I am about to do my next LANCE WEB BROADCAST… I think I need to do a WEEKLY SUMMARY of NEWS – a glimpse of what is going on this week in the world… and the meaning for Christians.

This could be the “Issue of the week.” And an intercessory strategy.

Why do this? Lets face it, the secular news (even FOX) isn’t going to connect the dots and nobody is rallying prayer for agreement…so once a week is do-able.

I can add a section for “QUESTION OF THE WEEK.”
You guys can send it to me and I will reply.

1.) Having said that, do you have any QUESTION you want to throw out for us to grapple with TODAY? I will address it on the webinar broadcast this afternoon.
a. Whats your question? current event, spiritual, career, etc.

2.) Do you think this 1 time a week BROADCAST is a good idea?
Whats ideal length of broadcast?
a. 10-15 min weekly? or
b. 30 min weekly?
c. Other?

3.) I NEED A NAME for this…could be the Lance Report or Lance Weekly or Lance “Whats the big idea?” or something…

We record today and show in about 48 hours. I will keep you posted.

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