The War Room

201616_10151156220714936_893505148_oWhile in London I visited Churchill’s basement War Rooms with mixed feelings and prophetic concerns as I watched world events. This is the War Room pic I took for you.

While in Jerusalem I missed the Democratic convention but was surprised to read in the Jerusalem Post that the DNC had to vote to include “God” in the platform and to clarify that “Jerusalem” is indeed the Capital of Israel!?! Wow. The buzz on the street is that Israel may strike Iran before the U.S. election if they think Pres. Obama is going to win. Neither he nor Congress, they surmise, will risk votes by breaking with Israel.

Then News…..

• The American Ambassador to Libya, Chris Steven and three other diplomats were killed in what now appears to be a carefully-planned terror strike rather than an uprising of a mob angry over a film. Not good, considering that we helped liberate Libya at a cost of over out good, one billion dollars and at the risk of our military men and women. Most disturbing is the discovery that Libya did not protect our embassy against Islamist extremists.

READ THIS- Ann Coulter is right: “Learn your history, Americans. The American Revolution was not the revolt of a mob. It was a carefully thought-out plan for a republic, based on ideas painstakingly argued by serious men in the process of creating what would become the freest, most prosperous nation in world history. The much-ballyhooed “Arab Spring,” with mobs of men gang-raping American reporters, firing guns in the air and murdering their erstwhile dictators, is more akin to the pointless bloodletting of the French Revolution.”

• The same day, Egypt, the recipient of $1.3 billion of U.S. aid celebrated 9-11 with a mob storming our embassy in Cairo and burning our flag. Our embassy issued a statement calling an independent film privately produced in the United States “an abuse of the First Amendment” rather than making clear that free speech in America is America’s business- and we don’t edit our opinions because of fear.

• But the CRAZY award goes to the genius who advised the President – in the midst of all this tension – to refuse to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to the United States, even as Israel debates the possibility of a pre-election strike against nuclear facilities in Iran!?!?

• CRAZY runner up status goes to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who campaigned like a friend of Israel when she needed Jewish votes as a Senator from New York, yet officially declares that there are no “red lines” constraining Iranian nuclear ambitions. They can, essentially, do whatever they want without triggering an American military response. Not sure of U.S. options, but this is a dumb time to give green lights to extremist regimes.

May God raise up Churchill’s in the United States and U.K. because something is stirring again in the earth and it feels like the title to Churchill’s book about the build up to WWII “The Gathering Storm.” Come to think of it…where are the Christian Leaders with a voice on any of these things? Seems like we’re in “la la revival land.” Is it really so bad for church growth or ministry funding to have a brain and a voice at so critical an hour of history? How about you? What do you sense?

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  1. How do I get the $77 Unlock Your Own History package. Watched Lance Wallnau video for first time. WOW!
    Searched but couldn’t locate it. Thx