An Adventure

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m doing some unusual traveling. This time I have my daughter with me, Joy Chrysta. She has my gifts which include creativity, powers of observation, and shall we say, pragmatism when it comes to certain things, Make sure you check out my prophetic word on Esther 8: 8-9!  

What Song Is This?

Hello friends! Listen I’m coming to you because I just landed, it was a three-hour delay. One of the tires was ready to blow out on the airplane, my last broadcast was from that airplane. I wanted you to know I’d made it because I know several of you are probably in travailing prayer all […]

Prediction of Stormy Attorney

April 21, 2018

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti predicts that Michael Cohen will flip his position and President Trump will be forced to resign from office. Check this guy out, this is “Stormy porny’s” attorney lawyer. So here’s the situation as tough as this is to endure. The Russia probe was initiated by Comey’s thin-skinned, ego reaction, to […]

Checking in on the Periscopians!

Hello everyone, I’m here with my wife. She was just getting to retire but we haven’t done our Persicopian update in a longtime. Although I have been doing some prayer stuff on the nemesis  of Periscope, Facebook. What is the Lord telling you Annabelle? Hang in there, stick with it and SUDDENLY everything starts to […]

Intelligence Agency Obama Holdovers RAID

April 10, 2018

Intelligence Agency Obama Holdovers RAID Trumps Lawyer To Find Evidence of ANYTHING!!!   Well this is about as crazy as it gets. Michael Cohen, my buddy Michael Cohen, he’s Trump’s attorney, his whole private hotel and office was just raided in order to find any personal email or communication between him and the President of […]

Help me find my chair!

April 10, 2018

How much would you pay for a chair? Its a red leather chair that spins (most people don’t think about that), and it rocks. Also check out this desk! It goes up and down (I don’t know why) and I could use my dry erase pens on it and put President Trump here… How much […]