I just figured Out Why People Are Staring At Me…

I’m having one of those days today! I’m at the airport in Huntsville, Alabama, which is really an airport where nobody goes. My flight’s delayed and I’m stuck in this airport with no heat, spending the time reading about transgenders and stuff like this, trying to get my head around what’s happening with culture. Did […]

Listen To This Spontaneous Worship At Tribe Quantum 2019

I’m at the James Nesbit conference, Tribe Quantum 2019. I stayed an extra day because the presence of the Lord was so delightfully rich. Literally the best kept secret in Florence, Alabama. James Nesbit is both an artist and a musician and the band as a whole are an amazing combination of talent and abilities. […]

Martin Luther, Reformation Day & The Hour Of Grace For America

Did you know thaat today is Reformation Day? This is the day that Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg chapel. This is the day historically that the reformation began! With that thought in mind, this is also the day that the impeachment of Donald Trump by the radical, rebellious, […]

Witches Do Curses, Trump Hunts ISIS & The State Dept. Conspires…

I am increasingly shocked by how uninformed Christians are about their own protection and survival. It’s frequently a conversation starter wherever I go – people ask about the President and the impeachment. They’re not asking because they’re upset about it, they’re asking because they’re concerned he might have done something and what he might have […]

Join Me At KBA 2019 Annual Conference With Rick Joyner & Dave Yarnes!

This week from October 24th-26th I’ll be in South Carolina at KBA 2019 Annual Conference. Let’s hang out with extraordinary business people – Bonnie Chavda, Rick Joyner, Dave Yarnes, and more! Click to register: lancewallnau.com/KBA The Kingdom Business Association (KBA) is a premier international association of Christian, “Kingdom-minded” business owners and marketplace leaders. Our focus […]

Important Word On President Trump, Turkey, Syria And The Kurds

A lot of you have been wondering what’s happening with the President and Turkey and I’ve got a very important update for you. I just flew home from Tel Aviv, Israel, Brazil, and San Diego. Just when I arrived in Jerusalem in Israel for the Feast Of Tabernacles, I actually edified myself about God’s faithfulness […]