The Solar Eclipse and the Need for the American Church to Mobilize

A study on the solar eclipse caught my attention recently. The study focused on how this eclipse ran from the northwest to the southeast, and then how seven years from now another solar eclipse will cross from the south to north with the epicenter being in Kansas City. That is a fact that I am sure is not lost on Mike Bickle and my friends down at IHOP. These two eclipses divide the United States into three parts. You know that if God puts a heavenly ‘X’ on a nation, especially one as significant as the USA in global affairs, it is clear that either a reset or a great meltdown is in that country’s future.

I am shocked when I consider the degree of confusion that still exists in the Christian community regarding our nation’s President. Let me put this out there for you again just in case you are new here or need to be reminded again: Donald Trump is a bizarre intervention, a cosmic phenomenon, in the future of the United States of America. He is someone who is not from the political establishment, someone who entered into the morass based on a populist cry over all that was wrong and dysfunctional in Washington D.C.

Donald Trump went in there to deal with the problem. He rose up and funded himself as a businessman and went in with the purpose of fixing something. The people were crying out for a leader who could stop the manipulation of those who are members of the “deep state” in the nation’s capital. The church seems to be oblivious to this fact, perpetually focusing on the message of signs, wonders, and miracles while leaving the harder work of reformation untouched. Something needs to be done, people of God! Prophetic people need to get in the crow’s nest of the church to help those in charge to steer the movement clear of hazards. Revival is always the easy message for a speaker; nothing attracts more controversy than being a proponent of a real reformation of our culture.

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