THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF LIFE. Be open to spontaneity

Be open to spontaneity. The greatest moments of life are moments we did not expect. The greatest things that ever happened to you were unmanipulated, unpremeditated, divine appointments.

The moment you met your future wife or husband, the moment you became a believer, the moment that opened a door to your last big opportunity – were out of your control.

God is able to do “above what you ask or think.”

Heaven never invades our circumstances in predictable ways, it is always “above” or beyond what we thought.

The key for you is this – to experience moments that are “above what you ask or think,” you need to be “asking” and you need to be “thinking.”

So what are you asking for? What are you planning to do to position yourself to receive? You do your part…. and watch what happens!

– Lance

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