Years ago a wise sage said – “your problem is you see all these problems in pieces…you must see it as a whole.” We see ISIS, the Presidents uncertainty, immigration, debt mounts, riots in Ferguson, athletes caught on video doing violence…these are the pieces but what is the unifying whole?

The unifying ingredient is a spirit of “lawlessness.”

This came home in a quote from Chuck Pierces book “The Future War of The Church.” – he says, “LAWLESSNESS means to be without regard for the principles and regulations established by a governing authority. It means to be uncontrolled. In a spiritual sense lawlessness is a disregard for Gods laws and His order.”

Chuck made an interesting point in his book – that LAWLESSNESS and ANTICHRIST are linked together.

“Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the REBELLION comes first, and the man of LAWLESSNESS is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.”
(2 Thess 2:3-4)

“For the mystery of LAWLESSNESS is already at work; only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way. And then the LAWLESS one will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming. The coming of the LAWLESS one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders”
(2 Thess 2:7-10)

The spirit of Antichrist is increasing in America and manifesting in increasing LAWLESSNESS. As demons are given ground they build structures that bind the minds of people so that people are further pulled away from Gods laws – any sense of right or wrong.

I don’t want to write a long post but will share what the Lord told me.

1. Take a walk and break all spirits of entanglement and accusations off by the blood of Jesus Christ – off you and your house. Mention each family member by name. Declare there are NO charges against you that are unanswered by the blood. Keep the spirit of the age out of your home.

2. Command CLARITY to come and call back into alignment all Gods plans, purposes and blessings for your life. (Lawlessness creates a spirit of confusion.)

3. The first phase of recovery for America is not a religious or spiritual confrontation. The church is in no condition to reprove anything yet (credit wallace). The battle must not be over faith and religion. It must be over “irrefutable principles” and common sense.



NO demonic spirit of lawlessness will be able to resist the wisdom and power by which these oracles will speak. They will push back the enemy and mess up his timing.

I’m taking a midnight prayer walk before bed. Will pray for you also.


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  1. I would highly recommend reading Jonathan Welton’s book “Raptureless” to get a true understanding of the antichrist. You can get it for free at

    • Hi Sheryl. I am familiar with A lot of Jonathan’s stuff. He is a warm and friendly guy with a compassionate heart for people and a great testimony. He is also very aggressive with his theology which is deeply flawed, and not helping anyone being properly prepared for the battle that lies ahead.

    • I agree with Mr Finch. I have been to some of Jonathan Welton’s teachings. He was actually an intern for Randy Clark (Global Awakening) in the area where I live. Jonathan has too much ‘education’ which has deeply skewed his thinking. Just because someone said Holy Spirit spoke to him, doesn’t mean it is true. There is a false spirit out there who presents himself as Jesus or the Spirit, but it is the anti-Christ spirit that looks and sounds so much like the real thing that many fall for it because they lack the foundation to discern truth from a lie. That is what the anti-Christ spirit is: a counterfeit of the real. How can it be a good counterfeit if it doesn’t look and sound like the genuine. There is even a false ‘anointing’ which accompanies this spirit. The devil has been preaching false doctrine through the Church since it’s establishment. Unfortunately, Jonathan Welton is amongst that population. His arguments are not even logical: he does not accurately address the scriptures he is trying to refute as pointing to the great catching away of the Bride.

      In the end, that is what the Rapture is about: it is catching away the Bride of Christ when she has finally reached that stage of maturation where she is Perfect! This is walking in the fullness of Christ. Without spot or wrinkle. After she has spent some time, short or long, walking in the earth ministering just like Jesus, the day will finally arrive when it is time for the Bride to be caught away into the clouds with our Bridegroom. 2 Peter is a good place to get this picture. This is what the 5 wise virgins depict. It is the ones chosen by the Father to be His Son’s Bride. And we are chosen because we went running when He called us. Most ignore the Father’s invitations. He chooses from amongst the ones who respond to His invitation.

      So, be careful what you believe. There are excellent teachers out there who have the heart of God. For anyone looking for deep teaching about the preparation of the Bride of Christ, see Paul Keith Davis’ ministry: White Dove Ministries. He has a load of teaching available on his website.

    • Sheryl ,

      I will agree with Gary. The Flaw that Mr Welton espouses is pretersim and replacement Theology. Raptureless leads a person in a Historical scenario that puts “Nero” as the anit-Christ of the Past.

      However in Matt 24: 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

      The question has to be asked why isn’t there any historical evidence from Church fathers that these Events happened. Why Isn’t there ANY Historical Evidence from ALL TRIBES of the earth that mourned at that time? Why isn’t there ANY Evidence of his VISABLE Return BY ANY HISTORIAN PERIOD!!!! You would think that the Clouds of Heaven and the Sound of a trumpet was heard by someone that could have recorded this event? but sadly to say There is no historic proof FROM ANY Culture, society, Nation or tribes that witnessed the second coming of Jesus took place during that “Generation” But rather, This Generation is in reference to the generation that will see these things, Which has NOT YET happened.

      The lawlessness and rebellion is prophesied as a future event. And there is a Army overt and Covert that God is Training.
      They will walk in the coming clouds of Gods Glory and do great exploits.

  2. Thanks Dr. Lance! Timely and on point. Have been communicating on FB with others about the spiritual warfare we are fighting in different areas of the country through prayer – and victories we see. It is all about Lawlessness. No surprise that this comes just as Jewish New Year has begun as well. All linked together. Are praying for those oracles as well.

  3. EXCELLENT word, brother Lance …. I agree fully.

    Irrefutable principles are the created Order that overthrows all things set against it … and common sense can only be fully realized by the transformed mind. The patriot’s common sense is part of the strength of the confusion that lawlessness platforms. We are not of this world, but seeing the world the way Christ sees it, instead of the way the patriot does … will bring the proper clarity that common sense can operate in the created Order.
    Then we will be able to reprove as Paul explained … when our obedience is made complete.

  4. Thanks Dr. Lance, for the mentoring. Have been, and will continue praying for you as well.

    Blessings to you and lady Anabel and family.

  5. In the past few weeks I’ve been hearing about this “Rapureless” theology. What are your thoughts? I find it hard to believe that all of the theologians througout the ages have gotten this wrong. I’d love to hear your take on it.

    • I heard of it a couple of years ago. It’s called preterism or partial-preterism – the idea that all the prophesies were fulfilled in the Roman-led destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. I like Jonathan Welton, and I liked the idea, and I really wanted it to be true! I studied it well, and systematically compared it to prophecies in Daniel and Revelation and many others. Honestly, I don’t think it holds water at all. I think we are looking at a beast/antichrist system to come, seated in the Middle East, and I think it will be Islamic. And I look forward to the day when we will meet the Lord in the air, just like it says in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. And I look forward to His return, with His church, to crush every evil kingdom in the world and set up the full-on-Jesus-sitting-in-Jerusalem-glorious-kingdom-of-God-millennium. Hallelujah!

      • My thoughts exactly Mike. This partial preterist teaching has been building momentum over the last few years. My current church contains both futurists and preterists. The key thing that holds us together is that we all believe in advancing the kingdom. Jonathan Welton is a man with a compassionate heart for people, but the preterist theology is deeply flawed, as you have correctly stated.

        • just a few comments on this mini-sidetrack: for over a year now, the Lord has been challenging me to ask Him for His opinion about end time events. what a radical thought! check out some of these mystical seer prophets kat kerr, ian clayton, etc. ; they have definite end time revelations mainly derived from their heavenly experiences. They are controversial and may seem too ‘far out’ there, but that is irrelevant. I appreciate what they bring, and they have something to say, but just like any teaching, vision, doctrine, etc. that i come across, I don’t automatically accept it nor reject it, regardless of who presented it.
          The ultimate arbitrator of the truth is going to be a person, the Truth, and He will ALWAYS lead you to Himself. Not a book, vision, doctrine, etc. And in that place of communion-ship of love, peace, joy, and also authority, flows everything we need to overcome in this lifetime, including the path for present and future events. I need to hear what God has given our leaders, bible teachers, and our seer prophets, and thank you very much, but the veil has also been torn, and I have to right and even the obligation to go to the throne room myself and inquire of my Beloved for His thoughts and feelings on every matter that pertains to His kingdom and His people. Come on people, He is waiting for all of us to press into Him. And His eyes are filled with love and adoration for every one of us. And also His plans and hopes for this moment and the ones to come….

          • I agree with Dave. I have been asking God to tell me how he feels about everything. Then He shows me in His word and I just believe what He tells me.

    • At the risk of starting an argument (God forbid), what He has shown me is that Jacob had 2 brides because Jesus has 2 brides: the Body of Christ is being divided into 2 camps. This is necessary because all believers are not the same. Please consider that while salvation is indeed *free*, there are numerous warnings all over the NT about “what you DO”; that is to say, these warnings can NOT be about salvation (since it’s *free*), but the warnings are there just the same. IE, there is more to our relationship w/ God than just “going to Heaven”. We are REQUIRED to ‘bring forth fruit’ in order to be raptured. Read Jesus’ warnings to His disciples (in John) about being the vine while they are the branches; He said His Father “removes every branch IN ME that does not bring forth fruit”. This is NOT about your place in Heaven (He has convicted me heavily about that, too- He never breaks covenant Himself)- this about rapture. Remember the foolish virgins called Him “Lord”, too: scripture tells us nobody can call Him Lord but by the Spirit. When Ephesians says He’ll return for a glorious church, it’s not just a prophecy about the church, it’s a promise that’s been made to JESUS. (more on FB: Paul H. Kirk)

  6. The spirit of independence was rooted in the foundation of this nation leading to lawlessness that is apparent, even in the highest offices in the land.

    Many strong voices in the church are actually encouraging rebellion and independence in the church, developing apologetic against any form of leadership. There are some legitimate issues with ambition, abuse, etc. And, yes, Jesus is the head of the church. However, we would need to destroy much of the New Testament to satisfy the claims of the doctrinal police. The condition within the church in the USA is paralleling the lawlessness of the nation itself.

    • So how does the church change this? I am not in leadership & backed out of a leadership role because I did not agree with how they were trying to do things, according to them, in agreement with the word. But my Bible says something entirely different. How does the servant of the Lord deal with this? Prayer, yes. But is there any other way? The Lord knows I am willing. I have been praying for ‘the church’ for years.
      Let me know your wisdom and experience, please.

      • Terry,

        Keep praying. Find your platoon – those that God has given for the days ahead. Share the truth you have. Encourage, edify and equip. Find your assignment in the desire of your heart; sacrifice for His plan; submit to His transforming power.

  7. Confirmation!
    God is also downloading divine plans and strategies for those who are listening and seeking. It is no longer a suggestion to seek the presence of the Spirit, but a REQUIREMENT. We must be so close to the Spirit, and not move, speak respond without His leading. Appreciate your boldness, and will join you in unification of mind and spirit in these movements!!!

    • Cheyanne, I love what you said! We are in a season where we must be in alignment with God and we must hear and our steps must be directed by the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives.

      Lance, Thank you for the reminder of who our enemy is and what he looks like and what he wants to accomplish. I appreciate the steps of action that you laid out for the church. Thank you for sowing into our lives.

  8. Agreed! The spirit of lawlessness is on a rampage because it’s kingdom is coming to an end, and the demons are freakin out because they have no where to go to avoid destruction. Their glass houses are popping and crushing under the pressure of the kingdom of God in all His glory.
    As we as true believers in God, bombard the earthly realm worshipping God in spirit and in truth, the decay that the enemy and his homies have worked so hard at will only be the fuel for the fire. The weeds and the wheat grow together Jesus said.
    My uncle who was a farmer in the NW, in the 6th year of harvest, he would burn off the field and give it a 1 yr. Rest. He let the field rest on the seventh yr. And whatever grew back naturally in that seventh year was for gleaners of every nature, from human to beast. And he never lacked.
    what I’m saying is that the ashes of the weeds was a motivator for newness to spring forth without labor and toil, fertilizer if you will.
    Get it? Just sayin!
    BTW I had a dream of you and Nick Nolty in a white van. You were the driver and Nick Nolty was the passenger. And the van said Ghost B usters on the side. Way too funny!

  9. Thanks Dr Lance
    It seems that answers are not coming as we desire but let’s remember this Lawlessness demon does not know Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (NKJV). We are at the advantage because the Lord is on our side.
    Let’s support this move in Jesus’ name.

  10. This is exactly what I needed today. Thanks Lance for your great insight into GOD’s glory and power. I am still a fledgling when it comes to all things I need to do to totally receive the Holy Spirit not only in me bit on me. Thanks to my great friends Toni and Jim Sharabba have been ministering me a swell as me receiving you blogs and as your teaching. They have helped so much to know what’s in store for me and my family with GOD on my side. Keep up the great work and keep them coming. God Bless

  11. This is absolutely true.
    You have only to listen to the news, look at the global stage to understand that the enemy is working at an alarming speed. There is hardly a continent without one form of crisis or the other.
    The global economy has not let off yet as major economies are shrinking and others struggling to stay afloat.
    Things that could have only been a hidden thought a good many years ago are now the norm of the day.
    The way forward is to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”

  12. This is right on Lance. For the last few months i’ve been noticing that just from observing the surrounding’s and living live that common sense is no longer common. Thanks for putting to paper and making known this reality.

  13. I was moved to St. Louis last year, before I came I was shown it would get dark here & be dangerous. Lately I feel I am getting glimpses into what is really going on. With Michael Brown, he & his step Mom had started reading the Bible before he died, they read Genesis & Revelations. The step Mom said that Michael was having dreams of his death, but was confused & thought it was about his stepmom who was sick & in the hospital. Michael went into the store & in his will stoled items & bullied the manager. I was shown in the spirit, this opened him up to be attacked by the demonic realm, which is when the spirit of lawlessness move in. I believe where we were once a Nation shielded from this kind of demonic attack, we are no more. I believe we are in a time where the only people shielded are His people. In Nashville a man (former Titan) went mad, was the word used, he was trying to hit people in their cars & had what they said was a very angry look on his face. I believe this are all signs of the demonic realm interacting on a new level for America. It is a plot to take the land, the gateway in St. Louis is a major player in this spiritual war, we must battle to take it on behalf of Yeshua. I am in prayer about this, asking the Lord to give us a plan, wisdom & to give someone enough authority to do battle here.

  14. Thank you Lance for all your leadership and sound teaching of Gods heart thru difficult times.
    Regarding the Rapture of the church … It’s been noted we’re saved from Gods wrath, not necessarily our enemy’s wrath. To much to go into here but it has been the only simplistic and scripturally sound teaching to firmly change the mind of this former pre-tribber. Most importantly its knowing my identity in Christ and with it a Kingdom purpose that matters most. Thank you, you have helped guide my understanding as I’m anchored into the real focus … His Love in me and manifesting fruit for The Kingdom! Blessings!

  15. I agree Lance! The Church is not ready to confront from a place of Holiness yet. But principles and facts.
    I was so amazing that your e-mail arrived at this time. I was reading about the Finney revival last night and Theodore Dwight Weld who came to the Lord in his meetings. He became a powerful anointed orator for the movement against slavery but with a heart filled with love and won many people to the Lord.
    Father raise up anointed Orators full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit to factually under the anointing and with the Truth of Deliverance stop the tide of lawlessness in America.
    Use men and women of God, that are sold out to you with no compromising issues in their life, and that understand the Authority granted to a blood wash, called, appointed and anointed man and woman of God.
    Bless you Lance and Annabelle, we love you and pray for our Father to use you mightily!
    Ron and Deedee Phillips

  16. Good Morning,

    Please excuse my naivety, but I have a question I hope someone can answer: What is the spirit of the age? This is not a term that I believe I have heard before? As someone from Australia, it is interesting reading posts in relation to America and than reflecting on what is happening in my own country and the stance that our Prime Minister is taking. I too will be praying for oracles that will guide our great Southland… Kylie

  17. What is occurring in America today has been caused because is allowing us to be turned over to our enemies. The Russians are coordinating everything around the world. They “played dead” that Communism was over with a 75 year plan to take even more control. They put up the Berlin Wall in 1961 with the intention solely of having it to dramatically take down at their moment of “playing dead.” Some top KGB defectors have told us this. They said their long range plan was to wear the U.S. and Britain down with Arab wars. It is the Islamic Marxists who had a coalition of Egypt, Syria and Iraq to build a great Arab State. Sadaam tried to go out on his own and spoiled a Russian plan, so he had to be deposed. They plotted to have us do it for them. Obama’s mother and her parents were all spies. The grandparents were caught stealing aircraft plans for two Boeing Plants. His mother ran a microloan program in Indonesia when the currency had been devalued. They raised money to help women buy weaving looms, taking up large sums, when in that currency they could be bought for pennies. The difference went to buy communist guerillas guns. Anyway, he is funneling money straight of the U.S. treasury to fund these Muslim uprisings. It’s our money. They intend to embroil us in WW3 and then sweep in and conquer both Eastern and We
    stern Europe.

  18. Thank you! I believe we will need to be like Stephen, who had faith and irrefutable words by
    which he spoke. I am paraphrasing.

    Helen Wilmeth

  19. What Lance is suggesting at the end is just like the Declaration of Independence. It appealed to natural rights – rights all people have and which agrees with common sense. It is based upon John Locke’s writings on natural rights. They are unalienable rights. I wonder if we can turn back to our founding principles and use these to clarify things for the American people.

  20. Thank you for this article. The word “lawlessness” had been swirling around in my mind lately – but about another matter entirely. You would not believe the insight this article brought AND the revelation that flooded in about many things as a result. I have taken the steps you advised, plus some of my own.
    Also, if you look up “lawlessness” in the thesaurus, which I did both in the one I have on the bookshelf as well as several detailed ones on-line, it sounds like the front page of the newspaper or CNN news breaks. It is astounding!
    You have “hit the nail on the head”!
    I am an intercessor and have been really pressing in for weeks now – both about our nation, Israel and my own family. I hope to get some real insight as to how to combat this spirit of lawlessness – both for our nation and in a few family members’ lives.

  21. We just need a good JEW in the WhiteHouse. Maybe you could be one of my very important liaisons. As Kim Clement spoke by unction of Ruach Hakodesh–Many will Fall in the Fall. I concur w/ your -mindset. We must take our swords in Unity & Decree to the Mountains(roots structures) be cast into the sea, @ the Gates of Influence. After ascending in Worship first Descend & make war. I bring peace by the sword.
    It’s funny Mr. Wallnau, Isis & well as those of like faith declare convert or die( still usually are filleted). Well sir I suggest to you today that our Fathers Kingdom is they same way. CONVERT OR DIE! The enemy is exact opposite from Kingdom of Heaven. As dark as you see it here on the earth the Glory of YHVH will expose, dismantle, & disintegrate the structures, both seen & unseen very soon. AMERICA prepare to get your slack yanked outta your pants – for those who have not been wise & prepared in this last 6 year season. It’s a LANCE (land) rush! I’m taking all the mountains HE has packed in my Seabag.
    The King is in the Field Lance. HYTEN THE MOMENT

  22. Thank you for the timely word, Dr. Lance.
    Don, I don’t think independence is as much the issue as is the attitude of entitlement and governmental dependency which appears to “justify” lawlessness.

  23. I happen to believe that Glenn Beck is one such “oracle”, grounded in reason & common sesnse, not hitting it from a theological perspective. Just an opinion…

  24. you so on Dr. Lance. you word indeed is always very timely, in fact i feel the sane way, you do with regard to the Values and principles should be restore first.
    Blessing on you Dr.

    • Hi Tim
      Great remark provoking a more in depth answer.

      I can relate to your comment, Christians we fail to DO. So many of us seem to be taken in by the prevailing rhetoric of Islam as they continue to infiltrate Godly countries with their cries of, I am offended, and racism the Jews are evil and are allowed to Introduce their ways of Lawlessness. As our governments continue to defend and play fair and roll over to accommodate Islam; afraid of being called unjust, racist and fearful of losing revenue etc. We have been silenced by our own governments mediocrity and lack of vision, by their fears. and lack of Godly wisdom. Leaders are playing the international game of so called peace initiatives and encouraging people to open themselves up to this invading army to make welcome the so called peaceful Muslim immigrants (dare I say the word Muslim, in a time when leaders split hairs and speak about Islam as if it is TOTALLY divorced from Muslims now, when we all know that Islam is the religion of ALL believing MUSLIMS) And there is only one qu’ran as the Muslim will take time to tell us. Therefore Muslims boast there is ONE book and ONE unchanged /unadulterated book and belief. IS that peace??? read the daily headlines.

      We have been in a third world war for sooo Long and those who are sleeping have failed to recognise this fact. It started when we welcomed these people into our land yes( but they refuse to become part of our society; their agenda- to change our society from the inside. Our governments playing at diplomacy and failing to recognise that many of these immigrants brought with them a long term agenda .REsulting now in our laws being changed, muslims got into public office wherever they could by fair means or fouls. They have now secured a greater influence on our laws and society to further their crafty agenda to subdue and change our beliefs to Islamic/sharia.

      So far THEY have been very succesful! What have we the church done while all these things have been takiing place? Has the church given good wise leadership? I pose the question; remembering we ARE the church.

      What HAS the church to say in defense of God’s laws? I can hear NOTHING! NOT ONE VOICE RAISED.

      Are we not the prophetic people of the one true God? Why then has the church leadership been fooled, blinded; so many of us taken in by claims of this Peaceful religion.When our elected government leaders stand up before the nations proclaiming Islam as peaceful; we did and continue to do NOTHING. But some with insight saw the truth from the start and did what? NOTHING! Why are we so frustrated and amazed then when Lawlessness prevails?

      Why does it prevail? Because the church is too busy doing- NOTHING. Why? Because what I see is, the majority of the church LEADERSHIP has succumbed and stepped out from under God’s laws and teaching and crawled under the great and powerful banner of godlessness. Submitting totally to crippling, self defeating laws concerning, racism, which was introduced in the 1960’s and which continues to developed, then what about Political correctness- which has quashed free speach; it is no longer lawful to express opposing views or even dare to think them.Also the Equality and diversity laws that work in favour of the non indigenous populations in our land and against the indigenous population itself too many times, and Human rights which defends the unjust against the just. What have we done- you and I? Could it be we have kept silent? the scriptures tell us, “… No one cries out for justice in the streets…” also we are instructed to be governed by our elected leaders in government and church- unless their leading goes against God’s laws. Is this not the predicament we find ourselves in to day?

      A famous remark reveals to us a great truth:”When a few good people do NOTHING, evil prevails.”

      Further to this Edmund Burke writes very succinctly the state of our church:
      “Too many Christians and too many churches do nothing. They are standing idly by, they are mere spectators. They sit on the sidelines instead of actively participating and working for the good. If good wins, they join in the celebration though they did nothing to produce the victory. If evil wins, they will complain long and loud though their own apathy helped produce the undesirable result.”

      Do you agree with this comment agreeable or perhaps not?

      I could go on but maybe another time. Let us all wake up and defend our God and His laws as we are meant to do.Let us find away in the churches, to turn over the tables in the TEMPLE.

      Moses Issachar

  25. Food for thought, thank you Dr Wallnau. Just an observation, that in the past week, I wanted to test something. I watched (video), listened (audio) to various news, questionable and controversial teachers, preachers, prophets, evangelists and their equally controversial teachings, to short clips on conflicts within “The Body of Christ”, a whole lot of fairly negative views etc and note that doing all this (was intentional) on my part, to want to observe for myself, the consequences and the effects that came with them. Conclusion : With complete focus and attention on such areas as well as constant exposure to “lawlessness” being conducted even “live” these days on our tv screens and social media, courtesy of the big networks, is it any wonder that lawlessness will breed “more lawlessness” and when we unconsciously participate” just my merely viewing or commenting thereafter with phrases like ” The world is getting darker and darker” or ” That ISIS/ISIL/IS” bunch are really taking over, they might already be on our doorstep!” “Woe is me!”, “Oh my, they’re everywhere!” (referring to the terrorists!), it would seem strangely enough that we are being indoctrinated into that kingdom, without our knowledge and satan gets “the worship”, fingers are being pointed at our governments and of course The Lord, as if He has moved to another universe and left us orphans! Should we not instead focus on The Loveliness, The Kindness and The Willingness of the Lord to share His secrets and strategies and His plans with us, as He never slumbers or sleeps and is watching and walking throughout the earth and still stretching His hand out to Believers and Kingdom sons and daughters and Seekers of the Truth or yet-to-be-believers, with the words, “Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden, and I will give your rest!”. That He is still GOD, that He is still ruling and reigning and sovereign, still Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent unlike “the wannabe?”. Jesus’s Words, the Word speaking those Words – Sweet music that we should be listening to and responding in obedience to, instead of being distracted and being seduced and deceived by the spirit of Jezebel. This commentary is through the inspiration of The Holy Spirit, the only True Spirit of our Living and Loving God.

  26. Dear Dr. Lance,
    The terrible, unjust, violent things we are now seeing around the world are just symptoms of what real lawlessness means. If you research the word ‘lawlessness’ in its original Hebrew context you will be in shock and awe. Dr. Lance I know that you have made a recent trip to Glory of Zion/Chuck Pierce’s church. So I know you could not have gotten away from there without being exposed to the newly released docudrama “Let the Lion Roar” which he and many other well known people (Christians and Jews alike) were a part of. This recent release (of which I am now in possession of) uncovers one of the greatest and darkest deceptions of our time —– the conspiracy to cover up the Churches true identity. This has cost us; that is why we have been so powerless to confront the enemy. In this present time (the olam hazeh) we can not truly know where we are or where we will end up (the olam haba) unless we really know the beginning (bereshit). It has always been there, but it has been the conspiracy of the ‘great cover up’ by the enemy. This goes back way farther that any of us really think. But, Dr. Lance coming from the bloodline that you come from, I am sure this comes as no surprise to you. Dr. Lance you probably have the dvd and accompanying book by know, but if any of you are in for some truth just go on line and look up Derek and Francoise Frank. Once again “Let the Lion Roar”. Shalom

  27. While I agree with the ‘Lawlessnes’ issue, I find the specific practical application flawed.

    “3. The first phase of recovery for America is not a religious or spiritual confrontation. The church is in no condition to reprove anything yet. The battle must not be over faith and religion. It must be over “irrefutable principles” and common sense.”

    The above statement is so without basIs.

    First, our confrontation will always be SPIRITUAL
    –“for our battle is not against flesh and blood, … but against spiritual forces in the heavenly realms” Eph 6.12.
    Second, no one can declare that the “church is in no condition to reprove anything yet.” The Lord Jesus himself said “I will build my church (ekklesia) and the gates of Hades could not prevail against it”, Mt 16.18.

    Third, there is not any other entity apart from Christ’s ‘ekklesia’ that God has ordained to battle these spiritual forces except His ‘ekklesia’. The sons of Isaachar have to be part of Christ’s ekklesia.

    Fourth, the problem about “”irrefutable principles” and common sense” is that it is so nebulous and subjective. Who defines “”irrefutable principles” and common sense”? Unless we define these ““PRINCIPLES” AND “VALUES” THAT MUST BE DEFENDED AND RESTORED” biblically, we will always have cloudy definitions. Let’s name these values–Love, truth, holiness, godliness, boldness, grace, kindness, generosity, etc.



    This is God’s call to us Christ’s ekklesia?

    • Romans 2:14 implies there are principles which people will sense without directly realising their root in God.

      14 (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) 16 This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.

  28. Just after reading these comments, I found this review on Amazon for a Bible commentary on the prophet, Amos. It seems appropriate to the discussion:
    “Affluence, exploitation and the profit motive were the most notable features of the society which Amos observed and in which he worked . . . “Standards had gone to pot. Authority and the rule of law were despised, and national leadership, while reeling in the publicity and dignity of position . . . Seemed to be contributing to the complete breakdown of law and order.”

  29. Thanks again Dr. Lance! You always hit it! I have seen the spirit of lawlessness in the church rising up like crazy. Never in my life have I experienced the disrespect and actions of selfishness as I have in the last year. Unfortunately sometimes there is no difference from us and them. Very sad. In studying past moves of God one common thread was the prayer meetings were as full as a Sunday service. Hmmmmmmm…… Ya think?

  30. Insight was good when connecting the dots on 2 Thessalonians 2: scriptures in regard to lawlessness, that’s not a terrifically new idea to the biblical exegesis of the prophetically inclined. Glad Mr. Pierce is now applying knowledge with wisdom in this case. What could be applied here is the reality of the early church belief that the 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 text, was not viewed with the idea in mind that the Greek word meant ONLY rebellion, lawlessness, apostasy and falling away. In fact the term “falling away” was only added by King James specifically and was never in the earliest writing translations. The intention was to the word definition from the Greek that meant “departing” and many early church fathers viewed this from the perspective of the departing of the saints within what came to be known as the Rapture of the saints. Now as to the way I have come to view this original Greek term is twofold…meaning both the lawless, rebellious departing as well as the saints who depart with the Lord in His glory. THEN and only then is the lawless one (or anti-christ) son of perdition revealed. There have been antichrist spirits since Apostle John wrote his epistle letters. Distinction is translations and bible versions do matter. So we do indeed live in interesting end times.

  31. Thank you for this email. Dr. Francis Myles in his book “Tithing..Under the Order of Melchizedek” says, “What we become in God is a sum total of the divine encounters we have had, the people we have met, the experiences we have had and the books we have read”. And that pretty much sums it up. As our overall world becomes darker because of false self importance mentality, the Holy Spirit is being released to us in a greater degree with deeper revelation of who our Creator is to those that hunger for Him. What a privilege to live in this day and this hour. In Luke 6 Jesus tells us to speak in the authority of His Name to the floods of problems and diseases that come in front of us to demand they move. We are to have no fear but to rest in faith in our Salvation. The greatest weapons are Humility and Eternal Hope. Our strength rests in obedience to the Father. Jesus did what he saw His Father doing, and saying what His Father said. We should do the same. Running in fear and crying out for mercy doesn’t help. Knowing our position in Christ and using His authority brings victory to the over comer.

  32. Amen Brother Lance! I agree completely with everything you said here in your blog. It is up the Prayer Warriors of Yahshua to prophesy and pray this new Army of the LORD into rising up in the power of Yahshua to tear down the throne of iniquity and it’s lawlessness! The Throne of Grace has NO FELLOWSHIP with the throne of iniquity! How dare the enemy think he could raise up his kingdom above the Kingdom of Heaven!! We will tear down every wickedness in high places, every evil principality that tries to exalt itself above God, and we will shine the bright light of Christ into every dark corner to expose it to God’s judgement! We are the Ecclesia of Yahshua Ha Mashiach, and we will use our sword (mouth) and the Word (God’s Sword) to deter, damage, detonate, demolish and destroy ALL that rises up against the Word and the will of our Heavenly Father! (2 Cor 10) I am going to start praying exactly these words you have written so well my dear Brother in Yahshua! We win!! Glory to Yahweh!

  33. You said “PRAY RATHER FOR GOD TO RAISE UP A NEW ARMY OF ORACLES. SONS OF ISSACHAR. THOSE WHO WILL IDENTIFY and ADVANCE THE “PRINCIPLES” AND “VALUES” THAT MUST BE DEFENDED AND RESTORED.” A prophetic prayer you may download will be available from October 1 through the 31st at of Prophetic Ministries in Washington D.C. The download title PRAYER SPECIFICS FOR THE PRESENT WORLD CRISIS is MP3 and can be obtained from Ministry News Page. Those who seriously want to pray effectively, as most who comment seem to desire, should get and pray with Miriam in agreement – for those who are in agreement to pray Holy Spirit led and inspired prayers will see results, please feel free to share this resource with as many as you can. Also she created a booklet THE WAR PRAYER OF THE SPIRIT that is available in the BOOK section of the website.

  34. Lance, when you write something really insightful and significant (which is often), my wife brings it to me and reads it out loud to me. Like spoon feeding a toddler. I have to admit, I am enjoying what you write and am learning a lot, even if I never actually see the words on the page. Oh well, someday I hope to read it myself, first, before she gets to read it to me. That will be a true sign of spiritual growth on my part. : ]

  35. Dear Don E. and other responders,
    It is truly sad that what our dear Dr. Lance is trying to tell us here has been so misinterpreted. This cannot be understood with a Greek mindset. You cannot know how to even begin to know how to deal with the end times/last days/final hour if you do not know the very beginning. “In the beginning, Elohim . . . . . . . . . . . Carolina, I whole heartily agree with you that translations and bible versions do matter. Unfortunately and sadly enough, we have gotten, too far away from the original Hebrew text.

    Shalom and shema

  36. Your statement – “NO demonic spirit of lawlessness will be able to resist the wisdom and power by which these oracles will speak. They will push back the enemy and mess up his timing.”

    Your point Sir??!! Because I believe it is not biblical!! Isn’t everything finally going to move in the Lord’s timing? And why would we want to delay the RETURN of Jesus Christ? I think instead of trying to be manipulators of the times, we should focus on Jesus Christ and cooperate with His Word. The problem is that our leaders are focused more on the negative rather than the victory in Christ Jesus. Some how it is always about our plans rather than God’s plans. Instead of wasting time by keeping a check on the anti-christs’, which the Bible says are all around us – they who deny Jesus Christ, we should concentrate on what Jesus has asked us to do – Give the world the GOSPEL……………. .because isn’t it finally about ruling and reigning with Him. This lawlessness everyone loves to talk about is only because we are not doing what we have been called to do – viz., tell people about Jesus Christ – Grace and Truth. The pure unadulterated Truth will set people free to know that the Law, without Grace, is the strength of sin, but like Paul said, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in 1 Corinthians 1:17-29,- specifically the part about preaching Christ crucified is to some a stumbling block and to some foolishness! Hence as through the times, we feel we have to do things our way……………rather than stick to God’s ways of dealing with His world. I say again – don’t focus on the lawlessness but focus on Jesus Christ and God’s plans for mankind in and through Christ……….Preach the Gospel and change the world….for it is not God’s will that any man should perish but that all should come to repentance. Stay blessed.

  37. The Church in America is a tiny amount of the people who call themselves Christians and actually attend a service. Most of this small group knows what is going on and what they should do but don’t care enough to do anything. They live under a delusion that they will somehow be protected and provided for by God while the rest of the country continues to fall apart at an ever increasing rate. God is able to fully protect and provide but rarely rewards inaction. He told Moses to get up off his face and stop praying and get moving at the Red Sea. You can fight against evil in a thousand different ways so just do your part after asking God what that is……obedience is better than sacrifice. King Saul did the wrong thing and paid the price for it. Just doing what you think is not the answer. Do what God says!

  38. You said, “NO demonic spirit of lawlessness will be able to resist the wisdom and power by which these oracles will speak. They will push back the enemy and mess up his timing.” This sentence is a key ! I enjoy doing this with some selected men from whom the Holy Spirit has highlighted. It seems good for us to meet at Stone Creek Coffee. Jesus visits us and our discussions. It always seems that our discussions are on point with his heart, mind and wisdom…. utterance begins to leak through our conversation until we are in full scale intercession. Pretty amazing how that works. All of us men are hearing from God concerning changing dynamics in our callings. Some of us are two by two walking DC and the United Nations in early October. We feel like we are oracles in our coffee discussions… our conversations are like spiritual warfare! Setting a date to meet for coffee is easy to do. It’s always fun to meet under this developing history. Building a prayer strategy seems so easy in the Lord’s Presence! God is raising up GIANT slayers among the us….. I believe this type of gathering is going on more than I know…. It almost seems Biblical to meet with Jesus and learn about His kingdom through shared life experiences 🙂

  39. This is so on point Lance. I work with schools and the cry of the day is for principled centered resources that appeal to the heart and soul of young people. They are desperate for resources that work. I teach a class called the customer service academy. My students are 16-24. Employers line up to interview our candidates because we teach the universal laws of success that are irrefutable. Universal laws in fact all laws are in place to bring order. People everywhere are crying out for order. God wove ORDER into the fabric of the universe. God’s ORDER always works. It does not have to have a chapter and verse from the scriptures stamped on it to operate. People, especially young people, are searching for things that work!!!

    Once you capture the mind of a young person by appealing to their hunger for understanding it is easy to sear them towards the gospel. In fact, many times you wont have to point them, they will head that way on their own,

  40. If “America” can be recovered, the first phase is for the people of God to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways. We have wasted too much attention and energy on the nation that is not our home. We have become finger-pointers, hypocritical, self-absorbed and deceived about our condition (I include myself). The lawlessness is God’s judgment. When will we stop complaining about the persecution and recognize His judgment? When will we humble ourselves? It is not possible to “be strong in the Lord, and in the power (kratos – authority) of His might” when we are not surrendered to His authority. How much of our saber rattling is a convenient distraction (and deception) from the death to self that is so desperately needed?

    “America” was once God’s protection for the church; for the church to serve His purposes. The protection has become our idol. Most in the church look to “America” for security, prosperity, entertainment and governance. I suspect that, like the golden calf, it will be crushed to powder and we will be forced to eat it. It is time we come out of her – this Babylon – before we suffer in her judgment. Be strong and of good courage. Follow Christ outside the camp.

    Humbly yours and forever His,
    Rob Streetman

  41. “No demonic spirit of lawlessness will be able to resist the wisdom and power by which these oracles will speak. They will push back the enemy and mess up his timing.”

    This is the essence of Light casting out darkness … men used as oracles to push back the enemy and mess up his timing.
    What shall we say regarding this of Daniel? Joseph? Gideon? Paul? Peter? … and on … and on.

    The beauty of this hour and the beauty of His Bride in this hour is now there will be multitude upon multitudes of Daniels, Josephs, Gideons, Pauls, Peters and every other persons whose lives were given to US as examples upon whom the true end of the age has come … to go into all the world and bring forth the greatest Harvest the world will have yet seen … the reward of His suffering. The powers of darkness will indeed be displaced and their timing messed up as these multitudes walk as oracles walking in the mantles of the great men of old. Surely that is biblical.

  42. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight. The suggestions you explained are important to demonstrate over our homes and families- which are most important. I have had a heart for America and have been praying since the 2 nd elections. I didn’t know I would go in that direction or planned on God taking me there as an intercedes or but He did and I am very passionate for our country and Israel. I speak and give my voice anywhere I believe the Lord leads me. Thanks again !!

  43. All the concerns voiced here are rooted in Ephesians 5:27- “a glorious church…”- & everything has to be measured by that standard in order to make sense of it. I mentioned before that Jacob had 2 brides because Jesus has 2 brides; the Body of Christ is being divided into 2 camps, because all believers are not the same. There will be 2 brides, 2 marriages, & 2 7-year periods (7 fat years & 7 lean years)- it’s all prophetic. The lawlessness mentioned is rooted in the independence (rebellion- which is witchcraft) found in so much Christian ministry today. Everybody wants to be able to take God over into a corner & get all the revelation they need- all by themselves. Nobody wants to have to submit to other people, but Jesus said if you’ve ‘done it to one of the least of my brothers, you’ve done it to me’. He told His disciples that anybody who accepted the one He sent accepted Him, & when they accepted Him they accepted His Father. You can NOT have a glorious church w/o submitting to other people, because there’s no other way to have unity in the church- & w/o unity there’s no glorious church. The reason there’s such discrepancy in teachings right now is because of the 2 brides who are going in 2 totally different directions (with 2 totally different outcomes). This is why Paul compared Christian life to a competition, & warned that you should do everything necessary to “obtain” the prize”. Salvation is indeed free, but getting raptured is going to cost you heavily. Either be prepared to unify with other believers, or be prepared to face the Antichrist. Walking in true humility is a CHOICE. (more on FB: Paul H. Kirk)

  44. In 2005 I had a prophetic dream. In the dream I was in a different place than my regular place of residence, it was spring. The sky grew dark, stuff was falling from the sky. It was like the earth was crusted over and the chunks of the crust were falling to earth. I knew the sign of the time and quickly returned to my city of residence. Upon return, the people were literally running and fleeing for their lives. In the dream, I was not afraid, but knew what to do and lead my family and some others pass opposition and up to an upper room safe house. From there I was shown a huge window, in which I was looking out as if I were in space with the stars and planets. In front of me were two planets side by side, one crusted over and looked like blood flowing between the cracks. I didn’t know at the time what anything meant, until this year 2014 the first two of 4 blood moons. It wasn’t till after the second one this year, that I received in my spirit that my dream has to do with the next two which are april 2 and september ?. In the dream there was also a hand floating in space below the two planets. A piece of the planet fell off and fell like a leaf and brushed against the hand, only I felt it in the natural and when I moved my hand in the natural, the hand out in space moved as mine did. There is such an urgency and stirring in my spirit. Something is going to take place this coming April I believe. I don’t know all of what this entails or means. I believe the Lord will reveal what is need to be known when the time is right. If someone else has any insight, please share.