The President At The DC Prayer Breakfast

On Thursday, I attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. President Trump spoke as it is customary for the current President to do at this event each year. Event co-chairs Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen, Chris Coons (D-DE), each prayed over our President. President Trump powerfully reiterated his pro-life stance during his speech, […]

Shocking News!

Today I’m talking about some news I just saw which is positively shocking! Rudy Giuliani is calling for Mueller to be investigated for destroying evidence. Whaaat? Thousands of texts have gone missing between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page… unbelievable!

Did I Ever Tell You About The Demon That Manifest In My Meeting? Oh Boy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s coming in the future for America. I want to make a prediction – that the Democrats who ran for congress and won, who ran as centrists, not radical socialists and progressives (with a few exceptions) are going to drive the country and the stock market into a panic. […]