What If We Could PRE-play The Future?

3 Habits To Insulate Your Thought Life from Negative Thinking

I have an idea that I think will really stimulate your thinking.  What if we could pre-play the future that God wants to manifest rather than replaying the moments when things didn’t work out?  

One of the defining pieces of armor in the Christian arsenal is the “helmet of salvation.” “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Ephesians 6:17)  This helmet has a few key characteristics. Its primary purpose is to protect your mind—your thought life. Satan has a mind and so do the minions of malicious spirits that do his bidding. Their task is to penetrate your thought life. The helmet is referred to as a helmet of “hope” in 1 Thessalonians 5:1. This could be described as the supernatural ability to keep a tightly insulated thought life against all intruding toxic thoughts and faith-robbing negativity.  

Individuals who keep their helmets firm have trained themselves to avoid self-sabotaging self-talk as they partner with God in His plans and promises for their present and future.

What are some ways you can prevent self-sabotage?

  1. Record. You would be surprised at how many sacred moments occur in a 24-hour period. You will discover the significance of these experiences by making it a habit to review them at the end of the day. I have a journal that I carry everywhere.  I encourage you to get a journal and take time to record these daily miracles as reference experiences for when you’re encountering a new challenge.   Too frequently, we miss those God-moments that, whether they seem large or small, are truly sensational.
  2. Rehearse. Remind yourself of who God is. Look upon the whole of your life and one word about God will stand out—His faithfulness! Replay every victory you’ve ever had before you make a critical decision. Do this on purpose because if you’re not careful, without a helmet to intercept them, you’ll start replaying the tape of what has gone wrong in the past.  If you yield to negative thinking you’ll focus on what went wrong. This will sabotage the results you want to see.  
  3. Pre-play. The brain is a fascinating thing.  Under the helmet of hope, you actually can protect your thoughts from self-sabotaging by pre-playing what God wants to do in the future.  This is possible by loading up your thought life with times when things went brilliantly.  Your imagination is a tool given by God. Use it to rehearse what you believe God wants to do. Mental rehearsal is the discipline of Olympic champions and miracle workers alike. Keep a visual image of what you’re aiming for—the outcome the Bible promises.  Do this and watch what happens.

Question: I’m always looking to discover new tools. What are some daily habits you employ to stay positive and focused in your life?  Comment below

As One!


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55 thoughts on “What If We Could PRE-play The Future?

  1. Daily prayer and bible reading. Ongoing prayer with the Lord during the day. Remembering His promises to me and being mindful Of what comes out of my mouth.

  2. Get emails like yours, read the word, push away neg thoughts, pray in the spirit, praise. Some days are more intense so it is a challenge sometimes. I recognize the things that steal my energy and joy
    I didn’t always recognize that but I am getting better at it. Thank you for your emails and how God leads you. Blessings, Holly

  3. I set a reminder in my phone to go off at the same time everyday. The reminder is a statement of who I need to be to go where I’m going. I try to read/declare it out loud every day. If I’m in public I tell it to myself silently. I got the idea during one of your meetings. #heartlandchurchankeny #bethlolson

    • Good way to express the thought of what we often miss with all the demands, voices giving any manner of, be here, do that, solve this, what do you think, what stratagise should be used, by whom where, why. when. what is the cost, where is the funds., what was said,, why, that hurt, why, so many questions come in the day, thank God for his grace in our lives. Not by powe, or by might, by His Spirt says the Lord.

      • Taking the onus off of us and putting more on God is what I get from your reply.
        I am testing out if my reply
        actually can be read by others without facebook.
        Last week i wasted time trying to send a long thank u reply to another ministry and found out after it didn t go through without facebook…
        Getting more proficient with the means of communication one is using can spare unnecessary frustration or stepping back to something simpler when frustration has mounted.
        Leaning on Holy Spirit more and less on our ability has to be about the best way to simplify I know of.
        I am leaning on His promise that His yoke is easy and burden is light….
        Learning to recognize self imposed obligation rather than God’s and let it go…
        Seems to be an ongoing art to perfect.

  4. My wife and I get together every evening to share our journals from our personal prayer times. Our journals include scripture, our personal thoughts and prayers, as well as prophetic words we receive from God. They might also include words we have read during the day on Elijah List, etc. We also pray over our shared hopes and promises that God has given us for our futures. We have done this for the last year and find this is the best answer for staying in unity and knowing where the other one is emotionally and spiritually. We are amazed at the times God is speaking to us about the exact same area and he gives us parallel scriptures to ponder. As a husband, I find it freeing to share my inner most thoughts with my bride of nearly 44 years. I look forward to these evening pray and share times.

  5. Awesome and truly helpful message. I consciously choose to laugh out loud as much as possible, I have found that this lowers anxiety levels and allows me to focus. Singing to Pappa God also helps huuugely 🙂

  6. Many years ago, God was dealing with me about this subject of mind/ Thought control. One day I was listening to a teaching on the power of fasting and it implied that it affected your ability to focus. I really did not want to fast so I asked God if I needed to – he said Yes, but you don’t need to fast food, you need to fast – vein, useless, negative, Thinking. Over time this was confirmed to me again and again and I ask for his help. It turned out that some of your suggestions were part of what I have done. In addition, I have taken great faith that I have the Mind of Christ so I can expect to think positive, creative, and in line with his will and word. But of course it takes discipline, and a constant awareness of the character, source, and nature of your thoughts. After a number of years It has now become automatic, and I am almost always aware when Vain [thoughts that are about self– pride ego etc.]; Useless [those wandering thoughts or judgmental analysis that we do on people and circumstances that will mean nothing even if we figure them out]; Negative [this includes fearful, anxious, and just generally pessimistic thinking]. I shortly discovered in the early days that these represented 80 to 90% of my thinking. I have finally gotten that down to about 30%. It’s a battle and will take Holy Spirit help and transformation. The battle truly is in the mind, but we can win with the power of choice, and Intentional awareness. Then say and believe that you have the mind of Christ, and rethink the wrong thoughts with what you believe the mind of Christ would think.

    • I love the idea of intentional awareness mentioned in the previous reply. Taking steps to do a daily brain detox on
      one toxic thought at a time is my newest approach to clearing my mind of negative, useless thinking. I believe
      strongly in the spiritual law that there can never be a void….so in order to get rid of the negative, I know that I need
      to intentionally have a lot of positive input to replace it…like imagining what God wants to do in my future. I also
      like to use EFT or energy tapping to release negative emotions at a deeper level and then replace them with the
      truth. We are definitely going against the grain…but it is such God honoring work!!! Thanks for your input!!!

      • Love both these insights; thank you, Beth Sturges and Gary L! Going through a similar process in recent months (couple years), but I truly do see Holy Spirit transforming my thinking! Thank you, Bro. Wallnau, for your inspiration!

  7. Hi Lance!
    Timing of this was divinely impeccable.. Or is that impeccably divine?! ?
    Well either way the answer to your question actually lies in how I received this which was through social media (Twitter).. Came literally in the midst of a morning full of fighting negative thoughts..

    • Social Media is what I’ve used primarily..

    • Technology – I have my bible app on my phone that I’ll use also.
    • Journaling
    I also journal although I’ve missed the past few days though and need to catch up.. I know you’ve mentioned journaling but didn’t realize you do it everyday! Cool! (I see others have commented doing the same as well)..

    • Creative
    Sometimes I’ll use a creative outlet – I’ll use a daily verse (or something I’ve bookmarked) and create a meme from it in one of my apps, write whatever comes to mind and then post on my IG account.. Something about that whole process makes it stick better for me..

    Just writing all of this makes me feel better because I realize I am doing something, and even though I was struggling earlier, I’m not now (I used to stay in a “funk” over things for days-weeks on end!).. I just need to continue doing it..

    Thanks Lance for the encouragement via email (& sending via Twitter! ????).

  8. I repent as a strategy; get daily Biblical info from each of the five fold ministries; engage the [world] around me; look for people that God highlights to me who are 7M types to see how I can either help, promote or emulate. I pray for my region daily. I look for His return.

  9. Thank you so much for this post Lance. I have been really struggling with negative thinking. I know I’ve had evil telling me my business will not prosper and I will be homeless. I’ve learned that when demons come at you like this, it’s because God says the opposite! Even though I know this, I’ve really started to believe it. It has affected my health and my motivation. This has so helped me today.
    God bless you!

  10. I worship on a regular basis to change my focus and change the atmosphere. God is so faithful. When I play and focus only on Him I have a new perspective. His Spirit takes over. My mind is renewed. I pray and intercede as the Spirit leads.

  11. Love this post! I am grateful for all that you have brought to the Body in encouragement and challenge to be all we are created to be to the world!

    The revelation of speaking the gospel to ourselves was the instrument that changed my life. 5 years ago, I began the journey of Romans 12:2, renewing my mind, when I was tasked by Richard Rhorer of Right Mind Ministries to teach on the science of mind renewal that Dr. Caroline Leaf wrote about in her book, “Who Switched Off My Brain.” The subject intrigued me and the adventure began. Today, I am still teaching on the power of the New Covenant of Grace on our minds and our hearts when we speak the gospel out loud to ourselves on a regular basis. What I have since learned in my personal study of what the bible has to say on this subject has brought me freedom beyond my expectations! The Lord is for us and the designs that He established in our hearts; so much so, that the word heart is the fifth most used word in the bible! Even more, He has already prepared those works for each one of us and given us the grace to walk them out. I am a far cry from the girl I was 5 years ago: more alive, healthier, more vital and content in His love and His purpose for me. The revelation of the Gospel of Grace, the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf has been the instrument of me knowing the love of God and His righteousness in my heart and living it out in my life. I now have multiple opportunities of one on one relationship and teaching classes at my church, New Song Worship Center in Costa Mesa, CA, to share the revelation that I have lived with others. I am currently working on a book with Richard Rhorer of Right Mind Ministries, where we will shall this revelation of Grace and the importance of knowing the finished work of Christ on our behalf while speaking it into our lives so that we can be all that God created us to be as inheritors of the Blessings of Abraham when God spoke the gospel to Him, that he would be “a blessing to all nations.”

  12. Pray without ceasing. Laugh at the delightfully funny things God shares, whether it is the antics of nature or word play. Live in the moment.

  13. I set my mind each morning as soon as I realize I am awake, to praising Him loving on Him and adoring Him. Being in the Father’s presence and walk in one with Him in peace and joy through the day keeping my meditation and focus on Jesus and rehearsing the Word of God thru my mind all day. Keeps me focused and able to receive downloads from heaven and when I am driving Jesus is sitting beside me and we talk like friends, how I love, loving on Him?

  14. I have about 50 selected pictures I put on a flash drive & I plug them into a scrolling digital picture frame

    It has past pics and future plans that remind me of successes & things to come. It includes my family & kids too which I count most important. I take it on trips with when I travel or work out town.

  15. Dear Lance:

    For about 4 months now, the Lord regularly wakes me up after 11PM & before 5AM – typically 1-2AM.I always get up and learn from Him during that special window, a hidden treasure cove.
    He has used your testimony for hours as part of this learning and, in a sense, I am a living book you and specially I help write daily.
    Much hope and certainty comes from audio & videos you and a 3-4 others put on the web.
    I listen, agree and walk with joyful hope towards the major transformation we experience.
    We ARE encouraged by the voice of prophets & apostles. We listen and walk with GOD toward the transformation GOD ardently carries out with who decide to walk humbly with Him and persevere therein through the Mr Mc Goo nearsightedness so natural to us all.
    Our times are pre-illustrated in the historic rebuilding of Jerusalem financed by three pagan wealthy Kings in the times of Nehemiah and Ezrah.

    Today, GOD has brought major good news of healing regarding my wife’s body which I believe symbolises progress in the healing of HIS very sick and slumbering bride.

    Lets joyfully walk obediently as pioneers in the WORLDWIDE TRANSFORMATION HE SO DESIRES and will bring about through Donald Trump as we walk therein in agreement.

    Thank you, dear brother, for the enthusiasm you haVe brought AND BRING to so many of us !!


    Vincent O. Piotet aka El Chai 5/6/16

  16. First thing in the morning, i acknowledge the Trinity and my love and need for them. Then i swing my legs over the edge of the bed and acknowledge the full armour of God and that it is firmly in place: helmet, breastplate, sword and my feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace. I then declare and affirm that I include and invite the Trinity into my life, every choice, decision. I do not wish to exist without them.

  17. By declaring who He is to me and to life, what He has done for me and declaring all of His attributes. That always leads to worship and declaring my love for Him! All troubles or negative thoughts cannot stay in my mind!

  18. I’m alone most of the time.I read my bible,I pull up worship music on you tube on my TV.I don’t give myself time to let rampid thoughts fog my mind.Stay positive because God is so good to me.He keeps a song in my heart.

  19. I use the pattern set out in Caroline Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox and I always have a selected scripture accompanied by some physical action that I use any time I notice a negative thought. It’s always short and easy to do. “Laying aside weights and sins” is a good one. Do some action representing “laying aside”. We are created to love. We are created to take every thought captive.

  20. Hi Lance, I have learned from Graham (and not perfect at it) to employ the opposites when a negative thought comes. Also the Jesus Calling devotional has been a tremendous help and then gleaning from those I respect and have qualities I admire and would like to emulate. The 7M periscopes have been a tremendous blessing!

  21. When situations of wrong, injustice and sin arise.

    I push the river of life flowing out of my belly to wash over the person and/or the situations bringing the life Jesus plans. I see the situation as a continuation rather than a finished situation because the life of God always caused beauty and growth for everything within it’s reach. I see the leaves(actions) of God’s trees (people) falling down to bring healing. Then I imagine how the lives will interact with the Healer.

    Then I ask the living water flow over my soul(mind, will and emotions) to let me receive the healing needed to continue my day or sleep in peace.

  22. Seeing myself as God sees me. Agreeing with what is written on my Scroll about my life , that I look better in the future than I look right now. I remind myself that I have only one shot at life on earth and that time is very precious and that I MUST make the most of every minute I have for the Glory of God. I ask God to make my time everyday “Rich” I must stay in my lane because the gifts that I carry are unique to me.

  23. Very timely word for me (and us) at the moment. Envisioning my “face in the future” as a writer and watching God show up. Having recently come off a RELEASE THE WRITER conference, am armed with plenty of good information and walking in the destiny to which God has called me. Hope to connect with you at Christ Community Church on May 15th. Blessings

  24. I look at the images on my Vision Board of past accomplishments, future goals and rhema words from the Father. I have a photo of it on my phone. It keeps my mind renewed to the present. Thanks for this teaching!

  25. I believe that the Lord has led me down a similar path to the one you describe, except that form me, I do it electronically. I purchased a program by Bloom Software called Day One which syncs with my iPhone, home and Work Macs. Then, every new insight I see or hear, or thing that I might read on social media that I might want to remember, I enter or copy into my journal. I have assigned keywords to “insights,” “Prophesies by me,” Prophesies over me,” Graham Cooke, (and yes, “Lance Wallnau”), among many, many others, and then can search for just those “tags” and review them throughout my day. I can’t tell you how, often, in the past, there might be something that I knew the Lord was saying, but couldn’t remember what that was and it would drive me nuts. Well, now I have it all at my fingertips and I can review, anytime, anywhere. All of this is serving to assist me in being “transformed by the renewing of my mind.

  26. I took the idea of a vision board and kicked it up a level or two. First, I took my main negative core beliefs that I battle against and wrote them out in a journal. Then I recast them as positive affirmations from the Word, sometimes using scripture, sometimes just a scriptural principle or a phrase that the Holy Spirit lit up to me when listening to someone inspiring. Then I downloaded digital images (or used my own photos) that had very positive emotional connotations for me (bright colors, happy people, etc.) that illustrate the positive belief I want to reinforce. I took the statements and the images and made an animated PowerPoint to play for myself. Each slide shows about 5 seconds, just long enough to read and then move on. I made the animations witty and entertaining so I don’t zone out. I added happy background music. There are slides for the following sections of my life: basic faith/following God’s plan, relationships, creativity, career, health, adventure/fun, things/tools I desire and financial provision. From time to time I update it as things come to pass and/or my vision changes. It’s a superb tool. It never fails to uplift me and keeps me moving in a positive direction. I also use the same goals and affirmations to pray over in my journal and I have them listed on my cell-phone so I can look at them wherever I am. It took some time to get all this in place, but it was worth it.

    • Oh My Gosh Katherine Gordon Rice what an amazing idea and that would help so many people stuck in a place( like me). For people who aren’t as computer savy is there some instructions that you have to help someone do a slide show for their computer and phone and how did you add the music?

      • I used PowerPoint to build my slide show based on a blank template. You can find free tutorials on YouTube on how to use PowerPoint, or Lynda.com (which has a monthly fee associated with it). You can drop in music from iTunes. The song will appear as an icon in the margin outside the slide itself and will play across multiple slides. (I don’t remember off the top of my head how to get to that command in the drop-down, and I am using Mac and it is different on PC-based platforms sometimes. But it’s not hard to learn at all. Just Google it or search for it on YouTube.) On my phone, I just list out the positive affirmations and then read them to myself or out loud if nobody is around. There are probably apps you could get to run the PowerPoint on your phone, but the text would be so tiny it would be hard to read. Hope this helps!

  27. There are times during this planetary life when “mind” (your thought life) over “matter” (your practical living experience) is ineffectual. That is to say that at those certain periods on your journey in Christ Jesus, you simply cannot alter, change or fix the pervading thoughts that are undeniably and acutely present within you. It is then that Holy Spirit begins intercession within our thought life because He is our Life Coach. Crisis beckons us to Holy Spirit intervention. I have found after 15 years of journaling Christ’s glorious Hand of works in my life, that at those hardest times, crisis times, ONLY running to the “Hidden” place we live in Christ in God, Holy Spirit gives VOICE and speaks in heavenly language through me while declaring His VICTORY in the midst of sclerotic chaotic activity. Then moved by THE Spirit… I’m enabled to “hang onto that which I’ve been given in Jesus, and move forward knowing that no matter what the challenge is I am called to meet it with courage because Christ is already The Victor.
    Human Psychiatry and Behavioral Science calls the activity of the mind (or thought life) in negative modality… “Automatic Thinking”, which means; to replay negative thoughts, failures and fears of your life repetitively, because your brain chemistry has geared or engineered itself to this. It becomes habited to this activity. What they don’t know is that Holy Spirit POWER does break the cycle of that syndrome. And Lance is right rehearsing the past VICTORIES Christ has given You and speaking them forth (because from the mouth the heart speaks)…leads us to a HIGHER place in Jesus.
    That is the stark reality within which we live as bearers of The sacred Name (Christ)—Holy Father God is only and always pointing us to His perfect Son… so we can all become One -John 17. It simply isn’t about us and our wants and desires only, and Father God in Holy Spirit will always show us that and point to that for our best Kingdom interest.

  28. I remember that God has 3 voices, & I stay in touch with them all: 1) scripture (the Bible)- this is where I get the principles of the covenant from (my foundation), 2) the Holy Spirit- this is where I get the specifics for my life from (He speaks to me through dreams most of the time), & 3) His people- this is how I stay balanced. This last one seems to be where more people get off track: they don’t submit to other people. Independence is one of the worst dangers I know of for Christians today. As John Paul Jackson would say, “It’s lawlessness.”

  29. Meditating on heaven’s perspective. Specifically, Ps119. Its so full of the Word one-liners that trump anxiety & fear.
    It brings clarity and refreshing , reminds me of God’s laigh in hravenly perspective. It brings Regeneration and renewal.

  30. I re-write my goals every evening just before going to bed. Then I plan the next day. This way my schedule is filled with items working toward my goals and mind works on my schedule and my goals while I sleep. The first thing I do when I wake is praise God then I start my day.

  31. Thank you so much Lance for your helpful comments! I found that speaking positively affects every aspect of my life for good….Jesus said, “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” (Matt. 15v11) and “The one who desires life, to love and see good days, must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit.” (1 Peter 3v9-10). I realised that ‘speaking deceit’ includes confessing anything that does not line up with the Truth. So I watch what I say about myself and others! I think Kat Kerr recently said that angels surf on the river of life of words that are in agreement with God, so the enemy can therefore only surf on the words that are not in agreement with God! Let’s not give the latter a chance! God is so amazing anyway that he can overrule anything we’ve said or had said against us and others if we give him that permission. Let our speech be as it would be in heaven 🙂 so our lives will follow suit! X

  32. I have studied, and as a Christian Counselor, taught Dr. Carolyn Leaf’s book “Switch On Your Brain.” It is a process of how to change negative thinking into positive thinking, using God’s Word and principles. Journaling is a large part of this teaching…
    Also, our words have great power. Speak positive words, and it will be as you say.

    One of my favorite passages of scripture is Philippians 4:6-7 “Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for what He has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and mind as you live in Christ Jesus.”

    In other words, if we are thankful, and give God thanks always, and ask for what we need, we will have peace. Isn’t that what we all want and need?

  33. Great post and comments. I use the voice memo feature on my iPhone to journal. I subscribe to other motivational Christian blogs and I mentor others so I can learn different perspectives.

  34. Joyce Meters calls it stinking thinking and I start Thanking GOD for all my Blessings and listening to Worship music

  35. Daily Scripture. Prayer first thing (even if I just stay and lay in bed. And a very powerful tool I have promoted and coached many people to use to help them keep their lives organized is Trello (www.trello.com). It’s free, and if you apply the principles of Kanban through it, you will truly find your life becoming less stressful as you will see your tasks and goals and daily “to dos” in much more effective ways.

  36. Very encouraging word, Lance!! Thank you so much?. I’m going to use the tool you suggested. Recently I have been lead to do a 21 day journal process of thanking God for who He made me to be and what He likes about me (Philemon 1:6 ” That the communication of your faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus”) to combat the self-condemnation and negative thoughts that have been sabotaging me from moving forward. In the process I’m receiving all this input on the mind that’s been changing what I’m thinking and I’m much closer to living the life I know Gods called me to live.
    Hallelujah!! And thanks for all the encouraging words from each persons comments above…feels like I’ve had “real church” today and a wonderful way to start celebrating Mother’s Day?

  37. Since a lot of my quiet personal time is when I am driving I have found that the app on my phone that allows me to speak and record notes is great. Every few days I download them to my computer for a digital journal.

  38. This is a little mundane but I’ve been umming and aahhing about whether to get a paper journal or use my phone – but I think using a paper journal is maybe the way to go.

    I love the way you talked about sacred moments.

    Yes I think that’s where it’s at. Being faithful with recording these experiences.

  39. Thank you Dr. Lance for this message. Something learnt from Dr. Mike Murdock comes to mind about 3 things to start the day which I try to practice as often as possible. 1. Spending the first moments of your day in the Secret place. 2. Prophesying to your day. Call the Day what you want it to be – A day of favour, A day of Open Doors or Divine Appointments and 3. Making a list of what you want to accomplish that day

  40. Lance, Loved this post. I inspired to write to some of my friends.

    I love this guy. (See attached)

    I’ve been practicing many of the principles Lance is teaching in the attached message. I felt compelled to share it with each of you. I as write, I’m feeling bolder and bolder. The message below dropped into my spirit and I cannot contain it, it “burns in my bones”. This is what the Lord would say to you this morning.

    When you’re not sure what the next move is, write it down and seek the Lord. God gives us miracles of various sizes all the time so it’s important to write them down. It’s encouraging and It enforces faith for the impossible.

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” “He is the author and finisher of my faith.” “If God be for me, who can stand against me?”

    Choose the way of the Lord over the ways of the world. Become a scribe and witness to the miracles and grace that the Lord lavishly grants to anyone who will ask.

    My prayer for you:
    Forgive me Lord for any offense I may have committed knowingly or unknowingly. I will to be in Your will. Help us to journal DAILY and seek Your face so our faith will be firmly established and never waver. I know You are interested in everything we do. Guide our thoughts, give us Your mind, Your perspective in all things. Bring us to the cleft in the rock so we are secure, and make us the people You intended us to be.

    “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” “He teaches my hands to war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.”

    Make us mighty warriors for the Kingdom of Heaven. Cause us to flourish in health, safety and prosperity that we may serve You more effectively without stumbling. Make us bolder in speaking Your word to others, and bring forth the power of the Spirit of Might. We will fulfill that which we were born to accomplish. I pray healing and strength to myself, my friends and family. Birth a desire for kingdom wisdom, knowledge and understanding. These are gifts You promised to those who believe. Let them be as jewels adorning the neck of your servants.

    I take authority over the lives of those in my sphere of influence for it is my right as a child of God. Protect and guide them into all wisdom and grace. Make the “measure of faith” You give to all those who believe, grow into a unwavering river of power that will defeat the enemy in every area.

    “Signs and wonders shall follow those who believe.” “The promises of God are yes, and amen.” “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”
    “For whoever finds me (Jesus) finds life, And obtains favor from the Lord…”

    Make the Scriptures come alive for each one of us for they bring life and hope. Help us to feed upon the Word who was made flesh and dwelt among us. We are to live in the Light of Christ while we are yet still in the flesh on earth. For Your own sake, bring forth Your power, my Lord and strengthen Your people. Amen

    “Sing and rejoice O daughters of Zion, for I will come and dwell in the midst of you says the Lord.”
    Zachariah 2:10

    In case Lance’s email didn’t come through, here is a link:

  41. Its interesting Lance. The Roman Soldiers helmets had insulation in the forefront and the ears for the blows to the head. The enemy tries to knock us out with headaches, tension in our eyes, cause deafness , our ears are stimulated by sounds and ear buds linking to social sites or music. The helmet of hope is so important as we re think and take captive thoughts. How many times do we speak and agree with the symptoms when God is training us to SEE and be LED by the SPIRIT. Training our minds to take captive what we allow to enter our ear and eye gate..then in conjunction to the breastplate of righteousness OUT OF THE MOUTH THE HEART SPEAKS. It can so quickly make its way down to belief….(OH I HAVE ….)So as important to the rethinking and taking captive thoughts we make decisions and choices to the atmosphere that determines doing whats right in the eyes of GOD. BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS

    Daily I have been taking the situations that come at me to deter me from my destiny(There are so many ..GREATER IS HE IN ME) and DECLARE..Lord, the word spoken over me is….and keep going until it runs out from memory. Then another area is I hardly ever have music (unless Christian music – radio mainly) or movies on in car and have trained myself to just BE and talk with JESUS. Sometimes I am singing to HIM. I usually have a song in my heart. Thirdly what I do daily is for every negative thought or word or opposition that comes at me, either I write it or speak it out the way I heard it or saw it (like I am finished and defeated as an example) and then ask one question? IS IT TRUE? – If the answer is NO then I write or speak out the TRUTH IS I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR… You see there are always eyes looking at you as you go through stuff..How we are in situations allows us for our character to be revealed…DO WE SEE JESUS? DO OTHERS SEE JESUS in our ACTIONS?—where the mind goes the man follows?…Make me more like you JESUS…HELMET OF HOPE

  42. Love this Lance!
    One of the best tools in my toolbox is being trained up to recognize his love signs…a wood chip, a stone, a leaf in the shape of a heart placed on my path.
    A ladybug (personal significance the Lord knows) a cool breeze, a sunset that glistens onto a green pasture. Nature that screams “stunning creator!”
    I dunno… its a constant awareness of an eternal linkage, a state of transcendence, an unbreakable union.
    Fav scriptures for any attack
    When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises up a standard against him.

    Greater are those that be for us than those that be against us.
    And so many more….

    Father take my thoughts captive, I bring them before my Lords obedience. (Paraphrase)
    Thank you for power, love and a sound mind in Jesus name, amen.
    Lord thank you that you take what the enemy means for harm and you turn it around for my good. Replevin Abba, bring back into my treasury what the enemy has stolen in every area of my life.

    When all else fails, cry out and pray in the spirit and stand still amen

    Sylvia Corbett thank you for sharing! Thank you all for sharing!
    Faithful God!

  43. Hello Lance,
    The following concerns a mindset not so much of negative thinking but of self centered thinking (I believe the 2 are twins 🙂
    So here I have a nice subject for next time: how to prevent disappointment without losing faith, hope or dreams.
    What helps me when on a Mission is to keep in mind the goals clearly and also to be very honest about my own hidden agenda or hidden hopes. Together when expectations work out only on the first level it has been good for me to give no space to disappointment because the ‘hidden agenda’ did not work out. Most of the ‘outreach’ or projects that I have are not about me.
    so: Letting go of expectations and disappointments that are more about me than about the people I’m trying to serve.

  44. Another lesson I needed to learn was from a non believing collegue on the subject of burn out:
    Take note of 5 new things to be thankful for every day. This will become a habit after a fwe weeks.
    The problem is: we do overlook the good things God has done in a day. It’s because we’re not focusing or taking time for reflection when we overlook the good moments in a day.

  45. I listen to praise and worship music every morning and often while exercising. I usually find the Holy Spirit will seem to land on one or two songs in particular and I will listen to them on repeat sometimes for days until He moves on. I intentionally worship JESUS for who he “really” is, not what my circumstances try to tell me or even my feelings which usually end up being changed as a result. I also have certain scriptures I confess, decree and declare over myself depending on what is happening on any given day. Last but not least, I write all the time. I write prayers like letters sometimes, I write thoughts or impressions about scripture that comes to me. I write anything that I sense God is speaking to me about.