The Hedgehog Concept

383355_10151143859659936_948772314_nIn Jim Collins “Good To Great” he talks about the Hedgehog Concept. It is three factors that define your secret formula for success.
1 What can you be best in the world at?
2. What are you deeply passionate about?
3. What drives your resource engine?
I believe that what is true for a business is true for an individual. At the Transformational Training event I do in Dallas, October 4-6, we’re going to have everyone drill down into what their individual passion, greatest skill and financial resource engine looks like once they have the formula for SPHERE PREEMINENCE- standing out in your niche’ so that you shine as a light and lead in the midst of darkness upon the earth.
I am convinced that many of the future trainers, consultants, speakers and coaches my organization launches are going to come out of these types of events. There is a new fresh company of David’s and Deborah’s rising out of relative obscurity.
Here is one way to find out what you are best in the world at. Ask: what do people usually come to me for? Is it something you DO (like a doctor, mechanic, photographer….) or something you SAY (counselor, speaker, consultant…) Well? What do they come for? A bit of both? (accountant, lawyer, etc…)

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