Trump’s Rollback of Obama’s Insidious Social Engineering Project

It is the hour for the church to arise! I have been studying a powerful transformation model on my recent travels that I will be sharing with you in the weeks to come.

Donald Trump has been talking about things lately that simply do not get talked about in our current political climate. He rolled back the transgender military policy put in place by the Obama administration. No president has ever rescinded a piece of policy in such a dramatic way.

Obama attempted to use the U.S. military as a vehicle for social change. Progressives are shrewd – they know that if they can embed change in an institution, then they can make it permanent. This policy was going to lead to the expenditure of over a billion dollars and would have left the military no more ready than it was before. Trump is going on the warpath by trying to roll back Obama’s social engineering.

I am convinced that no other candidate would have been as strong in their advocacy for Christian views as Trump has been. He needs, wants, and invites prayer; he also isn’t embarrassed to be seen receiving it! There has been no significant conservative support thus far for his move against the transgender legislation. This needs to change!


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