Lance Rewind – Leviathan And The Twisting Of Your Relationships

Have you ever had friends in your life where you wonder what happened to your relationship, what happened to your friendship? You're getting along fine, and then they're just gone from your life. That is the Leviathan spirit, and when this type of spirit gets into a relationship, it will twist things to tear your relationships apart. This is a spirit that works with offense. It works with perceived offenses.

It works with anger, disagreement, and disunity. It works in the way your mind frames reality, and it twists the meaning of an activity or an innocent mistake and makes it something malicious. I'm going to read you a prayer to help you expose and battle Leviathan.

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11 thoughts on “Lance Rewind – Leviathan And The Twisting Of Your Relationships

  1. It’s a lot more than offense for a simple mistake. In the secular world it could be called narcissism, or perhaps they work hand in hand. In these situations there is probably some intense gaslighting and avoiding accountability, as in the “slithering away” like a serpent does. The tough scaly skin of leviathan parallels with narcissism, as the defining trait of narcissistic personality disorder is a lack of empathy, which is of course the exact opposite of Jesus. How clever of the enemy to devise a stronghold so strong, (developed in the early years of a person’s life in a shame-based home), that it is very rare the person dealing with it can come to understand it and get free from it. It does so much damage to the body of Christ.

    • This truly blessed me for three years I’ve been wondering why someone came into my life with me one day several days later I don’t hear from this person anymore thank you for giving me Revelation on what’s Happenings

  2. We got the 2-part CD set: Leviathan How to break controlling spirits in your life. But, there was no prayer with it. My husband, Earl and I took this set on a little spiritual retreat we went on. It was very enlightening and we will listen again soon. Thanks for your teachings, Bible Studies, and general revelations. We are staying tuned so we are ready for the battle in these last days. God bless you and Annabelle, and your work. Mary Anne and Earl Wirth

  3. I want to acknowledge that below is 98% Lance’s words – most from the prayer at the end of above video, and a bit of what I remember from his “Leviathan” teaching disc I’ve already listened to. IT IS NOT A STRAIGHT TRANSCRIPTION, but more of an edited and a bit amended version of what he said, so that it flowed and made more sense to me personally. I felt led to post and share it with you all; but all blessings and credit to Lance for any help it may give you!

    “Lord Jesus, you have said that we can not- and should not- rebuke the evil, word-twisting, offense-causing, relationship-destroying, giant spirit you call Leviathan on our own. Therefore, Jehovah, take your Mighty Sword and slay the Leviathan & all his associated demonic spirits in every area of our lives, and give it to us (according to Your Word) as our bread- feed it to us for our nourishment & strengthening, in Jesus’s Mighty Name!”

    “Now, in the name of Jesus, with my tongue I solemnly enter into a contract with the Lord Jesus Christ. I charge the Angel of the Lord to catch every single ungodly thought that the enemy floods into my mind about any other living soul. I ask you Lord, to catch and make me aware of every thought that would be in agreement with that twisting serpent.
    I ask you Lord, to also set a guard over my lips, and I charge You to take captive every word that I may speak that would be in agreement with that twisting serpent. Beginning now, Leviathan will be exposed every single time he comes to my mind!
    Holy Spirit, I ask for a new mind. Show me the things that flood my mind towards others when I am feeling the attack of Leviathan; show me the scripts, the files, the deeply buried memories that the Leviathan may have managed to plant in my mind and subconscious in the past, so that I can repent of and release those thoughts, and then bring into captivity & slay every one that does not line up to Your Word. Show it all to me so that my mind may be renewed and I may have the mind of Christ!

    Holy Spirit, by God’s Grace create a space of Love within me- a place where I can step back into the grace of God and hold the person who is troubling me in there, until we are both delivered from all anger & hate & misunderstanding, and the Agape Love of God has overcome all.
    I WILL overcome evil with good! I WILL be delivered, and You, God, shall work your Glory in my life, in Jesus’s name!
    Show me when I am to fast, show me when I am to pray- because I AM going to be made new through the Power of the Blood of Jesus! Life IS going to be different!!
    I loose the discerning of spirits into my life right now, & the circumcised ear also- for I shall hear & discern God, and see His miracles wrought in my life- in the Name of Jesus Jehovah Joshua Messiah, it is sealed- AMEN!”

  4. THANK YOU for this … I have your teaching on “The Leviathan Spirit” on CD and listen over & over to make sure I get every thought, concept and explanation clearly in my mind. This was GREAT; such a relief to see there is a true “explanation” for the unwarranted and totally shocking response I received from people in my life. One had been a dear friend for over 25 years … other, just three years. Within a 6-month span, BOTH literally “turned on me” and it was not due to my behaviors toward them (at least not that I can discern!). Your explanation matches the circumstances of BOTH situations perfectly. What a sad and tragic truth, yet, so enlightening. God bless you for ALL of the wisdom that you share!! We love you and yes, I’ve subscribed!!! PS: Saw you at the National Aglow Conference in Spokane, WA, Nov 2018. You are truly a gifted prophet!!

    We were wondering why some of are friends don’t call us back or if come by. And they are always trying to see that are President Trump is not the man who we voted for or many of the Ministries we listen to. We are at the point that we just read the Bible and pray in the Spirt. And trust in God Allmight .

  6. Truly, this spirit is in work in our country and in the world today! There is such deception in what truth is and many minds are totally against the things that are true and noble! Decisions are based on hate. Sadness and depression are rampant. Disunity reigns in many. We need to pray against this evil spirit of the times!

  7. Leviathan works through the MEDIA – Hundreds of messages
    twist the truth to deceive and cause anger and unrest. Jan 13, 2021
    President Trump’s words and intentions have been twisted.
    YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google have all twisted
    the truth and BAN the President of the United States…that is
    the Leviathan spirit at work. It suddenly takes hold of your mind
    which are flooded with negative, malicious thoughts captivate
    your mind. CATCH every thought, hold it captive to the Word of God.
    Twists innocent acts into malicious intents. In the name of Jesus
    set charge over my lips, I charge the powerful Holy Spirit to keep
    the mind of Christ pure and free from hate and anger. I will overcome
    evil with good. Show me when to pray and to fast. I loose the discerning
    spirit of God into my life. AMEN it is sealed.

    Psalm 74 “How long will the enemy mock you, God?
    Will the foe revile your name forever?
    11 Why do you hold back your hand, your right hand?
    Take it from the folds of your garment and destroy them!

    12 But God is my King from long ago;
    he brings salvation on the earth.

    13 It was you who split open the sea by your power;
    you broke the heads of the monster in the waters.
    14 It was you who crushed the heads of Leviathan
    and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert.