Prayers Needed for Trump Family!

Just as it is important to take authority over all spirits attached to the house while doing deliverance, it is without exception that we must cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus while engaging in spiritual warfare.

As I am getting attacked by left wing media-funded by men who would seek to shut me down through mockery and dissension, it is even more imperative that we come together in prayer to cast ungodly agendas down. America’s first family needs our help.

We need to agree as one for the tearing down of ungodly words spoken against Donald Trump’s family. Declare that any hexes, spells, jinxes, word curses, incantations, or any other form of witchcraft blocked from Donald Trump are also blocked off from his wife and his children. May these words have a boomerang effect and return to their senders. I believe that the Trump team will become more tightly knit and shrug off any feelings of doubt or condemnation as they serve God’s anointed President.

It is the time to rise, not to grow weary. Raise your voices up in prayer for our President and his family. Pray that they would be brought in deeper and forge ahead in freedom to accomplish their assignment in Washington. Declare it in Jesus name!

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