Garden Tomb

I just finished speaking here at the Garden Tomb where Jesus was raised from the dead. But did you know about the burial process, the 100 pounds of burial spices, that the understanding of these is in part how Peter upon seeing the burial linens, believed?

An Adventure

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m doing some unusual traveling. This time I have my daughter with me, Joy Chrysta. She has my gifts which include creativity, powers of observation, and shall we say, pragmatism when it comes to certain things, Make sure you check out my prophetic word on Esther 8: 8-9!  

What Song Is This?

Hello friends! Listen I’m coming to you because I just landed, it was a three-hour delay. One of the tires was ready to blow out on the airplane, my last broadcast was from that airplane. I wanted you to know I’d made it because I know several of you are probably in travailing prayer all […]