of yourself. God is so
    good . You and Anabel are so special and I pray blessings on both of you
    and your family. Thanks again for the awesome teachings(oh I do have
    most of your others CDs and book.

  3. I would have preferred that you said In Christ’s Death and Resurrection,
    Christ came to fulfill the law, and in doing that Cancelled Out any resulting sin for us
    from Our not living up to the standards the law required.

    • This was so refreshing Dr Lance I loved all of it It was certainly energising !!
      Thank you so much for passionately devoting all your time and effort into teaching the body of Christ. Your reward is great in Heaven.

  4. Thank you Dr. Wallnau. I love how you present fresh spiritual perspective to “working”. It is such a magnificent word.
    I have been studying this word for a few years now. I’m glad that God’s revelation of working, in so many varying contexts, never stops.
    Pray for me and my family as we begin a very exciting new adventure, with Jesus, in bringing much of your messaging to the churches of Bowie Texas. And….beyond.
    Blessings in Him to you all,
    Brian Kelly Mason

  5. Politics….Religion! Two topics they tell us not to talk about with each other. Solutions and answers to our societal problems, they say, come from those two institutions. Maybe, but right now in this era, we are a mess. We blame. We accuse. We point the finger. Yet, change must begin from within. And as much as those institutions provide “a” way, they are not “the” way.

    “Can’t You See” may give some insight and hope for the proven answer. It begins in the heart. And when a heart is truly healed and transformed, love expressed will povide the societal change.


  6. Thank you very much, Lance, for the encouraging and truly edifying message from Colossians 2 – it is certainly a word in season delivered with such clarity.

  7. I started listening to you when the China virus Dem Master Plan shutdown began. You have been an indescribable blessing to me. I look for your new videos every day.

    This word touched my heart. God bless you, Lance Wallnau, and your family. My husband loved your book, God’s Chaos Candidate. That’s when I heard about you..

  8. You are absolutely correct!!! Biblical principles wipe out ALL of the concerns of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA through the ONE Man and Savior Jesus Christ. It is readily apparent to many Christians that the issues that continue to be raised as political foils in today’s worldly political picture were all dealt with on the CROSS. He loved us so that we can love one another. There is no social construct that man can devise, create or enforce through rules, regulations, laws, etc that supplants the love of Christ and His New Testament commandment…..ONE COMMANDMENT……to love one another. We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is a HEART thing!!! It is not a LAW thing. We are fighting for the hearts of men and women and Jesus came to change our hearts through the introduction of the New Kingdom!!! Where is the church? Where are men and women of God that will stand up and point to the ONE true way to deal with one another. It’s not “one world government”, it’s not the United Nations, it is not some construct of man’s “intelligence”……..it is Jesus Christ…..and the Holy Spirit entering in to the hearts of men…….NOW more than ever!!

  9. God canceled made-made culture that is independent of Him and returned to man the culture (glory) of heaven that Adam lost. Let the glory of God rise within us and come on us. We glorify God by making Him known for who He is on the earth as we reflect Who He is in us, for us. In full dependency God, we use the spiritual tools that He gave us: Holy Spirit, His Word, and faith–to partner with Him dismantle spiritual forces of darkness and usher in the glory of God=His power +presence+ goodness
    + His righteousness + justice. The distinction between the 2 kingdoms is evident. We win–all the time–because Jesus gave us the victory!