Meet Jordan Peterson

March 12, 2018

Meet Jordan Peterson and a talk on White Privilege. Lance plays part of a broadcast of a conservative Canadian Professor, the “prophet who won’t stop it”, Jordan Peterson who addresses “White Privilege”. Also shares about how more and more conservative voices are being shut-down on social media sites.

Surprise Shout out!

March 1, 2018

This is really surprising! Someone just send me a package. Lance does a special “shout out” of appreciation of a box of special energy chocolate, bag, and a USA hat. Then commentary regarding Hope Hicks leaving the WhiteHouse, and the looney left.

“Are you prepared for World War in the Next 90 Days?”

March 5, 2018

Can you imagine the world engaged in a war in the next 90 days? Are we even ready for that yet?   “Not so fast Hashimoto!” TruNews broadcasted regarding a possible world war in 90 days, and others are talking about everything but sheep nations.  Meanwhile, the left is hoping that Oprah will “hear from […]

The brightest wealth creator I know “Cousin Billy!

February 16, 2018

I’m in U.K. and just caught the brightest wealth creator I know “Cousin Billy!” Also discussion regarding tragic shooting in Florida, and lawlessness. Pray Psalm 91 and reach out to people, kids who are high risk, and are usually loners. We need to reach out. Losing Jesus in culture has a terrible impact. Billy […]