Timing is Everything

3 Ways to Keep Your Faith Alive in the Face of Unbelief

Have you ever had a time when you doubted God’s direct word to you?

One of my favorite testimonies of timing in the Bible is that of Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist.  In Luke 1, an angel visits Zechariah and foretells that he and his wife, Elizabeth, will have a son.

“…the angel said to him, ‘Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John.   And he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God,  and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.’

And Zechariah said to the angel, ‘How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years.’  And the angel answered him… ‘You will be silent and unable to speak until the day that these things take place, because you did not believe my words, which will be fulfilled in their time.’”    -Luke 1:13, 17-18, 20 [emphasis added]

Zechariah’s response revealed something. During the time period between his original asking and the moment of getting the answer, he was no longer hoping or expecting anything. The angel told him, “Because of your unbelief, you’re going to be mute until the baby is born.”  Zechariah’s words impacted the angel and the angel impacted the situation. Words can affect manifestations! Making him mute wasn’t a judgment on Zechariah, but rather it was God’s way of protection, preventing him from talking his way out of the manifestation.  

When the baby is born, in a beautiful prophetic moment, Zechariah writes, “His name is John.” Often, you can’t name the thing that God wants to do in your life until the fulness of time and the period of contradiction is completed.  When Jesus took up a towel and washed the disciples feet Peter protested the role reversal but “Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand’” (John 13:7; emphasis added).

*Remember this: Sometimes it isn’t the prayer that's wrong but rather the time for its fulfillment.  

How do we partner with God in His timing?

  1. Keep your faith alive.  Zechariah had fallen out of faith with his own prayer.  Fan the flame of faith within your own spirit.  Be assured that God has heard your prayers and knows what is in your heart. He is faithful! Ask the Lord to confirm if the thing you seek is something Heaven wants you to contend for. Ever consider how some answers to prayer fall upon our children? (Hebrews 11:13). Some, as was the case with Zechariah and Elizabeth, come in a later season of life. (It’s interesting that Elizabeth was ready and her husband wasn’t!) And yet, some answers come unexpectedly and sooner than we think.
  2. Endure the contradiction.  Don’t be like Zechariah.  His response to the word of the Lord unauthorized or interrupted the manifestation.  Watch your words and remember that what you speak has power to either interrupt or partner with God in what He is doing—in HIS timing.  Don’t talk your way out of God’s blessing!
  3. Cooperate with divine timing.  Thirty or forty years ago I prayed for things that are just now becoming a reality.  God might have a season of fulfillment in mind for something  you’ve been seeking the Lord for your whole life, but when the time comes you’ve forgotten that you prayed for it!  It is also possible that we are the delay in the timing. The children of Israel lost time wandering around in the wilderness of unbelief. Let’s believe that God is going to do the things He says He will.  We can trust His divine timing.

Question: What is God stirring within you even now?  

Tell me here and comment below!

As One!


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55 thoughts on “Timing is Everything

  1. We have had a passion for the outdoors for over 30 years and getting people involved in various outdoors activities. Through our passion we have started a business helping businesses and outdoors enthusiasts in this area. We had a prophetic word several years ago and let it stir in us, through our obedience and not putting “me” into it, we are now starting to see the fruits of the seeds that were planted within our passion, vision God has placed in us!

  2. Thanks Lance,from being small I have had anxiety issues which have surfaced on occasion which been addressed with prayer etc..The deal was they became part of my hidden mentality through my life.Mostly I am assured and passionate about life and creativity as an artist.. Just this week read what Jesus said ” do not let your heart be troubled” .Many years ago I had a revelation of the living wor,it was breathing and muscular like a living form..It made me take hold of these words and caused me to apologise to my heart for all I had cused it to endure because of my anxieties. It hs become so personal,this is my heart and I will protect it from the harm of fear,anxiety and ungodly stress.I have won a battle through his revelation yet again..I think sometimes we know scripture too well that the depths of the spiritual revelation are discarded..keep with periscopian messages we lov it here in the UK

  3. Dear Lance and Annabelle,

    This is my third invitation to you precious ones to take you to lunch and share with you the vision the Lord has given me since 1976. It is also something I have done much work, research, and developed plans, and have been given strategic administration for as well as scriptural insights. I have personally tested some of it, and have resources that are tapping into parts of it that are successful… but not the innovative comprehensive vision and model I believe I am to bring forward with a team of others…

    Will you come to the table with me?

    God Bless and Establish the work of your hands.

  4. Producing my podcast, Disruptive Brilliance. I’ll be interviewing people who have pursued a dream and are living out what happens after – unpacking process and releasing activation.

    Praying for the man that will one day be my husband.

    And, praying for strategic alignments to work with you as a coach and speaker!

  5. Have lived my life doing what my parents persuaded me to, because they thought that was best for me, they decided that I would not make money working with my creative skills, so asked me to become a Physician, Dad being one. Have always known Clinical Medicine was not for me, but after all of the time and money spent, and all of the creative skills, crushed, suppressed, did not know how to move into what I desired. Got to be a single parent so finances were important. Still have that frustration and have been talking to God about it to see how I could move into what He has purposed. No idea what my unique design is, no idea what my passion and purpose are, so in a dilemma

  6. I have come to realize that for me, Painting is worship. Now to walk in my new identity as an artist unafraid to let the world see

  7. Keep building my property management business, so someday I can support my vision for Africa.

    Use this waiting period to spend more time with God, and hearing His heart.

  8. Wow it is this same verse reference God has been speaking to me about. Keeping your mouth shut and not taking away from or adding to the blessings be spoken. But I didn’t have all the details like you shared. So awesome

  9. My husband and I are still in the process of “Writing The Vision and make it easy to understand” so that those who read it can “Run With It!” We are working with another retired couple; we are all in our 70s we are all too young to retire. But we need to get this part, then we can share it with you!

  10. The Lord is stirring in me that as the world goes through a microwave mentality of prayer delivery…He is calling us to P.U.S.H. this baby (birth of this season for me) out. But the key is timing. If a baby is born prematurely it may grow up okay but will have struggles until on track…same with birthing businesses and new directives from God. For me, I had a very strategic meeting with a Pastor last September who said to me….Di “when are you not only going to leave the land of MOAB but how are you going to prepare yourself when you cross over”. Whoa that was loaded…Right then and there in a Tim Horton Coffee Shop I declared this day I am leaving the land of Moab. The profession continued to heighten with every obstacle and scenario that rose against my situation. At three months the time we normally share with others of a pregnancy (December) I professed to my praying warrior friends I am leaving the land of Moab. The intensity continued and huge weights were dumped on me. Physical ailments tried to attach themselves and doctors visits were many. I continued to endure and praise and press through…Today I am almost nine months in and the clarity of this new season is arising as the old past is slowly dissipating. I continue to declare I am leaving the land of Moab. MAY it be this month! The courts of heaven have seen me through. The mountains I have and continue to climb are amazing. He is stirring in me to persevere in love, for the crown of life goes to those who do so under trials…The whole city of Ottawa will be changed because one stood for righteousness and truth in humility. Kingdom Leadership is arising and I am about to give birth. I look forward to the miracle child entering this NEW NOW. P>U>S>H> Pray Until Something Happens!

  11. In spite of painful difficulties right now, I still sense a glimmer of hope and awareness of preparation that our lives will be used to bring deliverance and hope to the hopeless….the deconstruction is major, and I have no choice but to be OK not knowing much about how this might play out…. I will stick to my guns, God is GOOD! Thank you for this post!

  12. What’s stirring in my heart is the promise of salvation and deliverance for my family. Also, I thought He was going to use me in ministry to others via evangelism and or the prophetic, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Twenty years ago, I became homeless and lived in shelters around the city of Chicago, and began a relationship with the Lord as a brand new babe. However, along the way, God made me some promises that I, like Zechariah would have done, messed up. I blew it and am now unsure if I have another chance as there has been one attack after another on my life by the enemy. I am now battling with a loss of appetite and weight loss, which is a scary situation. I don’t know anymore, Dr. Lance. Please, Please pray for me and that the Lord will protect me and my family and bring us through this. And that He will not let the devil destroy us. I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

  13. Thanks for a good word. Praying into the 3 things of partnering with God. A group of Kingdom minded people and I have been waiting on the finances to come forth for our God-plan to materialize. Each time we think the finances will be released there seems to be another delay. The project will be a blessing to the large group that we are supposed to work with. The investment money comes from another group entirely and that is from a foreign country. Any suggestions on strategic prayer. The monetary size of this venture is quite high and we are not in fear of it because it is high. How do you seek what God is saying in timing which matters to us but is not such a timing with the Almighty God?
    Will be praying into the above plan as you suggest.

  14. I believe I’ve been given dreams & visions from Father since my youth, and I have maintained file folders of collected info, research, etc. on every single one of them for four (4)-plus decades. When I lost my home to foreclosure in 2013, I lost hope–and faith (trust)–as well. I’m only now beginning to get back on my feet and believe for those visions again…even though the fact of limited resources flies in the face of Truth…it is a fierce battle in which I contend daily.

  15. 10 years ago I knew I was supposed to be doing a lot more than I was at the time. I look back and see myself in an ever shrinking box that had reached the point where I could barely breathe. The route to change included giving up on my version of the future that I had held onto for 15+ years. There came a time when I realised that unless something changed I would be in the same tough circumstances at the end of the world. It did not matter about this for my sake but it did matter that I would not be able to do what I had been called to do.

    My response was to scream at God to get me unstuck. Things did change and how! It was not long before it was quicker to count the things that had stayed the same than the things that had changed. It was a crazy ride for a while until things settled down again.

    I have not made that much progress towards some of the things I saw as part of my calling. However I am out of that captivity and have a very different and much happier life. Of course I would like to make progress towards that calling but even if I never did it has been part of the process of changing my life for the better.

  16. Great Word.I believe God will give me opportunity to teach on the seven mountains….right here in africa.it has taken long.I have got land to build facilities.I am waiting for the rest to come through.

  17. The Spirit inspired me to write songs. I have 2 recorded under the stage name April Snow. A Christian Tee shirt business started, YAH’s Gospel Threads, but lack of funds has caused me to put it in park for now. I have ideas for inventions.
    I’m a deliverance minister and want to help soldiers with PTSD and suicidal thoughts. I’d like to speak at women’s conference about the 5 fold ministry and deliverance, among other things. I’m a prophet of the house and to the nations.

  18. Two things stirring – convictions rather, ha!…the truth about making sure that heaven wants me to contend and the wilderness of unbelief. Very annoying when you discover you have been in a debacle with either one of those!

  19. Thanks, Lance. After a series of Suddenlies beginning last August, I’m recently relocated to So. Florida where a daughter and her two young adult children live. It took six months to work through the process of a VA loan, and the many miraculous interventions along the way. The on-going creating of the home for the future of my family is a joy! (Am 83 years old.)
    Now have contact with a Christian publishing company, and am seeking Father’s provision for co-publishing my book of family conversations, ‘Why Mommy?, Why Daddy?’ It was birthed about 20 years ago. Each conversation features a family from a different ethnic, cultural, or geographical background. Some also use original song lyrics which support the flow of the conversation begun by the child or teen. (I’ve been blessed as well with many original songs, and the tape-recordings of them.) Please agree with me for the funds (about $8,000) over the course of the several months of the book production.
    Also, for the contacts and sponsorship needed for the broadcasting ministry I’m being led into.
    Thanks! and many blessings to you and your Family, in Yeshua’s mighty Name, Amen!!!

  20. Holy Hallelujah… Well said Mr. Wallnau…
    DANG…. That is a very powerful Revelation…. Thank You!!!!!!!!

  21. Lance, I saw the beginning manifestations last week of visions and promises I have been stewarding for 20 years! As a ‘tribal’ person – both Cherokee and Hebrew – I knew that there were other key players necessary for fulfillment of the vision to help raise up that young, hungry army of the Lord – and take the art and entertainment mountain along the way. All the years of promises – seeing some powerful seeds manifest publicly in seasons, and other times warring and ministering from a hidden away with the Lord place – I am seeing begin to manifest more than I ever imagined. A ‘suddenly’ that has been stewarded carefully for two decades is about to bloom! Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement along the way!

  22. Dear Dr Lance

    Thank you for your word. I am encouraged. Still waiting for God to intervene in my application for degree course.

    God bless you

  23. Dear Dr Lance
    I am excited about 2 things. About a month ago, you prophesied in one of your broadcasts about people being healed of breathing issues, and mentioned stress as a cause. I responded that I had had an allergic reaction to a cat that left me with a chronic cough, and said God was urging me to get more rest. You said I would be totally healed. I had been passed from dr to dr and had many tests done, no one could really pinpoint a cause of my coughing and raspy voice. I finally went off all medication, believed God told me to start taking apple cider vinegar (nasty stuff but it works). Cough has left me, Dr said “ok to cancel all tests, why argue with success!” I am fine and will be even finer!
    Also…after 25 yrs as a textile designer in NYC, my company went out of business (Nafta) and my mom passed away at almost the same time. I came to LI to care for my elderly father, which meant no more working in the city. No more $. I had to take what job I could get on Long Island, I just needed to be close to home. God miraculously had me check a website on the one day that a fabric company 10 minutes from my house, posted a job. That was almost 5 years ago. It has been tough. Little pay and company filled with devils. I stayed because I felt I had no choice and prayed like you taught us to from your days in Babylon. I still would ask God if this was the best I could hope for. Then they hired a new boss who I slowly gained favor with. She also is from a design background and so felt my pain I think. The amazing thing is a customer of ours developed a product and we partnered with them to sell it nationally. Because it’s design related, I was chosen as one of the people to gain expertise in this product. The others who also worked on it have shown they are either not qualified or not interested in going forward with it. It is slowly becoming my baby. My boss now sees a day in the future when I will be the dedicated person for this line. Might not be more $, I don’t know, but I am not falling asleep from boredom at work anymore. I do believe God had someone develop this product just for me…I will now wait for new responsibility and perhaps an avenue to work from home. Yeah God! His timing is perfect.

  24. Thanks Lance
    I’m hearing that the seven lean years have ended and we are stepping into seven years of plenty (opposite of Joseph!). Transition time. Needing to have systems and structures and people prepared in place for increase. It’s time!

  25. To see hearts turned toward home. To restore the intended value and significance of marriage within the Body of Christ so it can witness to the world Christ’s love for us. To help restore right thinking in the area of sexuality. It’s my belief that we divorce, we sin, and we covet in these areas because most people (even ‘married’ people) simply don’t know what marriage is. Why would one save his/herself for something they don’t understand or see as statistically destined to fail? Worldly consequences are easily negotiated in the mind, whereas truth revealed is not. Praying for the Lord to reveal these mysteries and the great spiritual significance of the marriage covenant in the hearts of His believers and to empower and equip us to lovingly teach our natural and spiritual children. We can’t expect the world to set or understand what marriage is if we aren’t seeking to fully understand ourselves. If one knows the intended use for something, perhaps she is less likely to abuse or misuse it. 🙂 I don’t have all the answers, but I have heart to help us desire to learn more and share what I can. In His name.

  26. What’s stirring in my spirit is giving utterance with my voice to what I hear from our Father’s heart to PRAY for creative miracles. Signature Sound of Heaven!! Since Passover, he has answered every prayer I pray for others!

  27. Lance, As always a right word at the right time! We are Richard and Rhonda the couple that moved to Cabo after attending our first Dream Trip here. Six years and several dream trips later we have now seen what brother Bob Bradbury saw before his going home. He saw the Lord doing a mighty work in the barrios of Los Cabos. And we just finished a 3 day crusade with the Carlos Annacondia team from Argentina where we had just under 800 first time professions of faith and many miracles and lives forever changed! Over fifty churches working together a crossed denominational lines to see Bobs vision become a reality! The best is yet to come for Los Cabos as we believe this is only the catalyst for city wide transformation. We continue to teach the 7 Mountain mandate and Ed Silvoso’s 5 pivotal paradigms (from our third Dream Trip) and are seeing everything you teach come to life when applied with faith and patience. Thank you! Thank you! for planting seeds to dream big and for bringing in the high calibre of teachers that always compliment your message like Ed Silvoso,Dave Yarns,Perry Marshall, Bonnie & Mahesh,and many more and the many contacts and new friends we have met like Keith Graham that share the same passion and vision to take our mountains.
    UNTIL WE REACH THE TOP ! AS ONE Richard and Rhonda Mead

  28. I’m older, but my Dr says I’m in better shape than 25 to 30% of his patients. I was a social worker, but in graduate school (UNReno) I got bitten by the political bug. I love to know what is happening. There has to be a place for me here. For right now, as I learn things and share them via fb, some like them, some don’t. That is OK. Maybe this is my role in life-to inform. I just want to be in God’s will.

  29. A very timely Word from the Lord, indeed.

    My wife is 38 weeks pregnant and after our first baby girl going straight to the Lord at birth last year, He gave us His promise that it will not happen again and that the second child will be a very smooth and healthy delivery. Today, our second-to-be-born is not head down yet and circumstances contradict God’s Word but we will believe that in His time, He will deliver what and they way He promised!

    Thanks so much for this, Lance!

  30. The Lord really spoke to me at the recent Lionheart conference where you spoke into Micro Church. He showed me the power and authority of two or three in true unity and how we can take the mountain(s) we are assigned to.

  31. That is a deep, deep well of words to me, especially one week removed from an activation time last week at Wendy K. Walters RELEASE THE WRITER conference at Life Center (Harrisburg). Thanks for sharing these insights and for the role you have played, unsuspecting, in my life!!!

  32. Hi Lance!
    Thank you so much for this word! For about a month now, the Lord has been speaking very specifically to me what you started out with! Luke 1:17 – ‘It is he who will go as a forerunner before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the disobedient to the attitude of the righteous, so as to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.’ Today, I am finishing up 9 months of teaching 5 year olds the book of Revelation so I know Jesus is coming soon and that we need to be ready! My response is, Yes Lord!! Thanks again for your timely word today. God bless you!
    Kelly 🙂

  33. God spoke to me about writing a memoir through a number of unconnected people over several years. I attended a Release the Writer Conference with Wendy K Walters in Harrisburg, PA. Let’s just say I got released and am writing like a house on fire. Hooray God!! I know that timing is everything and the time is now. Because Wendy stepped out into her gifting, I am now starting to step into mine. And that will help others step into theirs. It’s quite awesome

  34. Establish a business community that reflects Ephesians 4:16 where every part of the body is present, joined correctly and each doing it’s part. A place where believers share gifts, support each other and create a consortium of shared talents to grow up a body that edifies itself in love and creates wealth to establish God’s covenant on earth.

    Businesses, start ups, witty inventors, ministries already in place or just getting started all together share office space, praise, pray, encourage and create what is an Acts church fellowship. From there send out, support financially and influence the world for Jesus Christ.

    Once the model is established, scale it to cities all over the world.

    • Victor where are you located right now? What is the area you are wanting to begin this business community?

  35. What a lifeline of encouragement to remove the blinders of doubt, fear and unbelief the enemy has been throwing at me this last week to quench all the faith and hope the Lord has been unveiling these last few months. So grateful to be able to clearing see the hindering tactics of the enemy with fresh determination to resist the ploy to fall back into the old paralyzingly lies and to press forward into the breakthroughs of promise this year. For the hope set before me I press toward the mark of my high calling in Christ Jesus. Thank you.

  36. This is such an awesome word and speaks to my life because it has been my testimony that I have only spoke on in the last couple years, other than one or two close friends. Timing has always been a big thing in my life and I never understood why. This story has always had such significance but again, I never fully understood why. I’ve been in the convergence zone when understanding and fulfillment have been coming together to explain some things to me. I’ve been in a time of rest waiting on next steps and believing for the manifestation of the awakening in the Church, America and the world. I have been sowing awakening into ministries and people through giving and my prayers. My mom had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago which catapulted me into this season and she is back in the rehab hospital because she fell. My 14 year old son is at a slightly difficult age and isn’t as gung ho on Godly things as I would like. I lost one client last year because of changes in their circumstances and just found out I’m losing another because they are moving. I’ve had these people for ten years. So these contradictions are where I am at right now as I watch the awakening breaking forth all over the world. I long for something new to do so I’m just waiting on God by studying and learning as much as I can in order to prepare myself to do what He makes available as I trust Him for new opportunities and financial breakthroughs.

  37. Blessings Lance,
    When I was a child, something traumatic happened to me and I could not speak for a month, I was sexually a salted and the person told me not to tell. When I was a drug addict, I had a visitation from Angels that looked like children and unclean spirits left me. Two weeks before that I was told to stop talking and if I had anything to say write it down.Though my captivity came by not speaking. My deliverance came by not speaking….this was profound to me, and there are times when I go on a vow of silence sabbtacle and is a time of peace and revelations. …….God bless you


  38. This was just what I needed to hear! I have recently registered my ministry – Lite the Nite Ministries – to sex trafficked people as a full charity in Ontario and its taken 29 years to get here! Along the way, everything I’ve prayed for this ministry has been given to others – at first this frustrated me but I realized that my ‘prayer seeds’ were being scattered and coming to fruition in so many places! He’s a good God! I’m believing that now is my time and your post has greatly encouraged me. Just waiting for the ‘people (who) are prepared, the place (that’s) prepared, the provision finances and income prepared and the promised land prepared for me’, which is a prophetic word given to me a couple of years ago to be fulfilled.

  39. Thank you for such an awesome and timely word. I recently retired as Prayer Pastor (19 years) of my local church. I’ve also served as a facilitator and organizer of many prayer events in my city. I sensed God telling me that the seasons of my life were changing and my life as a prayer leader would take on a different face. I have prayed for and longed for the Body of Christ in my city to become a House of Prayer and have recently sensed in my spirit Him directing me to establish a physical “House of Prayer” in my city – a place where worship, prayer, intercession could be 24/7, as well as teaching. For several years now I have been putting together curriculum for teaching on “Knowing Him,” [published a book “I AM” 366 Meditations and Prayers on the Names of God], teaching on “Becoming Who We Are In Christ,” and on “Prayer and Intercession.” He has even given me the design of prayer stations to establish in the House of Prayer. However, while I do have many components and resources for it, I have no funds to purchase or rent a building in which to establish one, nor do I have funds to maintain a House of Prayer. I am presently praying and seeking Him as to how to begin – if in fact I am to begin now or wait for Him to provide the necessary funds – or even raise up someone else to come alongside and run with it. Do you have any suggestions how I should be praying. I do NOT want to step outside of His plan or His timing. If I am to simply lay the foundation [which I have been doing for several years] and someone else actually build on the foundation laid, then I’m asking that He reveal that to me. Thank you for any response or suggestions.

  40. God is confirming Hus word to me. Faith in Gid also involves faith in His timing. I know He has heard my prayers and I know the answers are in the way in Hus divine timing. He has promised much at at the correct time promises will be fulfilled. Keep
    My eyes on the Lord and don’t give up

  41. I believe the Lord has been showing me there will be safe havens, areas all over this country and the world that will prosper and shelter. Some little and some big. That as we are advancing in this time where light gets brighter and dark gets darker the true church shoulder to shoulder just as in Joel is being brought together stone be stone. I am task for the prep of one of those areas. I don’t have a clear understanding of the physical side of funding yet but am pressing in.

    Thank you for the encouragement to press on. I know time is collapsing, the devil’s attacks try to be distracting and God is more than able to complete what He starts. I appreciate your prayers for me as I pray for you on the front line.

  42. Wow, Lance! Almost 21 years ago, God gave me the courage as a single mother to leave the past behind on the east coast and sent me to the west coast to live the dream of making movies. Time interrupted, tragedies happened but I still got to work in the industry having the time of my life making someone else’s movies. Now, all this time later, the Lord has directed me to take my scripts off the shelf and dust them off. This I believe is His Timing to do what He sent me out to do in the first place. Please pray for funding.

  43. Thank you Lance for your direction on this topic, have wondered through life carting the same spirit of lack and feeling of not belonging. Parents did not want me, lived with numerous people who only were there because they were paid while being exposed to extreme abuse. Say that only to say, thank you Lord for trusting me to go through and understand how multitudes of people have experienced an abusive formative life, some are crushed, some are angry and abusive back. As Christians are we calming the waves of terror in the world or are we only interested in our little
    religious world? I have a huge contradiction in my life currently, I know what God has called me to do, circumstances would indicate impossible,
    my God is an awesome God who I cast all my care upon Him for He careth for me. Jesus is in my life boat, calming the waves, the evil spirit. I have spoken to the evil spirit in the name of Jesus and told it to go. My God shall provide ALL my needs according to His riches in Glory.

  44. God has called me to go back to school to become a nurse. I am currently pursuing a BSN. In the future The Lord wants me to build orphanages and hospitals where anyone can come whether they have insurance or not and get the best of care for the money will always be there. The Lord said that I will always have the money to do whatever I want to do. I am moving forward one step at a time.

  45. .This is an inspirational story of my nephew, Kurt Vickman and how he connects with “the dash” and what has shaped and driven him. Stop in at the Good Grocer the next time you are in Minneapolis and meet him- you will like him! A several mountain mover and shaker!

    Kurt Vickman
    Founder & Owner of Good Grocer
    June 11, 2016 7 minute read
    When Kurt Vickman sees that an existing model is no longer connecting with people, he gets to work imagining a new paradigm. That has been the impetus behind all of Kurt’s innovative leadership—from leading the charge on Sunday evening experiential worship services through Upper Room to opening the Minneapolis neighborhood grocery store Good Grocer. Designed to give families access to healthy food at affordable prices through a new working volunteer model, Good Grocer lowers operating costs and prices by enlisting members to help run the store. For Kurt, the model is a personal one; born out of his own journey of embracing his differences and discovering the unique gifts he brings, Kurt’s leadership is built on the idea that no one is helpless and everyone has giftedness to contribute.

    My path early on was characterized by not feeling smart. I remember in 4th grade, they had those star charts where they’d put a star next to your name if you did your times table right. And I remember looking up at my name with one star—and at the name next to mine with eight stars—and thinking, “I am really dumb.” There are words that do something to you, and that word took a long time to shake. I was diagnosed with dyslexia, but other than the fact that I had to go to a special room while my friends were together in their classroom, I didn’t know what that meant. At that age, you just want to be the same as everyone else, and I wasn’t.
    There was an awards ceremony at my school, where 280 awards were given out, with some kids receiving two or three awards. I received none. I remember my father wrote a letter to the superintendent saying I suffered from developmental dyslexia and asking how it would make the few remaining kids feel to receive nothing. What I took away from the whole incident was that my dad believed in me. He believed I wasn’t what others deemed me to be and that I had something to offer.

    I think so much of our role as leaders is to believe in the people we lead—recklessly, relentlessly. But it’s taken me a long time to truly embrace my own humanity. I spent the first decade of my adulthood trying to transform parts of myself to fit the norms around me. When I interned at a local church, I worked hard to quit swearing and drinking around the teens. Those weren’t bad goals, but in focusing on cleaning myself up externally, I lost some sense of self. I was trying to hide the recklessness, craziness, and brokenness that made me who I was—but as a leader, and particularly as a Christian, I came to realize that was hypocritical. I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not. Far more than trying to be the perfect leader, I’ve found owning my imperfections creates a healthier culture, one where people can talk things out and authentically engage each other.
    I think so much of our role as leaders is to believe in the people we lead—recklessly, relentlessly.”
    With each thing I’ve started, I’ve always felt some sense of disruption—that the existing way of doing things was no longer connecting authentically to people’s needs or longings. Working in student ministry, I realized students were graduating and leaving the church. My friends saw the Christian faith—the very thing bringing me life—as irrelevant and full of hypocrites. I longed for them to be able to connect with it authentically, but to do that I would need to create an entirely new experience of it. I began a congregation called Upper Room that would meet on Sunday evenings and connect people with a fresh experience of church.

    That same sense of disruption is what led me to create Minneapolis Market, now Good Grocer. I saw a neighborhood full of people who would buy healthier food for their families if they could only afford it—and I saw a faith community with an opportunity to go beyond just talking and preaching to living and acting in love. We opened a food shelf where we handed out thousands of pounds of food to lines of hundreds of people every week, and it felt good to “do good.” But after a while, I started to realize I might actually be hurting the people I was “helping.” I realized I saw them—standing there in line—as helpless, with nothing to offer, and it was eroding something in them. Once again, I felt that familiar disruption. What if I could see them as helpful instead? What if we could create a completely new model that empowered their authentic giftedness instead, a model that would blur the lines between charity and business, between recipients and contributors, between “us” and “them”? That’s what Good Grocer is.

    For me, the vision always begins with the physical space and the ability to see what it could be in its resurrected form. When I looked at this big empty space on Lake Street, I could envision a communal connection happening there. I could imagine people coming into a space that felt beautiful, where they could get the food they need for their families; rediscover a sense of self; or feel safe to ask someone for prayer. The space at Good Grocer allows that—and it was that kinetic building phase that led the innovation of a new model. That is one of the things that always drive me: creating spaces that bring folks together.
    What if we could create a completely new model that empowered their authentic giftedness instead, a model that would blur the lines between charity and business, between recipients and contributors, between ‘us’ and ‘them’?”
    The envisioning part is what I love to do, but once the vision is up and going, I rely so much on having a talented implementer who can ground it—and it’s always a challenge for me to find where I best fit in the ongoing implementation and management of what I’ve started. As a visionary, I love seeing something that didn’t exist come into existence—but the intensity of that vision can sometimes exhaust my staff and give them a kind of whiplash. That’s a part of my leadership I’m still trying to figure out, because even knowing things run better when I’m leading from who I am, I have to be conscious of not outpacing or overbearing the implementation.

    It’s strange, but one of the places I go for inspiration is the cemetery. In Scriptures, it says, “A wise person thinks much about death.” I’ve learned that to be true through two early, deeply wounding, but also very clarifying experiences with death. My friend Spence died of cancer when I was a freshman in college, and my mom—one of my greatest heroes—fought cancer from the time I was in junior high until she died two years after I graduated college. Far from being morbid, these kinds of things have a way of focusing you on what’s most important in life. When I look at their tombstones, there’s a dash between the day they were born and the day they died; that dash is the smallest thing on their tombstone, and yet it’s where they jammed all their living and loving and learning and giving. It reminds me to live a life that matters.
    Looking back on previous ventures like Upper Room, it was tempting to think it was successful just because it got bigger and more people were involved—and perhaps that was some indicator that God was doing something through it. But what meant more to me was that it started a conversation. When it began, it was one of two churches hosting that model of Sunday evening service—now there are 50 or 60. That’s the dream with Good Grocer, too. We’re trying to fill the gap that exists between food shelves and a regular grocery store or food co-op by innovating a new model that can start conversations and spark others like it. It’s important for me to remember that in this challenging, early stage with Good Grocer when we’re trying to build momentum toward something truly sustainable. Even now, a win for me is if someone walks in the door at Good Grocer and feels completely normalized—not treated like they’re helpless or someone’s cause, but able to buy the food they choose in a place where they belong and contribute.
    Stop by Good Grocer today for some extra fresh produce and neighborly greetings.