Economic meltdown, Political Crisis And God’s Great Shaking

Economic meltdown and political crisis was predicted 2 months before Donald Trump was elected. It’s written in my book, God’s Chaos Candidate. Here’s what I wrote on page 14:

“America has four historic crucibles. The first crucible was the revolutionary war, the second crucible was the civil war, the third crucible was the great depression and world war 2 combined and the fourth crucible is upon us.”

Plus there was an interesting prophecy from Heidi Baker in the book that corroborates what I wrote. I wrote about national economic meltdown, and look where we are! Donald Trump is doing everything he can to keep America from the brink of economic disaster while stuck in the snake pit of Washington listening to people like Fauci, and Cuomo.

It’s not all bad news though! Haggai tells us that God is in the economic shaking – God wants to reveal His plan for His church – and his voice is getting clearer. YOU are about to be joined together as a mighty army. Regions of this country will shake.

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105 thoughts on “Economic meltdown, Political Crisis And God’s Great Shaking

    • I love this and will share with many.
      Just a small suggestion, I love how you connect what God is doing concerning Passover and Pentecost (Shavuot). You said you thought Pentecost was May 15th, but is that the date of Shavuot on the Jewish calendar?

      • I believe what you are saying….about 2 months ago, l felt like God was saying It’s time, enough! It’s time for the church to Return, It’s time…I share all your videos..friends and family like and share, praying for you to hear God’s heart..thx s so much… God Bless!

  1. 100% anointed!!!!!
    Thank you so so much.
    We are blessed to have you in the position where God has placed you.

  2. Lance just because a lot of us aren’t with you live -I’m sure I am not alone in this- I check in every day to hear what you are saying and hope to hear God’s Word. Thank you for what you do and may we continue to look for God’s purpose in our lives.

    • To the people who said they could not access the censored part or do not have Facebook, just wait a minute or two each time you get the censored message, the message will continue and you will be able to see it all. It is an awesome message.????

    • Youtube censored and facebook removed the video I am hoping for a transcript. It must be explosive for big tech to run scard.

  3. Lance, I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’. Your words are spirit and life to me. I live in the ‘backside of the desert’ in England but my heart burns for Jesus. Your word regarding the ‘cabin pressure’ has already begun in my life and has been so intense. I was so blessed to hear your encouraging word and to know I’m on the right track.
    I pray for your President and your country and for you and warriors like Mario Murrillo. Thank you for your prayers for my country and for Boris Johnson. We had a miracle here when the conservatives took socialist heartlands who had never ever voted conservative.
    I bless you and your family in the Name of the Lord. Maggie

  4. Please post the transcript with the censored parts. This video is not showing on your facebook account. And I feel the enemy is frightened of what you are saying and is attempting to shut you down.


    • I love this and will share with many.
      Just a small suggestion, I love how you connect what God is doing concerning Passover and Pentecost (Shavuot). You said you thought Pentecost was May 15th, but is that the date of Shavuot on the Jewish calendar?

  5. Hey everyone…each time you come to a censored message, wait a minute or so and the video will continue. I had to do this several times, but saw this awesome message in its entirety.

  6. I keep getting error messages when I try and watch your videos. I also get a censored content message when I am on you tube. I know it is one word! Urgh this sponsorship has to stop.

  7. Spot on, and powerful. Finally, clear direction that we are called in our sphere of influence for such a time as this! Thank you.

  8. Ugh! I would love to know what you are saying that Facebook and you tube are censoring you for???? Keep speaking out.

  9. Dr. Wallnau you’re being censored. Please find another platform and allow us to download your videos.
    God bless,

  10. Hi Lance,
    I’m a regular listener and pray with you for our country! Since YouTube censored three sections of your economic predictions video, is there an uncensored version we can see?
    Paula Murphy

  11. Dear Lance, I believe the 7 Mountains Mandate is the most important objective for this day!!!

    Somebody needs to find a way to get this info directly to President Trump. Dr. Fauci and others are blocking this from Trump and from the people. Once Trump finds out how effective IVC (High dose intravenaous vitamin C) is and that it is approved of in Shanghai as standard of care, he will promote it.
    American doctor Richard Cheng went to Shanghai and witness 50 of 50 hospitalized covid patients(some near death) recover and go home. Trump needs to know about this and cardiologist Dr. Thomas E Levy and the doctors from Riodin clinic in Kansas are the ones Trump needs to talk with.

    A probable end to covid is the Dr Zelenko protocol for initial treatment of covid by GPs.(Dr Zelenko got the idea of Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) with Zinc from doctors in S. Korea). The German health minister said their GPs treat covid patients directly and that is why their hospital beds are empty, and able to take overflow patients from Italy and Spain. Dr. Zelenko recently reported only 2 deaths of 1450 covid patients. I suspect the reason pharma is fighting the Zelenko protocol so hard is because it uses zinc and that’s big competition to them if the people find out vitamins and minerals are effect. And Pharma controls TV, W.H.O., NIH, FDA and CDC. In his book, ‘What Went Wrong’, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez chronicles the deliberate failure of the National Cancer Institute-NIH funded clinical trial conducted under the auspices of Columbia University, set up to test his nutritional treatment in patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. NIH brought people in to the study who were on the verge of death and some died before the study. NIH deliberately made it fail. And they did the same with HCQ. The gave the HCQ to the sickest covid people and compared there results with the least sick covid people. And also NIH has yet to run a study of the Zelenko protocol which includes Zinc. It’s the Zinc that blocks coronavirus from replicating and it the key to eliminating covid.

    All covid patients should initially be given the Zelenko protocol by the GP’s. And then for the few patients that still need hospitalization, use the high dose IVC and that should bring the death rate to near zero. Again I suspect the reason pharma is fighting the Zelenko protocol so hard is because it uses zinc and that’s big competition to them if the people find out. And W.H.O and CDC have being lying about IVC. Beware of Codex Alimentarius under which only pharmaceticals and vaccines will be allowed and all vitamins will be banned.

    Dr Chris Masterjohn points out in a recent Philippines’ study the importance of vit d. The researchers found out on hospitalized patients that the lower their vit d levels the more severe their covid syptoms. Vit D did not prevent exposure to covid, but is did reduce the severity of the symptoms.

    Please get the to Presindent Trump!

    Michael J. Szymusiak
    Health Coach and Natural Health Expert

  12. Lance,
    I want to thank you for what you have been consistently teaching! Although you haven’t addressed the following issue directly, you gave me clarity in my thinking:
    We tithe and give beyond that when able (last month 20%). I have always felt we should only give to specifically Christian ministries (evangelism/compassion/scripture distribution).
    When I understood God’s building project right now is America, it gave me the freedom to make contributions to principled political candidates and organizations (such as true to protect the integrity of our elections), and know we are being good stewards of the resources God has given us.

    I would also say I believe prayer is the mortar that holds the living stones together to make a solid house. When some women formed a prayer group a year ago for the sole purpose of praying over the 7 mountains in our community we called ourselves the Mortar Group.
    May God bless you and your family, greatly increasing your sphere of influence and protecting you from every scheme, plot, strategy, attack and trick of the enemy.
    In Jesus name may it be so.

  13. Is the seven mountains, the seven continents of the world? Is the 10 horns the top ten media outlets?
    I am new to listening to Lance but I love praying with you and you pray for you, our nation and Pres. Trump. God show us things to come, have hearts that are prepared for these end time happenings and continue to love our neighbor as our self.

  14. Amen! Thank you for telling us the truth. We stand together. We are striving to be the enemy’s worse nightmare.

    • I think the seven mountains are the influencing powers in the
      world; like education, news media, Hollyweird, Television
      programing and…? I can’t remember the rest.
      The left ( guided by Satan) has control of ALL seven mountains–
      which is Why the masses are so misled.

  15. Awesome video – uplifting and right timing. I agree with you that God’s Justice will deal with China, North Korea, and believe that USA will stand and affront many in these exciting times.
    Supernatural provisions for the faithful warriors and just rewards – VICTORIES and TRIUMPHS to the Obedient and Overcomers… and mocking God won’t last long.

    • Nixon was not such a bad president, for his
      short time in office!
      The left (led by Young Hillary Clinton)
      and the MSM sensationalized the incident
      and coverup which destroyed him–for
      transgressing much less than most other modern
      To me, He’s a Hero: Nixon literally SAVED Israel
      and did it against congress. I think our dealings
      with the Chinese began Years After Nixon.

  16. Lance,
    I posted a lengthy message here earlier and someone already removed it. Here is a shortened version of it.

    The Zelenko protocol works but NIH sabotaged the experiment to make it fail.

    Also IVC works and is standard of care in Shanghai. CDC and WHO are lying about it. The President needs to know about this. Check with Cardiologist Thomas E Levy and the doctors at Riordan clinic in Kansas on the success of IVC.

    Covid can be eliminated by GP’s prescribing Zelenko protocol. And then the few that need hospitalization can be treated with IVC. American Doctor Richard Cheng went to Shanghai and witnessed 50 of 50 very sick covid patients come home from the hospital.

    Please see to it that the President knows about this.

    Michael J Szymusiak
    Health Coach and Natural Health Expert

  17. Thanks Lance appreciate you messages I’m a periscope follower especially at 12 and 1 AM I’ve wanted to read your chaos candidate book but I missing the first 37 pages I’d love to have it replaced is that something you could do I ordered it from Amazon and they’re not letting me return it blessings to you and Annabel. Praying for the nations 2Chronicles 7:14. love your new studio and your impromptu posts blessings and love in Yeshua’s name

  18. When I was a teenager about 17-20 years ago, I was around John Paul Jackson a lot.. I am friends with his son. One day while at the dinner table I asked him what he thought would happen around the end times. He looked me squarely in the eyes and he said “multiplication of food. you will see people around the dinner table with nothing to eat and they will pray and suddenly food will appear.”

    I have held this ever since. We are getting close to this time!

  19. I’m in Agreement ???? My husband and I were called out of the 4-wall building called church by the Holy Spirit after 14 years of service, Youth group leaders, missions, my husband praise and worship leader etc… Our eyes were opened, we wanted what God wanted. We started a home group “The Ekklesia” it will be a year on May the 30th. We are on the front lines in our community. Our group is growing, for they are hungry for the truth and really want to be used for God’s Kingdom. We’re getting those who won’t walk into a church or have been hurt in a church, who want to serve the King of Kings at any expense. Salvations are like Saul who became Paul!! Their eyes are being opened to the truth and the prophecies of the signs of the times.

    We have a few “Lance Followers” ???? I had a Word a couple days ago “Those that have been praying for President Trump, will turn and begin praying for him” ???? Yahoooooo

    These are exciting times, I want to be part of Gideon’s Army ????????????

    We’re praying for you and all of us that stand firm on God’s Word for Such A Time As This!

    ~Cindy Bronner~
    Thompson Falls, Montana

  20. Lance this is excellent.
    So timely, you are a prophet for the hour.
    You have told us clearly what God is doing through the prophet Haggai.
    History repeats itself.
    Don’t have doubts about what you are putting out there, we get it.
    The truth will make you free.
    The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  21. Thank you for fulfilling your role in this time of shaking by unashamedly and unreservedly speaking the truth for the sake of justice and righteousness. May we indeed humble ourselves and pray and seek the face of our Lord so we can arise “as one” and so fulfill the purpose of the Church as a light to the nations. With appreciation to you and Annabelle and your staff–

  22. It is interesting that you call this the 4th crucible in book which was confirmed vision the LORD gave Heidi Baker years ago. But at present I don’t think we are at the point that people where people in expensive cars are eating at soup kitchens. Fast food and take out food is still available.

  23. I’ve been following since Tom Hardimen has you share MFM Retreat in 2008. The whole time while praying for you and listening to what the spirit God. The whole time I kept on seeing this Blue Laser Light coming down out heaven it landed on you as you spoke and This blue laser the top of your head done through entire body, I saw this continually through the 3 days and evenings. I tried to get to you but the intercessors were surrounding you… I heard the Lord say that this going go through His Entire Body . I can’t imagine the warfare , but for those who heard and began to apply it and see what God really wanted from us, not everyone will, but I’ve shared this many people that were Thinking it was wrong to influence in Hollywood as an attorney. I’m praying with you guys with the remnant and I’m so Thankful for you and Annabel being faithful! I pray often at the midnight hour with you!

  24. Well said you!!
    Dear Lance I have written something that has been coming to me over the past several weeks. it is how I see the 1972 Nixon visit to China much like when when Hezekiah showed Judah’s wealth to to the Babylonian’s, 2nd Kings 20:12-19. China has been depleting our wealth ever since. In union with the radical left they are trying to take down America by breaking our economy. A population that is afraid, hungry, and destitute is easy to control.

    I agree – We need to be on our knees and no longer silent. . How do I get my writing to you ?

    Bless you and your ministry,


  25. I had a dream this morn about building a ‘new church building’
    – the pastor, worship leader & I assessed the old structure. Instead of demo, we poured gas on the inside walls and burned it down. We would rebuild with a new design. ? ? ?

    I just read. . . The prophet Haggai tells us that God is in the economic shaking––and Jesus is using it to reform His church. There is a new building project going on––and I believe God is building a house for the nation. A church to salvage a nation.

    I believe this confirms it!

  26. Thank you Lance for sharpening me and I really get inspired to refute every socialist thought I hear as spiritual warfare. I’m preaching from Haggai and using your insight to help prepare our church. I also really enjoyed the prophecy on the Endgame CD. You have been on fire ????-keep it up!

  27. You are being censored from minute 5:19 to 5:29. Every platform you post this to is censoring your words during that 10 minute span. If there is some way to get those words out to the people, please do so, as we want to know what you have said in your Word from the Lord. Thank you and God bless! L. Egnal


  29. I’m occupyin’ but I have no place to attend a church. All my online work is censored. I have only telephone fellowship. Haven’t had communion for a year plus. Republican (RINO) politician trashed my reputation and I lost several jobs as a result. But I have you!

  30. Excellent- you are extremely right! I have told people for years I am either one of the most enlightened people on the planet or one of the most deceived.
    I have Gods strategic prophetic revelation to build His economic domain of His coming Kingdom govt.
    I have conveyed this plan to you since 2013, thru email, snail mail, voice mail etc. with no response.
    When you and I get together- there will be an explosion in the Spirit- to build up the Kingdom and tear down the works of satan.
    How can I get a copy of The Doe Brief in your hands? Blessings…….RDA

  31. I love your insights my brother. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Be encouraged and keep going. We have a mutual friend in Marc Nuttle plus we shared a conference together in Norman OK a few years ago.
    Been praying for The President as I had the same word as you had on the Cyrus. I dreamt recently that I was shaking hands with him and he asked if we could have a conversation. I look forward to it. God bless.

  32. Lance you began to teach on 2 Chronicle 7:14 about repentance and then went went off on a rabbit Trail I’ve always enjoyed. But I think the missing ingredient that is never really preached on we’re always talking about seeking his face which will usually seek his hand on his face but that’s another point but we don’t get a lot of preaching on pulling ourselves and repenting of our Wicked ways. One of the small foxes that spoil the vine I believe is that the majority of Christians have been totally ignorant in their training and lawlessness. For instance everyone knows and has been trained that it’s okay to go 5 miles over the speed limit which in reality is rebellion against the law of the land and Rebellion is likened to Witchcraft which is what I believe we have so much delusion from the power of Witchcraft in this country on top of the power of the 70 million innocent children that have died on our watch and have not really been spoken about in the unity that we have against this statistically minute in comparison viral attack. We have rebelled against what God has spoken in his word about speaking out for the innocent that cannot speak for themselves and as you have so marvelously written and stated we are unraveling because of our wicked ways.

  33. Amazing, Lance! Thank you for perseverance to listen to what Holy Spirit is saying. This is confirmation to my spirit. It gives me the clarity needed to move into what God wants at such a time as this. Living in the righteousness, peace and joy of Holy Spirit’s counsel, I can then be ready to offer powerful words to overcome the darkness and give His light in my sphere of influence.
    God bless you, my brother!

  34. Prayers will continue for our great President and his administration. Thank you for your insight,wisdom and knowledge.

  35. Thank you Lance for your obedience to speak the truth by the Spirit of the Living God. I pray the Lord will open greater doors of opportunity to spread this revelation.

  36. Here is what I sent my Indiana governor and state government leaders:
    Governor Holcomb,

    I am so upset by the decisions you and others in government are making all in the name of coronavirus. You need to wake up and change your attitudes and walk away from the fear that has such a grip on you that is very evident in your demeanor, your words, and the actions you make that is controlling people’s lives and removing our freedom to choose as we so choose, whether you think it is for our good or not. That’s what freedom is: freedom to choose as we will even if it may be the wrong choice to you.

    Where are you standing on the Constitution to defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic that you swore to uphold? Coronavirus is an enemy both foreign and domestic. You are defending the enemy not the freedom of the people you are called and voted in to protect. You wrongly think that you are protecting us, when in reality you are enslaving us to Nazism and communism.

    The longer the restrictions you are placing on us continue the more conditioned people become in being controlled and so then will stay this way and this will be the “new norm” for America which is slavery to a system of government that people came to America to free themselves from. And our forefathers who paid the cost of their lives to defend our right to be free from government tyranny is all in vain. The prayer, blood, sweat, and tears of agony that our ancestors paid is being mocked and laughed at by the decisions that are presently being made by government officials in every ranking position. If this continues, then no longer will be the United State of America being a people and nation with certain unalienable rights endowed in us by our Creator. Do you truly want what our Constitution was created to do for you and your family and all of us as Americans? I want to believe that you do. However, your decisions and actions are not showing this.

    I implore you in the Name of our Creator God to instantly stop the decisions you are making and free us to make our own choices all the while trusting Creator God to intervene and help His people, of whom you are one. He helps us in making our own decisions as to how we will govern our own lives and families. Our forefathers said that the Constitution would never work if the people could not or did not govern themselves by Divine moral fortitude. Here we are! Are we ready to give up our Constitutional rights that are ours because of a foreign and domestic attack by and unseen enemy that is being called coronavirus thus dismissing the great sacrifice of the blood of our great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and woman as well who shed their blood so we could remain free; and this all for bowing to coronavirus?

    We have always had viruses and plagues and diseases and God has been with us and delivered us as we trusted in Him and did our part to live holy lives so He would help us. Unless we continue as we know Americans should live, we can no longer call our nation “One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all!” Is that what you want or do you want the so called “new norm” that so many of you are propagating all in the name of saving us from coronavirus. Wake up and do what is right in God’s eyes for the good of His people, not what you “think” is right in your own eyes and from what others are telling you, the medical community included. There is no answer to this coronavirus as all people know. The only answer comes from Creator God who made us and knows how to keep us safe when we trust Him to help us and act like we believe this.

    God’s Mercy has given us yet another window of opportunity to stop this nonsense and get back on track as America has always done when being attacked by foreign and domestic enemies without and within. Please do not translate what I am saying to fit the decisions you are presently making. To continue as you are doing will only bring the final end of America as God wants us to be for the good of all people in the world. Let freedom ring and free us from tyranny being brought upon us by illegal means that stand against our Constitution.

    May God direct my words to pierce your heart and change your mind.

    Respectfully submitted with God’s Love and Respect for you,

    Mrs. Betsy Fritcha, 79 year old great-grandma and more,
    Fort Wayne, IN

  37. I am on board with what you said and will share this.
    Thank you
    On the calender it says that Pentecost is May 31.
    What is the 15th?

  38. Thank you for the April 28th video. It resonated with my spirit! God is shaking everything right now especially His Ecckelsia!
    Praying and fasting for His mighty and powerful anointing to decend upon us, His Ecckelsia, during this Pentecost season as was in the first Pentecost! King Jesus will reign in heaven and on earth and His mighty CROWN will crush the crown of the corona virus!

  39. Just what I needed!! I stand in agreement with you applying the Blood of Jesus Christ and Name of Jesus!!! I know God has a plan and purpose for our lives in this time. Your right…. going up in the Spirit to forfill Gods purpose and destiny for our lives. Being attack from all sides with all stupid stuff from every direction. I thought go to bed and stay there til this is over. Where is our leaders?? Why aren’t they uniting. Instead missing in action. Lord’s military leaders are missing… how pathic!!! Only a few here and there. Thank God your still on the right page with a voice of hope and encourage in truth and Spirit!!! I needed this message. It is like it was direct to me what I needed.

  40. Amen and Amen!
    Again, the Lord confirming His word and destiny for us (the Bride) and what we have waited our whole lives for is apon us.
    You informed, taught, and released us to action.
    Words to hold on to as we learn to walk in new levels of Holiness, Purity, and His righteousness.
    We have been called, chosen, equipped, and commissioned to the task at hand.

  41. Yeshua’s blessings on you and may His hedge of protection surround you and your family! Thanks for being outspoken and brave.
    We love you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    Ellery & Peggy Brown

  42. Thanks Lance for this video. Real blessing as well as insightful.

    As Katheryn Kuhlman use to say, “Me thinks” your on to something.
    Different prophets see through different lens, all from the Lord, as knowing in part.
    Yes, as several other significant voices are declaring a Great Awakening Coming,
    I think it is easy for one’s vision to be perceived too narrowly. The Great Awakening
    is more encompassing – which would including an awakening in the government
    realm as well – as you so clearly point out. This Great Awakening is Global in nature
    and should be seen as including all of the 7 mountains.

    I am thankful to the Lord for your unique intellectual style of delivery, for your wittiness, zeal
    for the Lord…I would add more… but it might go to your head. Ha! There is one thing
    I would like to inject; money is not the root of evil (nor did you say that it was), but
    the love of money is “a” root of evil.I believe God wants to raise up some to receive “great wealth”
    for the Kingdom sake.

    There was a young man in California who had a dream of a software design, he designed
    it according to the dream and sold it for 24 million dollars.

    I took a book on Wealth Transfer to the beach, set down, propped up my knees, set the book
    on my knees when suddenly my four year old son (prophetic from age 4) runs in front of me,
    plunges his hand into the sand, pulls up a bracelet made of gold, hands it to me and runs off. A beautiful confirmation of what I was about to read.

    God bless you Lance (your first name is so befitting of you); I pray God would raise up a great
    army who would follow your leadership and not be just listeners.


  43. Thanks for your earnest heart. It was encouraging at such a time as this. I have been in prayer and study each morning. 3 hours fly by and I still could spend more time. This has been valuable insight for free while many are only watching TV. Do you realize this was censored several times? Someone needs to start another platform named WE Tube for We the People so our rights are not infringed on. I read Mario Murillo’s books & they are dynamite. I would like to know more about how to begin to engage. I am going to fast soon….maybe 3 days. I do believe God will bring new people into our lives with the same enthusiasm for this mission. Only my roofer seems ready to do battle. Possibly the pastor at this church I have visited recently a few times. I have found him very sensible with similar views. Hang in there!

  44. Bear in mind the so called- “timing card” is the “out card” the majority of Christians play when they want out of the conversation. In my assessment, the timing aspect to the will of God- move of God etc, is the most difficult to discern. Having said that– how do we discern timing?
    Good question– apart from a supernatural, miraculous confirmation- the timing is confirmed from the overwhelming weight of evidence coming from the whole body. Having said that, it is a good idea to ease into “the plan”.
    The children of Israel eased into the plan to take Jericho for 6 days as they marched around the walls in silence. Then on the seventh day they went around 7 times, gave a shout and the walls came down- GAME ON! Time to take care of business.
    These timing people need to start marching! Then and only then, will we know when the wall of separation of church and state are crumbling and we can posses the land as we occupy by creating jobs.
    We need to march to the beat of the same drum- there is now one move of God bigger that the total sum of all the parts put together. That one move of God can be defined in one word- WAR.
    Strategic prophetic revelation to build the warchest, the economic logistics, the heavenly supply line is the next event on Gods prophetic calendar.

  45. Thank you Lance.
    Poinient, Articulate, riggghhht on.
    I may not understand the articulation of all the things, but am drawn deeply and love what you share and stand in prayer with you over America, even though I’m in Canada, as what happens in America affects us all.
    My sphere of influence is in the arts and am a little scared of the cabin pressure but God has been pressurizing me, so whatever’s to come, is coming, and really, it’s all God’s.
    Thank you, and am definitely sharing your clips. You are a prophetic voice in these amazing times!

  46. Thank you for the timely message! So critical to hear what the Spirit is saying to each of us so that we know, individually, what our part is in this “Rest, Reset & Rebirth”. I’m desiring to taste the New Wine and wine making has been a theme from the beginning of my commitment & journey with Jesus Christ. The pattern the Spirit is showing me is the wedding at Cana & Jesus’ Hour, an appointed (moed) time like the Seven Feasts of the Lord. I have no influence over the timing, only the sure confidence that when the trumpet suddenly sounds I will hear, see & enter His presence & receive the new wine. My part is to prepare like Esther before entering into the presence of the king. I believe this desire of mine is His desire & pleasure & will to do it. The world is having their 15 minutes and Jesus will have His hour!

  47. I love everything you say. I feel like I am in the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers when it comes to telling people what is going on around them in the US. Freedoms being taken advantage of. I tell them to watch the real news like FOX, not fake news. I make some comments and they say WHAT? i say are you not paying attention to anything around you? Christians and non Christians. Christians can’t just bury their heads in the bible saying oh God will take care of that! it drives me nuts!. what are we wood? are we Sch____s on wheels? Sorry for that one but it’s true. I pray with you and for you. Thank you for lighting up my life with the truth. God bless America, Trump, Netanyahu, Israel with Restful Sleep to be mentally, spiritually and physically able to get through this! Make good decisions, Watch out for Fauci and Brix (spelling?) they don’t really know economics. Fauci says, We may never shake hands again. What? Hello? An unrealistic comment. We are protesting and finally realizing we have rights and reading the constitution! Teaching our kids the Pledge of Allegiance! Yippie. God Bless All Of You Spread the Word Of God and Truth.

  48. You tube is trying to censor my comments to this broadcast. God Bless Lance and What he says.

  49. Thank you, Lance! Huge fan of you & your wife, in the Spirit. Btw, YouTube censored this, I guess you know that. (Unbelievable). But with God’s help & by His blood & in His Name, we have the victory. God bless. As one, Karen.

  50. Wow! I had such a battle to listen to this broadcast to the end. Am sure this because it is so dangerous. As I battled through, I felt the Holy Spirit upon me so powerfully telling me that I am in the right place, at the right time, to be part of the ecclesia and the pulling down of strongholds …(yet in the natural I am just an arthritic old widow, but I love Him with a passion!)
    Thank you Lance for having the guts to speak out what God has revealed to you…even when censored by YouTube etc. Let the Church arise!
    Abundant Blessings on you, Annabelle & your precious loved ones.
    In Christ
    Lynda ????????????????xx

  51. Trying a second time to send this message. Reads…
    Wow! I had such a battle to listen to this broadcast to the end. Am sure this because it is so dangerous. As I battled through, I felt the Holy Spirit upon me so powerfully telling me that I am in the right place, at the right time, to be part of the ecclesia and the pulling down of strongholds …(yet in the natural I am just an arthritic old widow, but I love Him with a passion!)
    Thank you Lance for having the guts to speak out what God has revealed to you…even when censored by YouTube etc. Let the Church arise!
    Abundant Blessings on you, Annabelle & your precious loved ones.
    In Christ
    Lynda ????????????????xx

  52. Helo Lance yes I agree 100% I agree in the name of Jesus that wee the church will align our self to promote the kingdom of God

  53. throughout this broadcast youtube would stop it and post a “censored” bulletin – I had to click several times to get it going again

  54. Dearest Lance and Annabelle, it’s Peggy Raposa. You new me as Peggy Sylvia about 25 years back. I’m sure it was God who recently put you on my heart. I ended up on your website and signed up for your emails. Earlier this week I was praying and I said, “Lord, make me a wrecking ball for you. I want to be a wrecking ball, make me a power house in your
    church. Because I’m coming back. I’m coming back and the devil is going to be quaking! Keep the raving rants coming. I will pray for LWM. Because He Lives, Peggy

  55. This may be too long for your comment line, it is for you, but use or edit as you will. Thank you, Lance. You have always been a guy that God really uses to really zero in on our hearts and souls. The Holy Spirit sure directs and embellishes your words, to us as individuals, to expand His quickening life in us. Thank you for your obedience. You are loved.

    You are so right about President Trump. I knew he was the one that God had chosen when he and Mrs. Trump came down the elevator. I did not hear the word that Kim had given about him that I remember. But you, Bob Cathers and Kim Clement, sure had it pegged right all along. To God be all the Glory, for a man such as this. He has been being groomed for decades, and generations before him.

    We talked to Lance Jr. in December 2017 at The Gathering Simi and told him that we were moving to Colleyville, Texas on January 1st, 2018 a month later. I was hesitant to go, but I told Tom I would give it a try. I did have a BIG check on the move to leave home. Lance told us about a training center that you wanted to build there. It sounded great. It helped me make the move. Well, long story short is that our house in Colleyville was very nice. Tom, Kristen and I moved there because our son, Scott, our daughter-in-law and triplet grandsons were moving there. We did not think we could live without the family and those triplets. The Most High God had different ideas. We lasted two weeks and flew to Orange County and rented a house on Balboa Island for six weeks while we found another home in Chatsworth. It was 27 degrees on New Years Day in Texas. It was awful for us. We could not get warm in two weeks! We obviously aren’t cold weather people. But, I really got depressed and I could not shake it. I knew, and Tom did too, that we were in the wrong place. We really hadn’t asked God. We just did it. 🙁 Doh! As, native born Californians, we were out of place. Our calling is here in California with Bob and always has been since we met him in 1989. We are back at The Gathering Simi and in our obedience we have a much larger home than Texas, and the desires of our hearts are daily being fulfilled. Thank you, Lord. Glory!

    The revelation and power brought through Bob by the Holy Ghost is truly so liberating. It is the key to getting the Church out of the law, guilt, condemnation and fear. The whole Body of Christ needs to hear what is brought forth through him. We are so glad to be in on that. I know that we left a wake of hurts in Texas and I pray that they fully forgive us for coming back. It has taken over two years for us to overcome the sadness of being separated from them. We are now restored. California is worth fighting for and we are here because we love home.

    We pray for Gavin Newsom daily. He needs that. We’ve made Chatsworth, California inTom the San Fernando Valley our home. Blessings to you and your family. Happy Mother’s Day to that precious, smiling and loving Annabelle. The Yosts

  56. Fantastic, finally a voice with sense! I am just a private prayer warrior, been hooked up with several prophetic ministries since the late 90’s. Heard, seen, and experienced great movements of God through small band of prayer warriors numbering around 300. I will sign up for your messages, and begin to distribute to my peer group, and others. You are correct, the last bastion of our enemy’s command structure will be struck down on May 15th, as we conclude our current prayer mission. I just heard you for the first time today, my wife shared your current message on her cell phone/facebook. You are correct, we are “Spiritual” Israel. We get hit hard in the future, with quakes, storms, economic disaster, war, and eventually nukes, God will preserve a remnant of Christians here in the land of un-walled vilages, and many waters, that will be a thorn in anti-christ’s side, all the way up to Christ’s second coming. Our beloved country will be facing war with Iran/nukes in Mid-east, cold war re-established with Russia, then WWIII comes with Russia invading East coast, China West Coast, and Mexico up the middle. Ask Jesus to show you this in the Spirit, the church needs this info, as it is not too far in distant future. Also get Jesus to show you the “Seal of the Living God”. which needs to be talked about now more importantly than ever. Keep up the pressure of info, believing and spiritually active Christians will eventually wake up and listen. I can tell you are from a family of Patriot fighters probably going back to our nation’s founding!
    May God richly Bless you/family/ministry in Jesus Christ’s name.