10603201_10152628494049936_4096763617258525243_nWORD for the Midnight WATCH“STEWARD THE HUNGER.” That’s the first thing the Lord impressed for me to say as I addressed the marketplace luncheon I did in Passadena, CA. at Che Ahn’s church on the 8th.Of all the success secrets or wealth breakthroughs you could ever discover, this principle about “stewarding the hunger” is item #1. Why? Because success can pull you off track, even if you’re riding a glory train. Success brings new temptations and pressures that are vastly different than the pressures you meet when you are struggling to move foreward.

It will give you a nose for the activity of God at the edge of your field. That hunger will reward you with a second unique gift of the 7 mountains, or 7M Wealth Masters….the power to “observe” and “associate.”

Did you know that the first “texts” came about because somebody watched a Coke Machine technician putting syrup into the machine and asked “how do you know when the machine gets low on syrup?” The guy said, “the machine sends the office a WI-FI message telling us it’s running low.” The listener paused and asked…”I wonder if there is a market for WI-FI texting between people?” That observation made him millions. And….it was right under Coca-Cola’s nose.

I could tell you other stories just like that.

If you lose the flame, try this: Shut off the media world around you. Unplug. Eat real light, maybe even do shakes and skip a few meals. Grab a book that one time stirred your faith and pick it up again with a red pen or highlighter. Now ask God to open your eyes and start reading. You will see new things and spark the old hunger you once had. Once the hunger hits go to a Bible you used to use a lot and do the same. Re-read anything marked and watch the fire kindle. It’s as if you are kick-starting your original hunger engine.

“Blessed are they that hunger and thirst.” It’s the surest way to sanctify and increase the success you’ve already attained. Be God-hungry and diligent in your work and you have the unbeatable combination punch that enabled Joshua to win 42 battles and take his inheritance. (Read Joshua chapter 1 and see the command to “observe.”)


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