Firewall: How Can We Mobilize The Church As One?

On today's Firewall, we're still talking to Jim and Lori Bakker and discussing what we can do to mobilize the church. A year ago, the Lord gave me this word, and I could hear it “As One America.” Satan is going to try to divide you by race, gender, religion, and politics. He is coming to divide, to conquer, and your test will be if you can stand as one. is where I am going to start to bring together the resources, especially in the swing states, where we are going to need to have believers mobilize. It was ten thousand votes in Michigan, twenty thousand in Wisconsin, thirty-five thousand in Pennsylvania. They were a remnant of believers that decided to show up, which became the decisive tipping point in 2016.

Why does the left want to keep America closed? If they can create enough anarchy, the average person thinks, “We are on the wrong track.” No, we are not on the wrong track. We are actually on the right track, and the devil is trying to get us to destroy the track.

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3 thoughts on “Firewall: How Can We Mobilize The Church As One?

  1. Lance, you say “I don’t know how these Leftist governors are going to get reelected.”
    I can tell you how.
    Just look at Seattle and Washington state. Jay Inslee will be reelected. I guarantee it.
    There are so many brain dead people here. Even the evangelicals, so many of them are
    worldview believers. They believe same sex marriage is okay and those of us who hold to
    a biblical worldview have uncaring hearts. We just don’t know love.
    Then there is the biblical worldview church, of which I attend, but even there there are so many
    church members who say, “let’s not be political. Let’s not do that.”. They will not talk about politics. Not to family, not to neighbors. They are “all about Jesus. That’s all we need”. They are like the San Francisco flower children of the ’60″s.
    They are so deceived up here. Don’t drink the water!

    • Penny, we all hear the fact interpretation However If you see the events and politics in America Rather we say the USA, we need to look and study with the help of the Holy Spirit. I am from Asia however I see God has kept some American Like Lance to see and guard what He wants to do in the USA . Because the destiny of America is determined by the destiny of the other nations in the world. Ephesian 1:16-23

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