Two Christmas Myths And The Actual Miracles

I would rather have the Word of God on a subject than a sentimental Christian tradition, wouldn’t you? On any given subject, a religious spirit will diminish the power of what the Bible says. This came to my mind most strongly a week ago when liberal news networks began quoting the Pope describing Mary and Joseph as poor wanderers looking for a nation to receive them. The clear implication being that a country who does not open its borders unconditionally to the poor of the world, is a nation that could be rejecting a modern day Joseph and Mary and Jesus.

What does the Bible teach? Were Mary and Joseph poor wanderers who could only afford a manger for the birth of their child? No. The reason they were away from home was because a government census was required and they needed to travel to Bethlehem in order to register. The reason they ended up in a manger was because all the hotels were booked solid – “there was no room in the Inn” (Luke 2:7). Joseph had enough money for a hotel. The problem was insufficient housing not insufficient funds. They were not homeless and poor or seeking a nation to grant them entry.

Now what about those kings who came from the east? My parents had a manger scene that we set up every Christmas. I always liked positioning the kings around the manger kneeling side by side with the animals and marveling shepherds. The truth is that by the time the kings arrived, Mary and Joseph relocated to a house! So, kings met them at the house and presented gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh. (Matt 1:11) This unusual entourage of wealth and provision took off to see the newborn king weeks and perhaps months before the couple took off for Bethlehem. The star (most likely an angel) led them like a divine GPS.

God warned Joseph that he should go to Egypt until it was safe to return to Israel. Thanks to the gifts from the kings this would be an all-expense-paid trip to Egypt. At no point were Mary and Joseph destitute or poor wanderers. They were on a mission and the mission had divine provision.

The birth of Jesus Christ is a GREAT story. Don’t let it be robbed by religious sentimentality.

I want to thank you so much for your friendship to me and this ministry during the journey we have been on since I first met Donald Trump and began writing. I feel like we have been a people on a prophetic mission, birthing something new for America and that this will touch the world.

You are part of this story. I feel as if we are collectively birthing something and right now it is in a rough manger setting. I am doubling down on the word God gave me for America and I am asking you at this time to do the same!

Now is the perfect time to slip into your office as a “royal priesthood” and give a gift or donation like one of the kings from the east. Your gift is birthing something new in 2017 for both you and Lance Wallnau Ministries. God is going to use our voice in media and politically to battle through the chaos that is coming.

Recently, one of my favorite teachers,  Andrew Wommack, said to me that if I practice giving and am blessed by giving I should teach the revelation the Lord gave Annabelle and I. I suddenly realized that I’ve not been teaching the whole counsel of God and by not teaching about this aspect I am robbing you of access and participation to the anointing that works through this ministry. I am constantly hearing testimonies of breakthroughs connected to what I teach. It’s time I started sharing these with you – because faith comes by hearing!

I believe God will resource you this year in new ways as you sow into the birthing of this new thing God is doing in Lance Wallnau ministries and our work as a voice to the nation. If what I am seeing is accurate, I believe we will be broadcasting from Washington D.C. I believe God will make happen for you what you help make happen for others!

I’ve never felt so strong as I do now about the supernatural nature of what we’re stepping into. For some of you – this is the season to become a monthly partner with us! For others, this is the season to give that special donation, like the kings from the east. This is a special window of time right now. Join our journey and click here.

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I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

As One,

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