600 Business Leaders Arise in Guatemala!

GuatemalaA sold-out auditorium in Guatemala is being equipped to do business supernaturally! They are gate-crashing the gates of Hell to push through a tipping point in this key nation. All seven mountains are represented by this group of entrepreneurs. 

This is the hour when God is positioning ‘Micro Churches’ in proximity to the GATES that shape the spiritual climate of nations. Apostolic Centers are arising to advance.

We have been praying for revival in these Sheep Nations for years. We have asked for a move of God but never considered… God has been waiting on a move of His people! We must GO into all the ‘Systems’ and plant a new type of church – where the GATES of Hell are located. 

Will America just watch as others advance or will we model and lead the way in a new Apostolic thrust of the advancing church – the ecclesia of the Living God!

The missionary CT Studd put it well: “Some want to live within the sound of Church and Chapel bells, I want to run a rescue shop within one yard of Hell.”

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