Lane Update: Red Wave Blues, Why Prophets Are Confused, Acosta Sozo, And Florida Rip Off

Now that we have passed the midterms, we have a house divided. On the one side, we had the prophetically proposed “red wave” which never made it to Florida’s shores.  On the other, we had the left’s grand illusion of a massive “blue wave” which resulted in merely a tinkle! I had people telling me […]

Understand The Results!

To understand the results of the midterms, we need to have a better ground game! There was no red wave, and the prophets who prophesied that there would be, are delusional. They are listening to Q drops, and they are delirious. As I forecast in my book, God’s Chaos Candidate, Trump is a Lincoln during […]

So I Walked Into An Elevator And Ran Into This…

Check out my encounter in the elevator and let’s talk about those 4000 people heading for the US Border going through Honduras & Guatemala. President Trump has told them if they don’t stop them, he will cut off aid to their countries. We’re giving $66m dollars to Honduras per year, that’s $16000 per person that […]

“Chills & Goosebumps” That’s What I Got Watching This Again

WITCHES CAN’T COMPETE WITH THIS. I hear there’s a global gathering of witches to put curses and spells on Kavanaugh and President Trump? LISTEN to this- just 57 seconds – a sample of a SPONTANEOUS breakout of “God Bless America” sung in intercession – while unruly protesters were being arrested- the NIGHT BEFORE the Senate […]