Is Joe Biden About To Be Replaced?

INSIDE INFORMATION UPDATE – Is Biden being replaced? Will he cooperate? What’s going to tank the Susan Rice VP slot? Why Kamala is in and… what happened to Mayor Pete Buttigieg?

I think they have plans. God has let America be shaken so badly it looks to me like judgment… not to destroy but to get the church awake. I think it’s working. BUT the church leaders are still confused on what to do. 40% of evangelicals attending church are not voting!?

What did James Kennedy prophesy about last week in America?

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14 thoughts on “Is Joe Biden About To Be Replaced?

  1. Thanks for sharing. It is not about Biden. He did not select his running mate. He was told who would be his running mate. If they get in, they will dispose of him. We have a problem in the USA of not realizing that that is a world secret society that has been working a plan of evil to rule the world. We need to wake up! They are manipulating people with covid to distract the master plan that is being worked. BLM I being used to break down our cities, destroy our nation, tear down our beliefs in order to instill fear, distrust, suspicion in our country. BLM has nothing to do with caring for black Americans, but they snuck in and disguised themselves lying to the world. I tell people’s to read their site. Wake up. They want to defund the police so they can be our militia. They are Marxist, communist and socialist wanting to take over our country. When they bend their knee it is not in humiliation, but rebellion. I think that is where Christians are getting deceived. They are not bowing before God. We need to wake up fast!

    • Masculine element in the church is missing you are right Mr Wallnau and girls looking for strong men who are taking a stand. Castrated our potency! ???? I love it. You are seriously funny. “Dont get involved with politics” and this is where we have ended up. Im not American but it’s a fantastic analogy. God blrss you and your wife and family.
      PS. No dont delete.

  2. Lance,
    Black Lives Matter is a spiritual movement–but certainly NOT Christian! They’re into ancestor worship, praying for the dead, etc. Please read the article at this link:

    BTW–Patrisse Cullors, a BLM co-founder, grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness.

    Blessings to You and Yours!
    Carol Bruxvoort

  3. Would love to see all Christians register to vote. Any suggestions on how I as an individual I can encourage and reach out, I am listening. All my friends vote. So I need to know how to find those who don’t and take them to the polls!!

  4. Awesome and stirring words–especially toward the end when you started venting your frustration with the feminization of the gospel. So true! I think my favorite statement you made was “maybe love is not an excuse or explanation for inactivity; maybe love is what compels you to intervene”. This is real love, and it is the cry of my heart. Real love, the Christ kind of love, leads to action–bold, courageous action that can only be brought about by a revelation of Christ. Thank you!

  5. Very informative conversation . I find it surprising that 40 % of evangelicals attending church are not even registered to vote . I will add that to my prayer list that these inactives will be persuaded to vote and vote for righteousness. I know several people who don’t like the president but can’t vote for Biden either. Personally , every abstention is actually a vote for Biden . Keep up your good work. Sound the alarm .

  6. Please do not delete this one Lance!!! It must be said and a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! Tuloy Po Kayo!

    By the way, looked up the meaning of the name “Kamala”… (Donald means World Leader & Trump of course means Trumpet or Victory!) Praying “For” VP pick, Harris… not “about” her since she needs The Father’s Heart & Redemption for her to get a “New Name” from Him!

  7. You are right again! The inactivity of the church in politics is a shame not a virtue! It is past due for the church to unite and mobilize and speak forth on every policy issue affecting our nation. Our inactivity on the public policy has allowed antiChristian gatekeepers in all the mountains of culture and destruction of our Judeo-Christian culture. Whoever is not standing up against these forces is part of the problem! May God bless your every step!

    Thank you for the talk. Good to venture around on these issues.
    Im with you on the frustration of complacency and people using and hiding behind
    the guise of Love thy neighbor to disengage. Shallow and weak. It is an ignorance and they
    think me to “courageous”.
    Something else you touched on, the Neutered Males! Truth! Men who have been rendered dysfunctional and told to sit down for the sake of Woman’s advancement. Many are gentlemen and need encouragement to step into the Shoes God gave Men. The Curse has manifest itself in Women around the Globe. ie: the founders of BLM. I believe they must be engaged by other Women. I can not ignore or let go of the seriousness of this problem or what I am to do about it. I don’t want to embark on yet another organization. Would you talk with me regarding this issue? Are Conservative Women on this page; the track that if we Women of God engage these vermin Marxist Women we can effectively give space to and allow the Men to do their job. Its so clear to me. We need to take them on. Please. Id welcome your advice. I haven’t a website, but I do have a other means of communication Id be happy to share. Terry Colquitt.