The King and the Spirit of the Bride say come

King and SpiritIn the last chapter of the Bible, the ARMIES of heaven return with the KING and “the Spirit and the BRIDE say come.”

Armies, a King, a Bride and the Holy Spirit. What does this all mean? Some people relate to the Bride. The bride calls us to be separate from Earth and its lowly passions. This company carries a quest for revival and presence. It’s a call to life in the Spirit and it watches heaven. The Armies are the warriors who see the enemy and the approaching end time conflict. They get more manifestations of devils than heaven it seems, but the angels love being around them because they advance the front lines. 

Seldom does the bride merge with the warrior but when they do they form the most powerful force on earth – warrior lovers. 

This picture makes me think about this. The bride and the lion…. The lover and the warrior. Purity and dominion. The Priest and the King who come together. Kings are royal and priests are, well, priests. Together they form a Royal Priesthood. 

Notice that miracles manifested in Jesus’ ministry whenever He felt “compassion.” What is compassion? Curiously, compassion is the intersection of anger and love. Anger at the thing or devil that destroys the one you love. 

The revival we long for, will be carried by people who love the realm of heaven and would leave Earth if they could, but they also see evil and it drives them to warfare. This compassion in action will launch a miracle army.

Are you more bride or warrior?

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