Pastor Brunson Released And The Fascinating Situation In The Middle East

The Jamal Khashoggi situation in Saudi Arabia is fascinating to watch. Mohammad Bin Salman is an important part of the Middle East strategy for bringing the region into balance with Israel. We’ve got an end-times cocktail going on over there, and President Trump is attempting something that’s never been done before! The release of Pastor […]

‘New Yorker’ Mag’s Dangerous Game As ‘The View’ Scrambles For A Whoopi Cushion

The Left is going crazy. President Trump has a 45% approval rating amongst all registered voters. Yet The New Yorker plays a dangerous game by putting a horrible cartoon image on the cover… You need to contact them and complain. “Artist” Barry Blitt chose to draw our President with quite a horrible image. Just look!

Garden Tomb

I just finished speaking here at the Garden Tomb where Jesus was raised from the dead. But did you know about the burial process, the 100 pounds of burial spices, that the understanding of these is in part how Peter upon seeing the burial linens, believed?