WATCH WORD August 2014

10557330_10152625897234936_1753234966543653409_nI saw a supernatural train. It seemed as if this train is about to depart from the station. It ran on two tracks but I did not know what they were. I did know that the tracks provided right alignment for the train.

Steam was coming forth as if it was getting ready to move. I felt urgency but I sensed no fear of missing it.

I then saw that the train is a custom train for each person this applies to. Then the next part of the vision intensified.

I heard: “You must gather your inner circle.” You need to get some other people onto your train. You have an inner circle. It is important to realize who makes up the circle of your life in the next season. Who is in your inner circle? God has given you divine appointments to meet with many people in the last few years. Some of those relationships are meant to be with you in a special way in the future. Its a mutual dependence. You need them and they need you if you are to get where both of you are called to go.

I saw that the way to make sure they are with you is this – be generous in your gratitude toward them and honor them in the way you treat them.

Some people loose cargo, gifts and timing because of being on the wrong track. Others loose as much being on the right track but with the wrong people.

This is the time…right before the whistle blows, to make contact with those you want in your future and share with them your appreciation for who they are.

As I thought of the word “TRAIN” this verse from Isaiah kept hitting me. I think it adds something to the vision of the TRAIN OF GLORY I saw today.

In the year of the death of king Uzziah the prophet Isaiah said, “I see the Lord, sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and His train is filling the temple.” (Isa 6:1)

The “train” in this verse refers to the robe of the king. The word could also be used of the extended garment of the high priest or the long garment trailing behind a bride. It is said that in ancient worlds the length of the Kings robe corresponded to the authority of the king.

This robe FILLED the entire temple. It was a train made of glory. You are to be FILLED with the Spirit of God in this season. This filling will take you into the realm of visions, seeing and glory.

Angels are at the throne in Isaiah’s vision and they cry out “holy holy holy.” Seraphim are burning and bright angels of a special order that burn in their adoration of God.

In this atmosphere Isaiah is conscious of his need for cleansing. His lips are therefore purged by a hot coal by an angel.

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?’ Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isa 6:8)

God is putting people on the Train of Glory in order to send messengers into the next season with His utterance on their lips.

Though it is a season when some things are ending (the year king Uzziah died.)

1. God is opening the THRONE ROOM in a unique way. In one sense it is always open…but in another only God can cause supernatural vision and visitation like Isaiah experienced. Expect visionary encounters.

2. Angels are active in this transact. Be like the Seraphim…one with a burning heart.

3. We shall have a due sense of HUMILITY and need for greater CLEANSING and divine assistance as we encounter Him.

4. He is touching OUR MOUTHS because He is sending forth new messages to he heralded to the earth. “Who will go for us?” he asks? Expect greater clarity in your assignment You will need your team – your inner circle. Contact them.


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21 thoughts on “WATCH WORD August 2014

  1. In our church home group we viewed one of Lance Wallnau’s teaching series and from that time to now I have been consumed with the seven mountains and reclaiming culture. I have read both of Johnny Enlow’s books on the seven mountains. In the early 1990’s God spoke (actually sang) Is: 60:1-3 to me. This message about the train and glory is another word that ministers to me and I will be contacting those that I feel are going to be part of my inner circle. Bless you.

  2. Wow, what a great word for the body of Christ! I have been feeling an urgency in my spirit, and I believe this is what The Lord is saying. Thank you, Lance, for your obedience to share this. Our Lord is calling us. Get ready! Get ready!

  3. I had a dream last night, I was on a train not sure where I was going but I was not paying attention and missed my stop, and there was no way to get back to my stop that I needed to get off, so I had to go all the way back to where I started, Trains are used by God so many I have had also, I needed to get on a train a few years back in a dream and I did not have my Id to get on and needed to find it there was a man with me with no face who was waiting for me to find it, another one was I saw a train coming down the tracks as I looked out a window I noticed the train was wobbly and not on the tracks right that was 4 years ago I remember Bob Jones speaking in Tennessee and he spoke of the Glory train and the prophetic artist’s drew a picture of this Glory train at the conference, I do believe we need to get on this train and get it right because the whistle is blowing, I don’t want to have to go all the way back because I missed the stop but maybe I need to watch and be alert Thanks for this word it tells me the lord is still speaking to me and tell s his friends the plans Dawn

  4. In Alaska God showed us the train tracks a few years ago. He said one track was Revival and one track was Reformation. He tied these two together with the issues of economics, government and business etc. in our State. For instance a prophetic word was “as goes the Kink Arm Bridge, so goes Revival;. Now we have people monitoring the progress and praying over the bridge. James Nesbitt was just her with this image that he sees as the Revival Train for America. The Kingdom is here!

    • Lance, this is confirmation of what we have seen as a model for Alaska. The railroad ties that connect the rails of Revival & Reformation are the issues to be praying and that those in church pews are already in positions to influence the issues with His plumb line. The train that rides on the tracks is the TRAIN of TRANSFORMATION = GLORY! We have employed this symbolism of tracks, ties and train as a strategy for networking leaders, prayer and tracking measurable results. Alaska is increasing in HOLY and HIS GLORY!

  5. I had a vision of trains also. I’ve put it in an eBook I’m writing. It was about looking at your current station of life as though it were a train station. On either side of the tracks are various trains that represent where you’ve been planted. There is activity you’re to be involved in on those trains before jumping on a brand new train. But there is a special train too that is to “who knows where” full of new opportunities…

  6. Lance, Dutch Sheets has been traveling all over America for several years working to unite a fire for Awakening. He quotes the end of Genesis 21:33 where Abraham planted a tree( K.J. says a grove) and called on the EVERLASTING GOD. The amplified Bible says it was a tamarisk tree, Dutch says he found out that is an EVERGREEN TREE. He is aware of this in the old Testament & drags it into America when George Washington had a flag made with the evergreen tree on it & a saying from John Knox, “An Appeal to Heaven”. This Flag was carried & raised in all the battles then. Dutch’s words for the two tracts would be Evergreen & Everlast. However, he does not know how to bridge the gap between the two. The BIBLICAL revelation God gave me many years ago(but only for now to be revealed) bridges the gap so I am thinking that the two tracts would be named, GRACE & UNION. PLEASE, PLEASE LANCE PRAY ABOUT THIS. I have been in process of writing out this revelation to Chuck Pierce, knowing from the Lord that this is Dutch’s missing piece. They have traveled together last year to all 50 states with an Awakening message. I was writing this revelation to Chuck AHEAD of my going there & promising him that I will not speak this revelation WHILE I AM ATTENDING HIS CHURCH , until the time that he thought it should come forth. NOW AFTER reading this PERCISELY ON TARGET MESSAGE, I believe I need to send a copy to Dutch Sheets himself, I will keep my promise to Chuck starting when ever(I believe, soon) I get located there. THIS IS A BIG THING LANCE, BUT YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF IMPORTANT THINGS, I WOULD EXTREMELY APPRECIATE ANY SUGGESTIONS YOU MAY GET FROM THE LORD. TO ME I HAVE BEEN BEHIND IN THIS WRITTING BUT I AM not finished with it so a copy could go to Dutch, which I believe he deserves. I don’t need to do this by myself, it is ALL ABOUT ALL OF US COMING TOGETHER WITH OUR SPECIFIC GOD GIVEN PARTS TO BRING FORTH THE FULNESS OF GOD’S PURPOSED EMPACT. I PRAY YOU DO READ THIS LANCE, THANKS, THANKS SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU FELT AN ERGENCY BUT NOT THAT IT WOULD BE MISSED. “I sensed NO FEAR OF MISSING IT”. THANK YOU JESUS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With UTMOST SINCERITY, Mary Frances Joyce

  7. “Some people loose cargo, gifts and timing because of being on the wrong track. Others loose as much being on the right track but with the wrong people.” Good word, thank you!!! 🙂

  8. Dr. Wallnau,

    Besides Charles Darwin, I have a new proponent for Intelligent Design—
    Richard Dawkins!

    Will send details soon.

    In Jesus, Matthew
    NC EMC

  9. Fabulous word of encouragement! Daily, I find opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and others comes privately to tell me that they are followers of Jesus. I encourage them to continue to be”Salt and Light ” in the mountain of education.
    Powerful men and women,who are spirit filled, will continue to expose the lies of Satan and teach truth. It does not take much light to exposure the truth, the lies have no logical underpinning.
    God, send more passengers for your train as we go into the education mountain. The battle is ours. The God of truth is on our side!

  10. I had a dream of a train about 20 years ago. I was on the very end of the train, standing outside of it , my waist came to the top of the train, I could see down the track to the engine, where a lineman was switching the track . The train was stopped by a dock so people could get on. The train then inched forward then I heard, the Lord say my train doesn’t go left or right, my train goes straight. The train stop, the lineman switched the tracks back so it could go straight, then it started to move again. Because I heard this was the Lords train, I started to hauler to those on the dock to get on this train, because it was the Lords train, few heard and jumped on, others just stood around talking.
    I believe God does have a train that is filled with his children and because I was on the end of the train, so no one could get on after me, they will have to get on before I leave this world.

  11. He asked me, “what powers the train?” I said, “It says, ‘Steam was coming forth as it was getting ready to move’. It’s a steam train, so a burner powers it.” “It is significant that this is a steam train,” he said. “When is the last time you’ve seen a steam train? Not in a long time, except for that TV show. Something is burning, to boil the water, to make steam, to drive the train. Steam is coming out because the burner is fired, the water is boiling, the steam is flowing. But the train is not moving because the brakes are on, and the steam is being released without doing any work. That is why he saw steam. The reason he doesn’t feel urgency to board the train is because the train is not marshalled out on a schedule, this train will leave as soon as the people release the brake! It can wait forever. This generation can live and reproduce, and even die and be replaced by the next generation, and this train STILL won’t leave unless they lift the brake! The train is not chaos as some have said, it has rails, it is guided. But you cannot go into that next place that you need to go to, until you release the brakes so that the steam can do its work. The train has more than enough power to get you there, it’s all there, it’s all ready, you don’t have to produce the power. This is about people who are proud that they have a train, and they like to look at it, and they board it as if to travel, but the brakes they have firmly locked on, because they don’t know where this train may take them.”

    • It’s amazing to me, James, that you mention in detail about the brakes. The conductor and the chief engineer are the ones with the power and authority to release the brake. Who Else would fit this role but Jesus Himself? I am a bit disturbed, however, that the buzzword among the saints seemed to be “the Time is Now” for God to get His people and transfer them out of here. Have we forgotten about the God of Grace? He would that none perish but all would come to righteousness. Do we not think we can make declarations in the atmosphere and provoke the will of God with a “Sun Stand Still” attitude? There is still time to do all that the Lord requires of us. All we need do is stay tuned to His will and know that the BRAKE IS STILL ON !!!! Blessings to you, my brother.

  12. KERN COUNTY >>> We are suppose to have The Bullet Train <<< travel through our land … but it continues to receive opposition. Are we going to 'miss it' ??? Timing*
    The natural, must accommodate (agree & align) with the Spirit in a region, marked for habitation ^^ not just visitation.
    It IS … suppose to be, I believe.

  13. Thank you Lance. I’ve had a similar dream and again, there was no sense of missing it. I have been very aware of my closer inner circle just lately, so thank you for the confirmation :

  14. Many moons ago I had a dream and it was about me traveling. I started in the woods just south of a city known to me, just walking….I progressed to riding a bicycle with a sense of direction and purpose, out of the woods and riding alongside a roadway….I ended up parking the bike just outside the entryway to an underground station and sensed when I followed the crowd in one direction that I was heading, and eventually had landed on the wrong platform. However, I knew which platform to go to, knew also I had the time to get to said platform, and got there with time to spare, and rode to my destination in comfort and ease and rest.

    The dream came to me in 2001 at the start of a seven-year-long ordeal, and it was the last of three distinct dreams I had. I believe when the interpretations came to me at the beginning of 2006 for the first two, they were alerting me to the fact that the ordeal was coming to a close. I shared the third with a friend, but her interpretation did not stick nor stay with me, and I believe it was due to the notion I needed to discover the end results for myself, seeing that it was about myself.

    I believe with the conclusion of a more recent dream that had for a basis the ‘need for NO MORE speed’ that I am on the “fast track” (sorry, just could not resist!) for an assignment the Father has prepared me for. It is very fitting I am reading about “gathering my circle of influence”, for I sense the need to do so for a couple of weeks now. God’s timing is awesome in everything! And what makes it so neat is when the people of God that has the ability to speak a Now Word and the anointing to declare a thing will do so in the Father’s authority….and it blesses the waiting recipient as it is meant to do…like this one does me.

    Thank You, Sir Lance, and God Bless You.

  15. Today I had a dream of God’s bride that was doing exploits for His kingdom. We were like shining ones who would go on supernatural missions. This time in my dream, I was not alone, there were a whole bunch of us. We would all board on this supernatural “fire train” that would take us where the Father had need of us to bring His word or do His bidding. As soon as we boarded the train, it travelled as fast as the speed of light and we would be there in seconds. When we all got off to accomplish our mission, the “fire train” would disappear and the reappear as soon as we were all ready to get on. It was amazing how we all worked in unity and nobody was higher than anyone else; we weren’t even worried about that. All we cared about was to accomplish the mission that our Dad had sent us on and to please Him. That’s all that mattered.

    Today as I was on my computer I pulled up this prophetic woman who just goes by 777aej and she was sharing what the Lord showed her and then near the end, she said, get on board of the train. The train is a wormhole. Hmmmm. Still thinking on that one.

  16. This has been quite a stunning evening. James Nesbitt`s painting, Awakening Train, stood out to me tonight for several reasons. I was on pinterest when I saw it. Firstly, I’ve seen it before in 2 visions the Lord has given me over the past two months. The second was its colour. Only a few days ago the Lord highlighted the colour red when He showed me a single red rose when I was in prayer, and then called me Shoshana. In those previous two visions, it covered what Lance has wrote here, specific to me, especially the first part of this. Also the Lord gave me a verse which was Isaiah 6 vs 1 at the time of my first 2 visions which Lance has written here also. There are several things the Lord has already said to me so Lance`s word here are a confirmation of many things. I’m not sure why I am writing this other than to say thank you Lance for writing the Lord’s message here for us. I can’t explain on this comment section, the importance of what the Lord is doing with me at the moment but He has used Lance in such a big way, more than you will ever realize. So thank you Lance, my brother. God bless you.