Tonight is the Feast of Purim

The moon is the brightest it’s going to be all year and it’s the Feast of Purim! Purim is when Esther and the Jews were able to defend themselves from the Anti-Christ Haman that were politically out to kill them. It’s also the time last year that Billy Graham was laid out in the state capitol, in Washington D.C.

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3 thoughts on “Tonight is the Feast of Purim

  1. Thank you brother Lance for this update on Guatemala. I’m from Mexico. I’ll pray with you for the nations…. Thank you for shedding light on what is really happening in our region – and the world-.
    May you be increasingly blessed

  2. Thank you for being a light that shines in the dark, that uncovers that which was covered.
    Would you consider teleconferencing your conferences as your wisdom & insight is a gift that can reach a wider, hungry audience.
    Would you consider discounted fees for students and those 55 & over on fixed incomes.
    This may be pushing it but we have not because we ask not.
    I decree & declare as an act of my free will, blessings upon you, your family & your team; on the people that they pray for and those that they pray for them.