Construction of Apostolic ‘Hubs’ for Mobilization of Influence

After a brief stopover at home, I am now on my way up to Canada. I have some inspiring stuff that I need to share, including a divine encounter that I had a few weeks ago.

I have been talking a lot about apostolic hubs lately!  There is a need for a new paradigm in the apostolic. These hubs would be places of collaboration for those working in the seven mountains of culture. Every significant breakthrough that has touched a city or nation has been the outgrowth of centralized networks of multi-disciplinary relationships. Historically, these networks were under apostolic leaders who had the acumen to pull together different groups. John Calvin in Geneva and William Wilberforce in England’s parliament immediately spring to mind.

Hubs are everywhere. In the physical landscape, hubs are under study as alternatives to the traditional traffic light set up for traffic flow. Anyone who has been to Europe is familiar with them. There is one way in and another way out. You can come in with a need and leave with a fulfillment. An apostolic hub could help bring together the pieces that never collaborate in the Body of Christ. This is a vision that has been used to great effect by special interests and political forces for decades.  It is a strategy that has been used to control the world. Apostolic coordination is crucial for mobilizing influence.

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