I KNEW there was a prophetic meaning behind ISIS desecration of the Prophet Jonah’s tomb. Now that I know, you have to hear this!

My friend Rick Joyner wrote his best selling book series “Final Quest” and “The Call” where he had visionary encounters or dreams involving some very powerful prophetic words for the church in a coming Last Days battle. One of the KEY encounters involved JONAH! From “The Call” (pages 45-56)

Excerpts from vision/dream interaction with Jonah:

Jonah spoke about His walk with God: “I was a Prophet, and I knew Him, yet tried to run from His presence. I came to understand the great burning and responsibility that comes from being close to Him. In His presence all wood, hay and stubble is consumed. The closer that you get to Him the more deadly hidden sin can be.”

He challenged Rick to be more serious about his quest: “Will you seek Him?” Rick assured him that he did desire Gods presence. “I know that many of my motives for wanting to be with Him are selfish, but being with Him helps to set me free from that kind of selfishness…I will come to Him.”

“Will you?” Jonah continued. “Until now you have been more foolish than I was. You can come boldly to His throne of Grace at any time for any need, but rarely do you come. Yearning for His presence is not enough. You must come to Him. You are always as close to Him as YOU want to be.”

“Like me the church has run to Tarshish, desiring to trade with the world even more than sitting before His glorious throne.. At the same time, the sword of God’s judgments are hanging over the earth.”

“I slept through the storm that I was in while running from the Lord. The church is also sleeping….soon the leaders of the world will cast you overboard. just as the men in that ship had to do with me. They will not let you keep going in the way you are headed. This is the grace of God to you. He will discipline you with a great beast that comes out of the sea. You must learn to run to the Lord at such times. It will swallow you for a time but you will be vomited out of it. THEN you will preach His message.”

Rick asked, “Is there no other way?”

“Yes, there is another way,” Jonah replied, “although this has come and is coming.
1. Some are already in the belly of the beast.
2. Some are about to be cast overboard.
3. Some are still sleeping.
But almost all have been on the ship going in the wrong way, seeking to trade with the world.”

“Is this beast you are referring to the same as Revelation 13? I asked.”

“It is the same,” he said. “But know that those who are overcome of the first beast will be vomited out before the next beast comes. The one that arises out of the earth.” (Lance: In Rev 13:1 the first beast rises out of the sea, the second from the earth in Rev 13:11.)

“The church is running from the presence of the Lord. It is running to activity in place of seeking His presence. You may call your activity ministry, but it is actually running from the presence of the Lord. The church is running to Tarshish so that it can trade with the world and seek treasures of the sea.”

“The sin of wanting to trade with the world has entangled the church, just as I was entangled in the belly of the beast with weeds wrapped around my head. The weeds, the cares of the world, have wrapped around the mind of the church. It took me three days to turn to the Lord because I was so entangled…He can untangle any mess.”

Lance: I just stumbled on this stuff a few days ago. Not sure what the “trading with the world” is exactly. Or the meaning of the beasts in the book of Revelation, though I have my suspicions. BUT as I reread Ricks books the Spirit of the Lord was strong upon me.

I now believe ISIS is a tentacle from the beast arising in the middle east…out of the sea of populist uprisings. When we withdrew our presence we not only failed to lay a foundation for Iraqs future, we left a house momentarily swept clean but not occupied.

The vacuum we left is now filled with a danger seven times more deadly than the first problem we meant to solve. And America is so spiritually and morally at war within itself it has created huge gaps in its own protection that I fear only a fully awakened church can occupy in the spirit.

The question is…are we asleep on the boat?

Are we Jonah?

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