LIVE from Rio Grande

Today I’m reporting from Rio Grande, where illegals and the cartel dominate. The farmer who owns the land wants a wall… but Republican and Democrat leadership is too weak or incompetent to take action. Why? I’m finding out. Guarantee it’s about money and power. Corruption.

The Body Of Christ Is Awakening And Nations Are The Object!

Join me as I interview Hany Soryal the co-founder of the Global Leadership Symposium. The world’s most unique gathering of young Daniels and Esthers and Joseph’s with experts, mentors and trainers. Right in Prague, the romantic and prophetic heart of Europe where the first martyr of the Reformation, Jon Hus, pastored and preached.This July 2nd-20th, […]

Last Days Deception 2 Tim 4:1-4

You know, I’ve not done many broadcasts recently and that’s because I’ve been really thinking about what I teach. I’ve been looking at the state of unusual deception that is taking place in the post-Mueller era and I feel like something is shifting. I was reminded of a verse, 2 Timothy 4:1-4. Now, this was […]