Celebrate Purim With Me

The month of March is the last or 12th month of the Hebrew calendar. In Israel there is a sacred calendar and a secular calendar. We look at the last month—Adar—as the completion of a full cycle. This is also the time of the feast of Purim. This is when Esther emerged, ushered in just as Haman was in the process of executing a plan to kill the people of God.

It reminds us how God moves in history to intervene on behalf of His people. In a very real way we have come to see God doing this in our own country. Just as the Jews needed to mobilize in order to spoil Haman’s plot, the people of God still need to mobilize to heal our country.

As the Feast of Purim is happening this month we are believing that God has reversed the curse in your life and is ending the season or cycle that would sabotage you.

We believe a new peace is coming into your life and that all plots against you will fail just as Hamon’s plots failed. Look for new doors to open!

Thank You for Partnering with us. We Love you Friends.

As One,
Lance and Annabelle

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