To all the mothers

11167978_10153316733099936_3867259036770550506_oTo all the mothers, who sacrificed in secret, lost sleep when their children were sick, and who were suddenly “not hungry” when that slice of pie was in front of them because someone else really wanted it.

To the mothers that helped heal us from the wounds of puppy love and sat up waiting till we got home, when we were old enough to go out- but not old enough to be on our own.

To the mothers who did the laundry, cooked, cleaned, and never once asked for a dime….we own much more than we could ever pay. But I know that all that debt would be paid in full to simply hear…”Mom, I love you.”

Mothers may you be abundantly blessed THIS year. May you see children come home, may old wounds be healed, may prayers be answered, redemption be found, and may YOU know how precious you are in the eyes of the Father.

Thank you to all mothers.

– Lance

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4 thoughts on “To all the mothers

  1. Children are great fun. I do lots of cooking and cleaning but it really is worth it. We should celebrate a children’s day as well.

  2. Lance I’m now 58 + our youngest just graduated college. I went back to work at 54 when our youngest started college. My husband + I both agreed since his job involved a lot of travel I would be the anchor + for 21 years I stayed at home. God called me to restore the lost art of homemaking + reconciliation of the sexes knowing this in my heart to be true:
    Know your purpose, find your place + man your post.
    I’ve been faithful to the call God gave above + we celebrate 25 yrs on 5/21/20. I’ve been completely fulfilled as a wife + mother knowing I didn’t have to sacrifice my family on the altar of my career.
    Now that both children are graduated our son in entrepreneurial management + daughter in marketing. We are getting ready to launch Michael Talbot Interiors Exteriors Designs because my husband + I both knew I’d still have 10 years to contribute to retirement.

  3. That was so sweet Lance! For the last 21 years I have had to celebrate Mother’s Day with only memories of the past. My son Chris died from Medullary Thyroid Cancer in November of 1999.
    I love to watch your channel because you are so enthusiastic and your faith is a balm to my spirit.
    Thank you for all you do to make our days more normal in these chaotic times. I know the Rapture isn’t too far into the future. I think all of the new rules from the tyrants are just a glimpse of what the Tribulation will be like for those left behind. People will be turning to Jesus for His help in these times. This world wide hoax will possibly be the catalyst to bring about the largest Revival we have ever witnessed. The sweet souls who have died will be with Jesus. The ones still fighting will help with the harvest by telling others why we are at peace in our spirits in the mist of this storm.