President Bush’s Prophetic Iraq Warning (July 12, 2007)

President Bush’s Prophetic Iraq Warning (July 12, 2007)
Barack Obama and the left didn’t see ISIS coming and thought George W. was a warmonger. I guess they were too busy campaigning for “Change” leading up to the…
As i was digging around I came across

1. Direct danger to the United States America? Check.
2. Losing Iraq to Al Qaeda aka ISIS now? Check.
3. Mass Killings on a horrific scale? Check.
4. Terrorists establishing a safe haven in Iraq (and in this case, Syria too)? Check.
5. Increasing the probability that American troops may have to return at a later date to “confront an enemy that is even more dangerous”? Check.

What we’re seeing now in Iraq is what happens when politics trumps history and advice from commanders and advisors on the ground. President Obama and his campaign advisors made the shrewd political choice of campaigning against an unpopular President by tapping into voter desire to get out of the situation we got into. Arguments can be made that we never should have gone into Iraq in the first place. I agree. There were Prophetic warnings about this but the words never went further than our little camp meetings.

The idea of helping Iraq become a new base for democratic freedom was a lofty but naive idea. It takes time to build a foundation for democracy and the leadership and people of Iraq were ill equipped to do so. Selfish tribal systems did not make the bold and creative transition into representative government.

WE made the mistake of not involving ourself in the process. Secular think tanks in Washington despise the idea that a morality is the foundation of functioning democracies. Oddly enough recent research has shown that democracies have only flourished where there was a Christian missionary base influencing enough people to make that shared “morality” strong enough to transition into representative government.

President Obama went into office by making the choice of politics and personal ideology superior to the wisdom of listening to the advisors who were living with the management of the mess, and like the greek Hydra, as we cut off one head another developed in the vacuum of our exit out of Iraq.

NOBODY in Washington wanted to scream about the consequences of pulling completely out! It was a MISTAKE. That is why we’re in the position we are today with ISIS. Lets hope the presents a real, coherent plan tonight about how to move forward.

Watch for my prophetic prayer update on how we can pray FOR and not AGAINST our President. We need to pray for him as his decisions effect all of us.

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