11244729_10153312916004936_3848607026168926246_oYOUR FUTURE ACHIEVEMENTS WILL BE PROFOUND. Always remember: GOD IS A REWARDER of those that do diligently seek Him!

A FOCUSED life is a life dedicated to exclusively carrying out God’s unique purposes through it. That is you.

Every now and then the Holy Spirit introduces me to some historic figure that is famous in heaven, but largely unknown on earth. These saints will be greatly rewarded in the age to come and occupy positions in great proximity to the Lord Jesus. This was the reward sought by James and John – to sit near Him in the age to come.

One saint who will be celebrated and rewarded with proximity to Christ is: Robert A Jaffray (1873-1945.)

His father owned the Toronto Globe Newspaper, but Jaffray left his great wealth and social status to become a statesman/missionary.

After 31 years of missionary labor in Asia, he was given an opportunity at age 55 to return home to Canada and serve. God however gave him a prophetic dream where he saw blood on his hands and knew that this meant that he needed to go where men were lost but had no witness of Christ.

Instead of passing into retirement he dove aggressively into the entirely new mission territory of – Indonesia. Indonesia today has 250 Million people and hosts the largest intercessory prayer force on the earth. This country is the only prosperous, democratic, Muslim nation that co-exists with Christians. An immensely strategic nation regarding influence on Islam.

For Jaffray, the next 13 years saw more impact than the previous 31 years combined! From age 55-68 he entered “the convergence zone” at a new level.

Sensing the threat of World War II at the end of his furlough in 1938, Jaffray said prophetically, “If I do not go back now, there is little likelihood I can ever go back at all. I must return to the Far East. I want to die out there where my life has been.” Speaking of those left behind in the conflict he said: “They are my brothers, how can I leave them?” He decided to stay with his people.

His wish became a reality just two weeks before the war ended. Lying on a prison cot, under Japanese occupation in a former pig sty in the Toradja Mountains of Indonesia, Robert Jaffray succumbed to disease and starvation July 29, 1945. An eyewitness said his spirit was victorious to the end.

When he died in 1945 there were about 13,000 Christians in Indonesia. By 1990 the long term results of Jaffray’s work included:

* 496,935 believers in Churches
* 1,604 organized churches.
* 2,212 national ministers

What if he hadn’t gone in?
What if he had considered himself too old?

For many of you – “Your most lasting achievement may happen in the next years of YOUR life.”

That would certainly be what brother Jaffray would want you to know…..Think about it. Especially since you will no doubt meet him.

– Lance

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  1. Lance, thanks so much for digging out the gold of these life stories. I love hearing about them. So inspiring. I’m 47 and I sometimes wonder if I have enough time left. What a relief to hear stories like this. Keep them coming.