11535898_10153427330444936_3913100745157397953_nIn the world you are a bar code.
In the kingdom you bear the image of God.

You are not your feelings.
You are not your past.
Your inner man is not the age of your outer man.
Your spirit is eternal.

Your real capacity is unexplored because it’s a new nature that came alive the moment Christ came into your heart by the Holy Spirit.

You are no longer merely human – you possess an aspect of the divine nature. Your recreated spirit is the real you, and in that part you bear His image.

As you behold the beauty of the Lord you are changed:”But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the LORD” (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Did you know that the ancient mirrors were actually bronze hammered flat? When the sun hit them the radiant reflection would cover your face.

The figure is one of great beauty. The idea is, that by placing ourselves within the light of the gospel and by contemplating the glory that shines there, we become changed into the likeness of the same glory that shines on us.

The world system is called Babylon. Everybody losses their unique identity and becomes a brick, a unit, a number, a bar code – in a globally controlled economic system of total surveillance.

The tower of Babel was built of brick. Each brick made to fit exactly like the other brick.

The Temple of the Lord on the other hand is built of stones – “living stones” that fit together in such a way that each stone is unique.

The world pressures you to conform. It tries to make you a brick in a godless system.

The kingdom challenges the bride to transform: to make you a living stone in a living temple.

You are a whole lot more than you think you are!

“When He appears you will see Him as He is and immediately be transformed to be just like Him ” (1 John 3:2).

Do you know why? Because you are made of the same nature and material. Your life is hidden in Christ.

You only need to see Him to be like Him.

You only need to receive His words to activate what you’ve got.
Open the Bible and do it now. You only need to see to be.

Make sense?

– Lance

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28 thoughts on “WHO YOU ARE

  1. Thank you for the encouraging word. Its not about the way the world tries to mould you into what it wants you to become, rather Jesus helps us to identify who we really are. he says “abide in me”.

  2. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH. Also, when I watche streaming Bahamas video, it was great. Lance said we would receive a copy of the written transcript. How may I go about getting that? Thank you again!

  3. Yes it makes a lot of sense. I’m learning how God is multidimensional. “Living stones” is a metaphor that is probably deeper than we know. I love your contrast between conform and transform. It is so true.

  4. You always have ways to inspire. You have inspired me to live out my passion. I don’t feel like that same brick anymore. I worked for 35 years in one type of business and one day got canned. When I was listening to your mp3’s about doing Business Supernaturally you woke me up to my real passion which is photography. I got my degree and went Pro. I’m going to a function this evening where I might be winning an award of a photo I took. It’s a picture of our Lord in a large stained Glass window. I was inspired by GOD to enter that photo. If I may I’d like to send you a copy of this photograph. Mutual friends of ours Jim and Toni Sharabba have a copy of the photo. So, thank you for your constant inspiration. One day I’d love to meet you and share thoughts about our LORD.

  5. Thanks for expressing these thoughts so clearly. I was only thinking similar things recently.
    The world tries to make everyone conform by making everything the same so that we can be controlled. The world tends to narrow everything down whereas God’s ways are always increasing! God created everyone and everything different and unique so that we would be in wonder and worship Him. He is never threatened by difference, rather by His creation we are led to worship Him.

  6. I been reflecting on this very principle today. I have had the same bricks and living stones image myself. As we living within a community we grow together as living stones since through love we grow together despite our differences. Our similarly are stones we cast them at others to bring them down our lay them down to build a bridge that connects us together. Restore and repair the breach. We are God’s joy is to RECREATE himself in him it is His recreation to see His children to reveal his glory. The multiplicity of diversity shows us that every person has to reveal one face infinite glory. For our Father is a master artisan when we yield to shaping and molding of the Spirit. Refined by fire and pressed into form a precious work art. Question is we will lay upon upon the altar as a living sacrifice that He may complete the work of Christ the Hope glory in us?

  7. Soaking in the Word is crucial to our transformation….to behold the Beloved….thank you for these strengthening words!

  8. wowow, what wonderful words of enlightenment and encouragement. Such powerful words of strength that I need to hear over and over again. Thank you so much brother. I am from Providence, R.I and a Jewish believer also. Praise Yeshua haMashiach!

  9. Dr. Lance: Once again, Sir, your words from your blog (by the Spirit) have touched my heart. Sometimes I look down on myself but I should look
    towards heaven because I am a Child of the King! I have to remind myself who I am in Christ.

  10. Lance
    Ever since I drove to Bakersfield some years ago to listen to your ministry (at which time I was one of five you prophesied over) you have been a life changing influence. This blog continues to be that kind of Blessing! Keep Fighting The Fight Which Has Already Been Won!

  11. We are created to rule the world by His word and not to conform to the world.

    The wisdom condensed in this article is huge!!!

    More power and grace Lance

  12. Yes! This so resonates with what I’ve been seeing. I have dug and dug deep only to feel ‘go deeper’, to discover in weakness and weary from the work, that I’ve dug my own grave, and for the finished work I must die already, to rise as His treasure. He deliberately pointed my way to Him is by loving every unlovable thing about myself, His handy work. Ps. 65.

  13. Dear Brother in Christ, Lance,

    After all these years, since I sat in that large congregation in Las Vegas many years ago (10-12 or so?) listening to your anointed teaching, I have followed you when I had opportunity, with great joy! I hope I’m remembering that occasion accurately, because it still inspires me! You told the story of the gladiators in Rome (and the movie about it) where the leader of that group of men were about to be besieged by fierce lions. He shouted to his companions, “If we’re AS ONE with shields held together in this circle, we will WIN!!” And they did. In the unity of the Spirit, we’re ALL “as ONE in Christ” and we cannot lose this battle we’re facing in our beloved country right now. We stand together, we pray, we RESIST these attacks. I’m now 86 years of age, but my spirit is strong, and I’m praying, resisting and fighting. AS ONE in Christ, we will prevail, until HE comes again to set up His righteous Kingdom. Glory to God!

  14. Amen! As He is so are we in this Word.
    Participaters of His divine nature. Born of the incorruptible Word.
    I know who I am ,a new creation, a different speci, the seed of Abraham.