Passion: Is this you, God?

3 Ways To Align Your Desire With God’s Will

Do you ever ask yourself, “Where did this passion come from?  Is it ok to desire its fulfillment?  Is it from God?”

I’ve got to be honest with you, when it comes to dreams and desires, if there’s one thing you will struggle with, it’s this question: “Is this from you, Lord?”

God does two things:

1. God often puts the desires and yearnings of His heart into your spirit. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).

2. Heaven also notes the desires that come from your heart and weaves their fulfillment into your journey.  (I am using desire and “passion” interchangeably.)

Heaven wants to empower you so that you can conceive and create inspired things!

We often stress out over “not missing” the will of God, never realizing that the Spirit is not always directing us in detail. The Lord is not wanting perfection from us, He is wanting FAITH and that implies an element of risk and uncertainty.  God is delighted when we simply go forward, improvising by faith in the direction that aligns with His Word.

Again, it’s just mind blowing that God honors the desires that are in our hearts. These desires are an early indicator of a new direction. It begins as a pull, a yearning, that is in your life that will move you in the direction of what Heaven ultimately wants you to do.

So how do we harness and sanctify this desire for His glory?

The three part formula of Psalm 37:3-5 is a perfect guide. Trust, delight and commit.

Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.  Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:3-5

1. Trust!  First, believe that God has a good plan for your life, that He hears and is directing your prayers.

2. Delight!  Make His presence, His agenda, His smile the supreme asset and your main pursuit.  

3. Commit!  Here’s the hard part: make choices that are tangible, hard, real, solid choices.  You’re committing your way when you give of your time or resources, sign up to go to an event, or when you give your word to be somewhere.  This is a strong commitment fortified by trust and solidified with a desire to live in God’s presence under the smile of heaven.

This yielding and committing creates an environment where God not only gives you the desires that are in your heart, but He provides a place for the desires that are autonomously flowing from your heart to be woven into His blueprint and plan.  

The Lord has made you in His image, like an Adam that is cultivating a garden.  He wants you to curate, cultivate, and manifest certain dreams, desires, and ideas that are in your heart to do. Don’t obsess over questions of if it is God’s will. If it is in line with the Word and is a repeated yearning, you should move toward it and see where the journey takes you.

Here’s my question to you: What is the passion or desire that is rising up currently within you as you read this?  Comment below and tell me about it.

As One!

Lance Wallnau

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4 thoughts on “Passion: Is this you, God?

  1. To get my writing into a format that is able to be published. I have been writing for a number of years. My writing is birthed out of my relationship with him and times of intimacy with Him and was used to bring about my own transformation of healing and wholeness. After a time I had a desire to make it available to others and designed a blog that functions mostly as an outlet. I initially had no idea of how to design anything for the Internet , html coding or photoshop but after a frustrating year of praying for him to send me help, one day I sat down at my computer and literally all of the sudden I was filled with the knowledge and understanding to do what I previously had no clue how to do. That was 5 years ago. My writing consists of a lot of poems and short writings based on the insight and understanding I have gained from my own walk with Him. I have been saved 30 years but I really came to wholly surrender to Him 16 years ago. I am at present in a situation where I have an opportunity to be able leave a full time job which the Lord sent me to three years ago but have sensed the season was coming to a close, to put much more time energy and effort into my dream of becoming a published and known author. I don’t want to publish for the sake of publishing, I want what I have written and what I continue to write to make a difference in the lives of people. I am all about kingdom purpose in whatever I pursue. Oddly I am on vacation this week and using this time to really seek The Lord, not necessarily direction as I feel that is a by product of pursuing him. Your video was the first on a list I have that I want to watch this week bs already I am getting confirmation that it is time for me to move on.
    Thank You!
    Sharon Trumps

  2. Saw you this morning on the Jim Bakker Show and you were very powerful and thank you for being there for Mr. Trump I believe that he is the only man or person that can put America back up on her feet again with the help and guidance of GOD and JESUS CHRIST ! And as everyone that knows if he is not in that office in January 2017 we are done as a Country or Nation ! SO MAY GOD PLEASE BLESS AMERICA AND MR. DONALD J. TRUMP ! And I PRAY that GOD steps in and helps us and get these people out to VOTE ! Thank You Sir !

  3. God has put the desire of my heart to work from home since 1996. I have dabbled in many internet marketing business until I found one in 2016 that fit my values and beliefs. It’s a personal development business. This has been an area of my life for 25 yrs. actually, both showed up the same year. Personal development and working from home.

    I have struggled with it since 2016. Only because I haven’t fully committed. I just finished a book on my abortion trauma that I felt God put on my heart to finish. I am now 51 and am having a hard time finding a job and this online business keeps knocking on the door of my heart, I’m scared,I am afraid of rejection but I slowly see that God is pulling away all other options but the business. Maybe he wants me to fund my publishing with this business,p?

    I sit on the fence and do nothing because I’m not convinced the desire is from God. Why do I struggle with this so much? It hasn’t left my heart in 25 yrs. I’m scared, I’m scared of what people think and I’m scared I won’t commit to calling prospects back.