1 AM WATCH—-To the TORCH BEARERS of the Lord!

1 AM WATCH—-To the TORCH BEARERS of the Lord!

Had the joy of speaking to 1000 students at CFNI tonight in Dallas. My son Lance Jr joined me.

Was not sure how this would go because i could hardly focus on speaking. I’ve been powerfully visited this week while re-reading Rick Joyners book “The Torch and The Sword.” Also re-reading “Final Quest.”

If you never read these…DO!

I began to realize that years ago I was given a message on the “seven mountains” and had no idea it was a torch and a movement! But I lacked the discipline and endurance to carry the torch very long. I laid it down but kept going as best I could. Thats been over 8 years now since I started that message. Others have come and picked up the torch. I guess there are several runners right now.

As I read “Final Quest” I was overwhelmed with the urge to repent and wanted to have no compromise anywhere in my life. Thats when the realization of my drifting became more clear.

Then I read about the TORCH and was becoming re-ignighted.

This week as I have been writing my first book on the seven mountains … the TORCH RETURNED. It has been a wild experience.

(I also had a birthday on Sept 4th and my family bought me an electronic fireplace with a mantle we put in my bedroom.) Abelle is speaking in Malaysia right now so its just me and Jesus for 9 days.

The bedroom has the Lords presence and a new mantle is falling as a new fire is kindling in me. (Everything connects when you’re prophetic.)

In Ricks book THE TORCH AND THE SWORD he experienced a powerful vision and was given a torch. I want to read some of these quotes to you because they really stirred me and will stir you as well!

The Lord told him,

“This torch is the light of my presence and is also what you call a movement.”

“If you drift from my presence, it will become very heavy. If you drift very far from Me you will have to lay it down.”

“Then someone else will pick it up and carry it. It is yours to carry for as long as you stay close to Me.”

“Its power and brightness depend on the life of the torchbearer, and on how close he stays to Me.”

“Even the torch itself can distract you from following Me.”

“There will be many who carry this torch. You will know the torchbearers when you meet them. Because none of you can stand alone, you must join with other torchbearers.”

“This torch is offered to all of His messengers. Only a FEW HAVE CARRIED IT AND FEWER STILL HAVE CARRIED IT FOR VERY LONG.”

“This torch will give its bearer great influence. Those who carried it and laid it down often did so because they esteem the influence fate torch more than His presence. As they drifted they substituted their own words for His Words.”

“You can set nations on fire with this torch. The fire is now kindled.”

You must become a messenger who is a flame of fire. Keep the fire by becoming addicted to His presence. The fire that now burns in your heart must be given fuel each day. That fuel is the atmosphere of heaven.”

Please pray for me as i write and ask with me that I may grab firm hold of the torch this time and stay close to the presence.

much love,

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