An Open Letter From Lance and Annabelle

Before the quarantine kicked in, Lance and I received a gift card from some friends and went out to dinner. It seems like our lives went from “fast forward” to “pause” overnight. We are no longer running to the airport to pick up or drop off the Lance-Man or catch a plane. No adrenaline surge from last-minute packing, and all that extra laundry is now nonexistent.

I’m amazed at the difference in the way each day flows. Years ago, we replaced a carpet and discovered boards underneath that were stamped by a manufacturer with words in red – Home Advantage. It is no coincidence that the world was locked indoors during this year’s feast of Passover. In Egypt, the Hebrews were told to stay indoors when darkness rolled through the land. KNOW THIS – the promise to you in the New Testament is, “you shall be saved, you and your HOUSE.” (Acts 16:31) Lance heard Dennis Peacocke once point out that the word “house” in ancient Greek, is the word “oikos.” This is where we get the word “economics.” In ancient times your occupation was likely to be like that of your fathers, and the home, if you could afford one, was the center of the family’s economics. In this season, as your household welcomes God into your house, your “oikos,” your economic well being, is being covered by the Lord.

We love you!

We are so grateful we can continue to build our community together with you, our friends, and partners through the airwaves. Thank you for your faithful support!

You are a huge blessing to Lance Wallnau Ministries.

LWM’s outreach to the poor and fatherless is called “Furnishing Families of Texas.” We multiplied our resources and our impact this month because of you.

One of the newest things we have begun to do during the pandemic is to add more pallets full of food for our families. We have also prepared sandwiches and snacks for the homeless in Ft. Worth. All we needed to do was make lots of sandwiches in the kitchen.

Terri Byrd (pictured above) and I co-labor during these days. She has been a Case Manager in the DFW area for 31 years. She moved to Alabama last year, but when she heard Lance doing a random Nov. 2019 broadcast from his iPhone, talking about our winter coat and clothes outreaches, the Lord invited her to move back to this area and help us. The question is: Was it really random? Or is God often in us “to will and to do His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13) in the little things as well as the seemingly significant?

We repurposed LWM swag backpacks and shoulder bags that were leftover from our big conferences, filled them with blankets, towels, water bottles, and snacks and distributed them to the homeless who have been turned away from overcrowded shelters.

It feels like a supernatural magnet is drawing resources to Furnishing Families. There is no rhyme or reason why cars show up when people need cars, and beds show up when people need beds. We are seeing what the Lord did in the book of Acts, where God was “adding to them daily.” (Acts:2:47) For instance, one day, we received 36 boxes filled with 32 bags of rice in each box. This product has six servings per bag with 12 grams of protein and 29 grams of carbs per serving. In other words, YOU HELPED US dispense roughly 7000 nutritious servings of rice last week (uncooked, of course!!).

Like the five loaves and two fish, the child gave to Jesus; NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL.

When many Churches and food suppliers stopped feeding the hungry due to COVID19, we decided to step in and assemble sack lunches. We had no choice once we discovered that homeless people were turned away at multiple locations. It was early in the month, and bread was scarce. We were happy to find three loaves of bread and 72 rolls in 3 stores we visited that day. The shelves were ransacked to an empty hollow. We added chips, desserts, and drinks to embellish our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Our total contribution was around 115 lunches that day. The people who received them were so happy. It gives you a perspective on the Biblical concept of being thankful when we have so much and are often not as thankful as those who have nothing.

Here’s a key I am learning – it is better to share what’s in your hand than to wait until you have a big contribution.

This is a great lesson that I seem to be learning over and over.

But it is not only furniture and food that comes through the warehouse. Two of our girls have been to court and have had warrants lifted from their records. Imagine that!

Pictured below with Judge Sandra White (center) are from left: Tylynn Richards, Jacquelyn McCuin, De’ Marcus Richards, Terri Byrd, and moi… Annabelle.

One of the most exceptional outcomes of this time is the relationship growing between Lance and De’ Marcus; he’s Tylynn Richard’s 9-year-old son. They stay in touch and are very close.

So many of the young children in our single Mom population don’t have big brothers or father figures in their lives. We’re praying for many more men to show up.

“The prophet Malachi declared that God would send Elijah the prophet, or the spirit of Elijah would be sent “before the great and terrible day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.” (Mal 4:6) We always assume that this verse applies to families under attack, and that’s true, but what about those who have no fathers? The spirit of Elijah is coming upon men to be fathers “to the children,” and this could be any children. In turn, the children’s hearts will see these men as “their fathers.” Could it be that fatherless boys and girls are being assigned to fathers under the spirit of Elijah? What do you think God will do with these young boys and girls? He will raise them up with power and make them His instruments of glory. The spirit of rebellion will be challenged, and the curse will be broken.

This is a whole new chapter, believe me. We are seeing God move on the top of the mountains one day and in the valley the next, and often at the same time. We are entering the period when the plowman overtakes the reaper! (Even if you’ve seen the post below, take a minute and watch the new ending when Lance shows De’Marcus his broadcast and comments, it’s precious.)

We’ve enjoyed watching Lance interview some great people this month!! You’ll find lots of content here on YouTube!

This is the new set we are broadcasting from during the shutdown. Lance nabbed Larry Sparks and did a spontaneous interview when he stopped by the office. It’s hilarious really because that pile of books in front of them was set up to hold Lance’s iPhone. I think this Facebook video reached 160,000 people.

Discover the Home Advantage!

Two years ago Lance took a dry erase marker and wrote on the bathroom mirror those words, “Home Advantage.” He was trying to figure out what the Lord was saying and wanted to remind himself. Today we are discovering that there is a certain kind of blessing that God wants to release on marriages and families and homes. It is starting to make more sense during this period when many are confined to their homes and apartments.

The strange truth is this – as we go deeper at home, we have a broader impact in the ministry.

Thank you for helping us in so many ways. Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate your willingness to stand in the gap!! Thank you for sharing Lance’s updates with your friends and family; it’s increased our viewing capacity exponentially.

Your financial contributions to Lance Wallnau Ministries are propelling our initiatives:

Your generosity is increasing the outreach capacity of Lance Wallnau Ministries.

Much Love,
As One,

Annabelle and Lance

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter From Lance and Annabelle

  1. Awesome to see Annabelle with you are using the loaves and fish like the “Chosen” film project’s prophetic base. You are also fulfilling the “cities of refuge” and cities of storehouses prophesy following 911 ,by developing what He’s given you to connect safely beneath the enemy .tactics.

  2. I saw your post ‘Sing me a new song’. Someone commented that you, Lance, sing. She said she heard you on several of your videos. Which ones? I want to hear you sing too !!!