215328_10151587969344936_331809748_n-1Ever hear someone tell you to – “Get your head out of the clouds.” Well, research is coming forth to suggest that many of them are wrong. A new breed of leader is emerging who are not doing the traditional leadership model of working things out from the present to the future, they are scanning the future first, seeing what WANTS TO SHOW UP and working to bring the future into the present! Read the midnight post from last night and see Biblical support for this new style of leader…leading from the future.

Keep your head in the clouds long enough and you'll start to get HEAVENS BLUEPRINTS.

This blueprint reveals what God is building THROUGH YOU on the earth! Jesus said “I only do those things the Father shows Me.” We need to recover this “seeing” before doing power in our lives and business.

This process is exactly how King David took massive chunks of territory from his enemies, till he became the wealthiest ruler of his age. Sitting and worshipping is a strategy! It is how he got the entire blueprint for Israel's most ambitious building project- Solomon's Temple! As David sat before the Lord, the “hand of the Lord” (anointing) came upon him! In some form of visionary encounter he was made to see all the details of the heavenly enterprise.

David told his son, “All of this I put in writing as the Lord directed me and gave me insight regarding the details of the blueprints.” (1 Chron 28:19)

Expect God to tuck into your spirit the blueprints for His will in your life. You may not always be aware you are getting them however. It does not matter. As you commune they are slipped inside your inner chamber so to speak, and you discover them as “sudden ideas” that come later when you are active in the field of your assignment.

I am going to start doing this type of seeking before public meetings and ask the Lord for insight into what he wants to do and who He wants to touch. I know some preachers do this but I'm looking for a move of God in the marketplace as well. Want to press into this together and compare notes? You willing to pray for me as I try to break some new ground in the seven mountains?
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One thought on “UNUSUAL SUCCESS SECRET – Midnight Post!

  1. This is spot on. Was lead to this webpage recently on the topic of heavenly blueprint. Confirmation is in 1 chronicles mentioned here in your post Mr. Lance. By the way your on point since the beginning: “as One”. To God be GLORY!! Always.